Friday, June 18, 2021

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  • Twilah Hiari thank you so much for writing what you think
    I am in total agreement/same way feeling this energy that keeps people prisoners and stops the real-world changes that people would probably do immediately if they realized that life is meant to be life, and physical reality should be taken seriously. Instead, people are often just engaging in a fearful, seperated, and intellectual struggle at the expense of their bodies, the world, themselves, living a miserable existance in a temple that they spend so much extraneous energy to beuild and keep up, in order to either explain something troubling or to overcome something which is just asking for love.

    Again, I really want to say I appreciate your perspective and I feel VERY lonely in it too. Someday we shall be able to not feel as lonely. It takes a lot of strength to uphold the torch of this stuff… and I am just like —- thank you, people who are brave. I just try to make my life happy and build my strength and clarity so I can bring my free self out there to talk about something that makes me feel like a caged prop.