Thursday, August 5, 2021

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  • Hi, Good comment. You could almost be speaking about something a psychiatrist had supplanted in your conscience.
    I think this post is mainly about minimising. It’s about taking your feelings, your general day to day feelings and saying that ‘this is normal, because i am indeed a human being’. Can you see where i’m coming from?

    We are all human, and I feel sure the people writing on this site see that every emotion is ‘natural’. Maybe there is a ‘third dimension’, maybe you can run with this. I’m thinking you have more mundane indicators which are making you unhappy, & possibly circumspect about this post.

    Money is one problem for most, which distorts our vision and our relative happiness & contentment.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Ron, Pleased to read this. I read your paper today and I actually felt quite liberated, even simply hearing this sort of opinion. My feeling is that this is an extremely interesting possible remedy, but I do stress that it may be difficult to make other practitioners see the merit, as with most forward looking thing (this ahead of the crowd). I think these kind of theories fall in a similar vein to that of R.D Laing even. Thank you for writing this post. Especially interesting is your quote “something important that is trying to emerge, something that has been missing from our dominant mental states” . I think you will find your theory is accepted very intuitively with people who suffer distress, including myself.