Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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  • Maybe people hate walking in the area because in there block on every corner is a gang or pimp! Waling in the area of Lauterbrunnen, Swiss is XTC, but also could kill you! example: as a moron low lander though glacier is Ice thus white! that below the gravel and stones where I walked on was a real big glacier with covered holes from 40 feet! And nature doesn’t care! Youre just food for others!

  • Everyone knows that since stone age!

    maybe they think not for the future because they have not one! or it seems worse than hell

    They lost hope for a nice life! A nice house with a garden, a dog and a tree and of course a nice new car and so on! And hope already means Expecting a beautiful life like from a middle-class live without worrying to pay the bills this month! Do I have a job tomorrow or doing jail time, getting killed by a gang and so on! They know: the American dream is just a dream! Waking up in the slums!

  • They forgot something! Did they had money to spend!? And Walking, hiking cycling is not so lovely living in a bad neighbourhood (in the slums or Ghetto’s!)at 8 p.m and not very safe!

    In the article wasn’t telling what kind of exercise they did or getting offered! In indoor exercise centre’s it could be difficult to dangerous from if you’re a not passing trans (like me!) or be there will be traumatic if in the Zumba class! everybody go to the right and me going to the other side! so you don’t make not many friends!

    Or maybe they just did not like the kind of exercise! Going to a gym or ballet studio I experienced as torture! But when offering horseback riding on a good horse (with good I mean a sport/competition horse, who hates when other are faster! I used to ride on an angel /satan horse! The sweetest in the stable and on low speed! while running/racing or jumping! it was the devil himself!

    I have no money for it because of losing my job! With “Wotan” I could ride to the end of the multiversum!