Monday, February 24, 2020

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  • I was trying to Google search the change in the way we perceive mental disorders, or the abandonment of such classifications. Rather than a Borderline View of disorders, one that is black and white, I’ve noticed I really have all disorders depending on the circumstances of life and experiences. When unable to be open-minded, these “disorders” come to light. The inability to be open-minded though, is confined in what was taught to me. As a child with less experiences, I was much more open-minded and capable of learning. The interference of certain peoples own perceptions that challenged my perceptions, created conflicts and increased Avoidance Personality Disorder. Physically abused people have always been significant burdens in challenging my perceptions. The most important thing to all of us is really being recognized. Those who currently have a lack of recognition, or those who received too much of it at a younger age, seek more recognition in erratic ways… I think the need for Recognition is equivalent to the need for Food. I think the DSM already understands this, but is incorrectly defining this idea in the replacement of SEX. Sex=Intimacy=Recognition = Purpose of Existance.