Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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  • Hi, my sister was having conversations with world leaders for years until they discovered that she was having seizures. The kind you just stare briefly and so no one noticed her seizing. Non of us minded her conversations in fact we liked it. One time she was walking thru the mall and a friend was behind her. The friend started to call to her by saying her name . She pressed on ignoring the friend saying her name until her hubby said “someone is trying o get your attention’ to which she proclaimed “you hear it too!” We just laugh and enjoy the gift of the uniquiness of the afliction…she’s is so much more boring now with her seizure medication. Frequently the medical community fails to check for seizure disorders as a cause. They lable it some form of Schitzophrenia and drug the person into oblivion. But not all people afflicted get treatment. If they want treatment they present their symptoms, or, if they are a danger to themselves the possibility exhists that they are a danger to others and if they are walking in the street with the intention to get hit because “God told them to” The hazrd to self exists. when they are plucked from the street by EMS and taken to the hospital where they are combative and calling perfectly nice people they don’t know “dark souls” this presents as a hazrd o others. In these cases it is nessessary to sedate and try to calm the voices with meds until it can be figured out what is causing them or the person can learn how to be in charge of their reactions to the voices. It sounds like that is what has prevailed with you that you hear the voices but they can no longer make you a hazard to yourselves or others(hopefully). Not everyone can accomplish what you have. It was a long hard journey and the resources were not presented to you, which really needs to be resolved. All Medical facilities that may encounter these issues should be armed with a plan of helping the person live healthy and sound with their voices if they want to keep them or if they can’t be remedied. It was your own effort to find them, do it, and go back after you weren’t ready the first time which takes a great amount of moxy!
    Too many issues are approached with anger instead of fair assessment of the situation from both sides of the issue. The other side of this would be that people have reason to be leary of people that hear voices. Unless they are premonitions that come true, or psychic visions that also come true, these voices are a sign that something has gone wrong in the brain and the fact is these people can be dangerous. It is natural for people to be leary of things that go against nature or are just not fully functional because it is in our DNA to survive. So instead of asking people to deny their natural instincts of survival. It would be benificial and it may find a larger audience of understanding, if the conversation is begun by giving the audience some understanding. Even if they don’t always deserve it.