Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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  • I am so saddened by your story of the mental anguish and the disrespect, incompetency, stigma and demeaning that you received in from health care providers. I very much admire your ability to get through this dehumanizing and horrifying time and I don’t mean by this to any way diminish your thoughts of suicide due to the agonizing effects of depression, mania a and from the disappointment and betrayal of the professionals from who you sought help. I have recently had a horrible experience with
    1. my “treating” psychiatrist who used a one time event where I took several Xanax when I was in amnesiac and altered state from Ambient a day after a surgery,
    2. from another psychiatrist who administered ketamine one time and did not follow up and who was unbelievably dismissive and unconcerned with my frightening ketamine experience and physical symptoms the next day (high blood pressure & tremors),
    3. and from my long term internist, to whom I turned to for help and who used the authority of my psychiatrist to deem me unstable and refused to help me with debilitating insomnia during my divorce.
    These experiences definitely caused me to be less well and less able to function during my divorce which is known as an extremely aversive event for individuals.

    It is wonderful and inspiring that you are trying to use your experience and insight into guiding and supporting others that need the empowerment that you were denied during treatment. I am working on feeling empowered and seek out new health providers that will listen and treat me with respect and have good skills to treat me in a safe and therapeutic way. I am a former mental health provider (clinical social worker-have not worked for several years due to committing myself to caring for my kids and family) and have already thought about how I might work or volunteer to support those who feel helpless and stigmatized in the mental health care system and possibly just in mental health care system in general. You have inspired me to give that more thought after I recover from the trauma of my divorce and my frightening mental health experience.