Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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  • Thank you, Teresa, for sharing and writing this piece. My sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia in her early 20s, almost 25 years ago. She has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals and has had many run-ins with the legal system. My parents took guardianship of her last year and they are in their 70s. I am a survivor of psychiatric medication which caused irreparable damage. I started taking an SSRI 18 years ago and later on, a benzo long-term. I know first hand what some of these drugs can do and I am concerned that my sister will not get the chance to experience life again without medication. My family has suffered a lot and my other two sisters and I aren’t in close relationships. My mother tries to keep us all connected and to help my sister and her children. My father is a physician and he and my mother generally lean toward keeping my sister medicated. I have watched the health of our family deteriorate over the years. I played a part with the severe difficulty I had in getting off the medication I was taking. I am finally getting my reality and health back and can see more clearly now than ever. I’m heartbroken and everything you have said is true for our family as well. We need to heal. I fear we will never heal and these issues will be inherited by the next generation that is coming of age now. How can we stop this from happening??