Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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  • Yes.
    Psychology practitioners with the noblest of theories that would be even applauded on this website can cause severe damage to people by forcing their ideas psychologically in institutional settings that are not “psychiatric” such as universities and othe “educational” venues. This is trending. I think too much functionality and “success” can be profoundly damaging to the personal rights of people.

  • Dear Katie,

    The suffering I am experiencing and have experienced in the mental health system has been repeatedly traumatic.
    Where I live they are forcing therapy and forcing support in people they define as mentally ill. This is occurring in non therapeutic venues and it has happened if one has a history in the mental heath system that people know about. I feel as if I’m living in some sort of Big Brother is Watching You environment that is essentially treating people as criminals or psychologically maladjusted individuals who are “misbehaving”. To make it even more frightening they are invading personal and intellectual integrity by “observing” people in work and academic settings, treating people diagnostically and essentially using public shaming or reminding them if there is any known history of that history and using that to control behavior. It is beyond horrendous. I’m a senior female who used to have an anxiety disorder that was observable which is mostly gone. Public therapy has forced me to “get better”. This disrupted my relationship with my wonderful therapist and invaded and somewhat aborted my personal process of thinking about my issues. I will be relocating as if I were a criminal on the run. I do have other reasons to leave this city but I feel as if my life as been poisoned and I’m being treated in the same manner as sex offenders are. Which is insane. I’m a retired worker in an educational venue who in the far past had problem with depression and tremors and similar anxiety problems. This was in the past but when I had some other temporal issues that included surgery recovery I was forcibly reminded in Academic and a Painting class of my “past”. I feel like the APA has invented Hell. When I’m out of town I engage in workshops I’d other kinds, I have friends here and in other cities that are normal and travel a fair amount and have non of these problems outside of where I live. I think we have parallel stories.