Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Comments by MikeTheT

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  • The modern obsession with science by the masses is no different than a Cargo Cult.

    It’s not just psychology, it’s pervasive in pretty much all of science. Filled in by a bunch of actors who fail to understand how it all really works. Hell, turn on the news and listen to the “experts”.

    Usually I liken it to truly devout religious followers and “fake christians”. Aka, those who study their Bible vs those that show up on Sunday to socialize. Worse still, it seems society today actually prefers and promotes the best actors.

    With sympathy, they can’t tell the difference.

    (For the record, I’m as devout Atheist as the Pope is Chatholic. 20+ years of scientific study, patents, and discoveries. I feel obligated to state this as there is also a tremendous amount of anti-religious bigotry going around and me daring to have respect for religion and to analogize with it upsets the delicate sensibilites of said bigots.)