Monday, February 18, 2019

Comments by William Dowling

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  • Every field has its own jargon/terminology. For my sake Folks, please keep it simple or I wont want to listen to you for very long. I understand the word “depression” to mean some heavy duty unhappiness and/or sadness that there are no pills for. When I was chronically immobilized, I finally bought a book that suggested I force myself to do things I didn’t feel like doing.. This was so hard that I had to force myself, to force myself, to do things I didn’t feel like doing. I did this for a time and one day I noticed that I felt sexual feelings that had been dead for decades. I was happy…I felt good…
    The medical model is creepy and sleazy and rampant capitalism is sinister: neither make me feel very good. I am tapering off some chemicals that have damaged me. Please keep it simple or you folks can’t be my friends.

  • Freedom of religion implies freedom from religion. Fortunately, “the cat is out of the bag” regarding the unproven hypotheses of western psychiatry. Unfortunately, the myth of the medical model has spread like wildfire and has damaged many people. I applaud MIA for shedding truth on the subject.

  • jasenn Zaejian: I, too, don’t want to be “beartrapped” by the author of this article. I’ve known salespeople who will say and do anything they can think of to “make the sale.”
    I hope the staff and readers of MIA will be critical of articles that advertise, promote or endorse any religion, Eastern or Western, traditional or non traditional.

  • GGGreen: Thank you for your comment. I relate and agree. I feel you express your self well. I wish we could correspond some how. Maybe you already know this, that argumentativeness can be a form of abuse when its motive is to overpower, dominate and control the lives or minds of another or group of people. All abuse is motivated by the desire to exert power and control over another or group of people. Just because people “exert” power and control doesn’t mean they get away with it. Neither “religion” nor “psychiatry” are above the law. I, also, find the “union” of “psychiatry” and “religion” to be quite disturbing, especially in light of oppression. Thanks again. I appreciate some of the comments.

  • 2 1/2 years ago, I was introduced to anti-psychiatry and criticism of psychiatry through MIA and http://www.recoveringfrompsychiatry. Nothing is above criticism, including religion. Ten years ago, I was introduced to criticism of religion. Previously, I was brainwashed by religionists and psychiatrists. Thanks to criticism, I am freer. Thanks to criticism, I am no longer under the “spell” of “religion” or “psychiatry.” The “biochemical, medical model about genetic defects and chemical imbalances” is a form of narrow minded, slow minded and closed minded, speculative, unproven bullshit dogma. “Religious” or “psychiatric” dogma have no place in my life.
    I appreciate some of the comments about this article. I am currently tapering off my psychiatric neurotoxins. I am also phasing out people and institutions that try to impose their beliefs on me. Domineering, control freaks are abusive and therefore problematic. Just because someone or a group believes something, doesn’t make it the truth…