Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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  • Risperdal was the Vioxx of the mental health world. My sons were in the age group they were pushing it for. I often complained that every time a boy had an anger outburst, they were diagnosing him as bipolar. I saw it happen to friends who were less defiant than I was towards doctors.

    You know the same tactics are being used today to demonize anyone who dares to ask about vaccine safety? Vaccines are made in China, (lower safety standards,) and manufacturers got the government to give the exemption from harmful product suits (1988.) Even worse now, ‘paid influencers’ post articles on social media about how TERRIBLE measles or whooping cough are. When you dig deeper, they are often grandchildren of big pharma CEOs. Hell, they even got pro-vax messages put on most prime time shows! $$$

  • My family and I have benefitted from neurofeedback. I’ve done home training on my son with seizures. I hung out with practioners a lot in the days when the internet was all text. I have degrees in Psychology and Biology. Light entrainment makes it easier for you to get your brainwaves in a desirable state but it doesn’t really differ in any other way.

    The first session is usually one to normalize sleep. The first time I had my ADHD boys done, they all fell asleep in the car on the way home.

    I once owned a small NF box that a man with schizophrenia developed for his own treatment. Yet, the bulk of NF is done on ADHD, OCD, seizures and depression. I suspect this guy did not know much about the neurophysiology of schizophrenia. The second session, he likely overstimulated your frontal lobes. You should have gone right back and told him, “This was wrong.”

    You know by now that there are no demons and angels talking to you, right? You weren’t permanently injured in any way. I’d look for a new practioner. If one isn’t nearby, give him a chance to make it right. The blessing of having a quiet brain is worth pursuing!

    He needs to do more actual NF and less entrainment. Unfortunately, few companies are paying for this powerful, drug-free alternative. If they were, I’d take my son back in a heartbeat. (We have home trainers but the headsets don’t fit right on him because he’s microcephalic. My therapist cured my OCD that I didn’t even know I had.)

    Let us know if you try it again.