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  • Moderation does not save theories built on false assumptions and outright lies. Moderating falsehood only serves to perpetuate falsehood. False theories must be discarded, something the liebermans, biedermans, fullertorreys, hassmans of psychiatry will not do, since their lucrative careers rest on perpetuating/moderating falshood. The unscientific quasimedical speciality of psychiatry is discredited by APA high priests like Lieberman and his nauseating disciples, hot on the global trail of Big Pharma money and the public purse.

  • Institutional figures of mainstream, orthodox, corrupted bio-psychiatry – the liebermans, biedermans, fullertorreys and their ilk – shall crumble and fall into one of medical history’s chapters about academic quacks and snake oil peddlers, describing – once again – that vanity and greed feed intellectual and psychological stasis and ignominy. They are busy digging the pit into which they shall fall.

  • The seriously professional, investigating science journalist Robert Whitaker has consistently been reporting the facts as they are found, also when the facts ran counter to what he expected to find when looking into why some suffering people were not medicated, more than 2o years ago.
    A very disturbing fact to be discovered for everyone willing to see what’s in front of our eyes, is that these words – seriously professional, reporting the facts as they are found, even when facts run counter to what’s expected or lucrative – are scientific virtues not consistently practiced in the conglomerates of big pharma, academia, medicine, media…
    This is no secret. The truth is out, kicking up lots of skeletons. Naked emperors, torreys and nami mercenaries are threatened, but lies launched against tides of truth will not last. Read the editorial in the British Journal of Psychiatry, August 2012, quoted by Mr Whitaker in his slides from his NAMI presentation.

  • Dear madmom. You are right. We have been deceived and betrayed by most of those who pose as helpers, who live comfortably off the pain of our loved ones and us. They are no longer to be trusted.
    We have to muster the purposeful anger of mothers and fathers who are refusing to be deceived, who will do battle against the naked emperors, for the human rights of all who are enslaved and exploited – as our children are.
    It is the hardest thing to do. Yet this is life, our lives, and our task to do.
    Good people have gone these roads ahead of us, roads to greater freedom.
    Martin Luther King and Aung San Suu Kyi, Tina Minkowitz,Jim Gottstein, Loren Mosher, and multitudes of annonymous parents, fighting for a better future for their children – the good fight for human rights and justice for all – as MIA and Robert Whitaker contribute mightily to, and most madmoms, however imperfectly. Thank you, from another madmom.

  • Yes, I’m in Norway, high on forced drugging and involuntary commitments, in fact, at the top of the European tables for these sorry statistics, even forced drugging at home!
    I think your point about African American parents is very important, that they are less willing to drug their kids.
    Could they be more sceptical to authority? More critical of powerful people and systems?
    One “NAMI mother” here, who to my eyes seem incapable of change, was awarded a prize by a professional psychiatric organizaton for being a model parent to her medicine-compliant, schizophrenia-diagnosed son. Just one exmple of the well-used strategy of divide and conquer. I think any family organization can be attacked and rendered more or less impotent this way, not just NAMI.

  • According to your speaking schedule, Mr Whitaker, there’s hardly any possibility that the Fuller Torreys & companies can shut you up. As far as I’ve seen, you’re due to speak in two venues just in Norway this August, that’s three times in a year here, after Italy, Ireland, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Poland…
    The Fuller Torreys are stuck in Big-business-friendly psychiatric orthodoxy, while you are on your steady, scientifically and ethically sounder course, rapidly gaining ground.

  • I’ve met one “NAMI mother” who was a Norwegian father. He declared in public that he only felt safe when his son was in a locked ward. Sad. As he also was a very frail person, giving in to authority even when he had expressed other views on matters at hand for the family-organization of which I was one of the founders, but no longer a member, he dared not stand his ground.
    But of course, we have our share of “NAMI mothers/fathers”, desperate, ignorant, brainwashed, scared, single, divorced, poor… Still, MOST parents love their children, however imperfectly. Many can become wiser, given that they are met respectfully, patiently and informed at a pace they can handle.

    Big Pharma have strategically placed, well-paid minions all over the field of Mental Health and Medicine. They slow us down, but they cannot win. The facts are in the public domain. The truth is out.

  • Judging from frequent applause interrupting mr Whitaker’s speech, his nuanced, scientifically honest, hope-giving presentation was warmly received by many in the audience at NAMI’s convention.
    Most parents do love their children and want what’s best for them, but are easy prey for doctors overselling psychiatric knowledge and their own incompetence and the dangerous drugs they’re pushing on the badly informed/uninformed.
    My guess is that some of the people condecendingly labelled “NAMI mothers” are terrified of the possibility that they’ve somehow contributed to their children’s suffering, and/or that they’ve been misled and lied to by doctors whose responsiblility it is to help and not harm the patients.
    It took me years to penetrate the fog of misconceptions and outright lies doing more harm than good to my vulnerable son and so many others. Reading Richard Whitaker’s articles in the Boston Globe, then his books, was eyeopening, though sadly, too late for my son and the uncounted millions harmed and killed by iatrogenic illnesses.

  • Thank you, Robert Whitaker, for your persistent scientific, journalistic integrity, which I see as ethical exploration and exposition of the toxic vipers nest of global Big Pharma with lackeys high and low in medicine, media, governments and family- and users’ organizations, so many on the take from Big Pharma’s enormous coffers.
    The blood is on their hands, who are willing to close their eyes and keep hiding the dark truth of millions of ruined lives, early death and rampant corruption in Big Pharma’s wake.
    Your articles in the Boston Globe and the book Mad in America explained to me what my son had been exposed to as a psychiatric patient in Norway. Some of the horrors I was a shocked witness to, but did not understand fully to be able to protect him while there still was time. He died in his sleep, 28 years young, 8 years with continuous medical treatment doing continuous harm, finally killing my highly sensitive, vulnerable, gifted son.

    You, mr Whitaker, deserve praise and thanks for enlightening me and countless others to the dangers of psychiatric medications and the abysses of corruption making naive trust in not only this sector of medicine an irresponsible, dangerous folly. I look forward to listening to you in Oslo in August!

    Thankfully, Berit Bryn-Jensen