Saturday, February 4, 2023

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  • What is important in college?
    The room in which it is located? No. There are excellent advanced schools that move from one room to another and still remain the same school that was in another room. Also, schools are formed from scratch, which means that the primary was something else, until it was like a school.
    – Teacher? But teachers change. Someone is leaving, someone is coming. And often, the more teachers come, mix, exchange between schools, the level of professionalism only increases. And in general, quoting Carl Rogers, who was famous for being the first who formulated and offered the world a personality-oriented learning model: “Education is too important to be given solely to teachers”.
    – Method? But the technique is ultimately – a set of other techniques that someone rethought, re-connected and applied in a particular school.
    – Content? But in our rapid age of changes, the content of the curriculum should undergo a constant up-grade and be more student-oriented (of course, if we are talking about modern methods).
    – Realization? Are those organizers who direct the work? But there are wonderful schools (abroad) that are already developing and carrying out decades later something that cannot be confused with another, regardless of more than one change of leadership. writer from