Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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  • You mean patent not patient right?
    The drug cos extend patent status by getting FDA approval for new indications.
    e.g. risperdal getting labeled for irritability in autistic kids in 2007.
    If that fails, they just roll out the new drug that they’ve had waiting in the pipeline.
    There really isn’t a huge investment or cutting edge technology involved to develop the new drug. It is just a minor variation of the old drug. As long as it can be argued that it is unique, it will get a new patent.

  • I went to Advocates in Framingham once and asked for my record. A guy nervously hurried over and said “we can’t just give them to you, you have make an appointment so someone can read them for you.”
    I told him that I was perfectly capable of reading and understanding what I read. He then said “We didn’t go to medical school for 8 years to let clients read their own diagnoses.”
    Oh why is that? I’m not capable of looking up those words in the DSM?? It won’t take me 8 years.
    What was that contract about that I was coerced into signing? It’s been 11 years, is it expired now?
    It is a shame that Advocates staff know nothing about PTSD and hand out Risperdal. Is Advocates going to pay for my gynocomastia removal surgery? Or compensation for 8 years of sexual difficulty?
    They showed more empathy to the dope dealing pedophile on crutches then they did to me.
    Something is very wrong with the place, and psychiatry as a whole industry.

  • sent to the nytimes editor:

    The practice of psychiatry has no scientific reliability or validity. There are many court cases involving psych drug induced murder/suicide and the surviving family’s were awarded millions of dollars. In fact, Psychiatric drugs kill an estimated 3,000 people every month. If every victims family got justice, the drug companies would be out of business.
    I propose an alternative solution. Outlaw psychiatry and psychiatric drugs.

    sincerely, survivor030406