Saturday, January 16, 2021

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  • There are no objective criteria for the diagnosis of “mental illness”. There is no blood test, no form of physical examination which can determine whether someone is “mentally ill” or not.

    A person who believes his mind is being invaded by alien thought beams may be safely said to have disordered thinking. However, there is no way to determine why. And therefore no way to determine whether any form of treatment works at all. People treated with anti psychotics will often claim they feel better, only to report, when the drugs are discontinued, that nothing changed apart from the ability to accurately state how they were thinking or feeling.

    Psychiatry is prone to fad diagnoses, which often become rampant after a new pill hits the market which claims to be a remedy for it. No other branch of medicine does this.

    A doctor who prescribed antidepressants to a patient who was “troubled” by a raging infection would not keep his or her license for long. Yet many with physical illnesses (notably autoimmune disorders) are referred to psychiatrists, labeled as “depressed” or similar, and pumped full of medications which as a rule leave everyone but the patient feeling better.

    If indeed there is a physical basis for “mental illness”, science may well discover it, and the discovery will be a great advance in medicine. Claims of “advances in treatment” based on nothing but statistics or consensus decision-making mock the very idea of scientific research and furthermore stifle it, to the detriment of those who genuinely suffer from mental or emotional issues.