Saturday, August 13, 2022

Comments by Reyna Crow

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  • I do have this nagging hunch that, as is true of my own case, the use of the very same strategies and tactics of the domestic violence perpetrator by mental health workers who keep using their role as gatekeepers to deny access to medical care referred by my GP, and to falsely claim I am mentally ill, and need counseling instead, (I proactively refuse consent and invoke rights, doesn’t help of course), would be, if well documented, a helpful way to possibly approach the emotional injury aspect, (though for me it is the economic injury that as it causes loss of resources to survive, is the worst).

  • I’ve had a hard time figuring out, during stints of relative freedom from my own struggle to escape another round of this protracted abuse, having lost home and job yet again, as a person who id’s as neuro-divergent but not MI, how to approach this in ways that respect all of the differing needs and identities involved, and thank you much for this article and the other work you’re doing with CRPD. That holds much interest if and when I may be able to recover much use of my own labor for purposes other than seeking safety. There is so darn much triage in front of one’s face at a given time, it’s hard to engage with more intentional and long term projects, but that doesn’t cause me to appreciate them any less.

  • The only thing I believe will begin to stop the use of force, fraud, and coercion and the willful infliction of bodily and/or psychological pain and suffering by the mental health industry are lawsuits, but attorneys just refer us to the State P&A systems, that protect the State, of course. And being in fact unsafe hampers the ability to articulate why we’re terrified until after we can find some route of escape, for many of us, making the task of finding the outside advocacy necessary to escape quite intentional abuses of totalitarian power and control. I don’t know what to do about this, but suspect we are seen as not having any economic interests to harm, hence no damages that matter.

  • Bingo- As an advocate I can to recognize that tell tale tangential speech that seems to reflect that the way the brain stores and process/recalls/relates (not sure what the right words would be as a lay geek) data associated with a threat and/or injury to safety/survival so differently than other data. Interesting that you’ve found MH workers responsive to gentle coaxing, as I’ve really struggled to discern if a paradigm that demands to apply the premise that any `subject’ is in some way lying, deluded, and/or incompetent can make room for people who are simply injured by obvious cause, and need to be safe, not medicated and gaslighted. Anyway, we absolutely need a movement- count me in!

  • I wanted to take time to thank Dr. Johnson for articulating one of the cruelest aspects of traumatic stress, for me. The working memory and communicative impairments associated with trauma/traumatic stress are things I tried desperately to `explain’ by using labels like `trauma babble’ as to why I needed help to access the MD and attorney that were the routes to the safety I so desperately needed. The fact is that despite having in other regards very good communication skills and having for years made my living as a public speaker, when it comes to attempting to respond to interrogation about a trauma I need help to escape- (usually the mental health workers who are sabotaging my access to medical care, as they are in gatekeeping roles and tend to profit by so doing) especially when as presumptive as MD’s and attorney’s can be, I am presumed to be lying and/or incompetent. The ONLY condition that eases this (is `perseveration’ as useful way to describe this?) is regaining safety, in fact. That is not possible when any lay social or mental health workers are mocking whatever is traumatizing me as being about my presumed high ACES score (formerly the pop-psych stereotype of `co-dependeny’ was the stick used to batter me, now my bad toilet training is causing me to be deluded according to those who are most certainly *not* `trauma informed’. You need to be able to communicate clearly to get safe, but can’t until after you are. And, no one believes you. That makes the traumatic stress just escalate in layer after layer. And, it’s entirely preventable.