Saturday, December 10, 2022

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  • I was deliriously happy with a new career and marriage after a not so great school experience. 5 years of bliss and then 4 pregnancies in 5 year : 2 full term and 2 early miscarriages. Then the depression started. I hid and masked and put on a good front. Somewhere in the next 10 years I was told I seemed angry and needed help. The next decade was full of pretending and occasional therapy/meds. At one point in the 4th decade a therapist suggested my husband join us. Turns out he had huge issues and was even better at pretending than I was. I remembering the therapist suggested we continue therapy but not as a couple. My next

    therapist asked “when are you going to do what makes you happy?” I said “after he dies”.
    And then he did. That shock was enough to jolt me into learning to be happy. Through this long trip I have been dismayed at the poor to mediocre therapist. I have shared some of my truth with family but find they have there out monkeys to deal with. Meds were a short term help and IMHO mostly placebo. I did find one therapist who was and is very good. I’m finding MAD in America very interesting.

  • You are working through an awfully big pile of crap and congratulations for doing it. I retired after 50 years as an RN. I started seeing the cracks in the pedestals early but changed specialties to find my fit. I also became “clinically depressed” after 4 pregnancies in 5 years (2 full term, 2 early spontaneous AB). So I look at your experience as a former health care professional and a mental patient. You are wise beyond your years ; give yourself some credit for seeing through the bs and wanting to stop the gerbil wheel. Most of the other comments I read were spot on. Just to add one more: I believe one person can change the world and urge you to do all you can. Don’t expect to see the change in your lifetime and don’t expect to see a huge revelation. It will likely be one baby step at a time.

    I’d urge you to connect with others in your tribe. Dr Paul Thomas in Oregon has recently started a podcast “Against The Wind”. discussing how he is pushing back after having his license pulled for “misinformation”. Dr Kelly Brogan a physiciatrist who teaches about good food, activity, and no meds and Dr Pierre Kory of can tell you all about the censorship and blocking of anyone who dares question the politically correct.
    Dr Sherry Tenpenny in Ohio .They are out there and they are like you. A broken system wobbling on a broken foundation. Talk to a chiropractor, nutritionist , midwife, etc on how they have been systematically shut down. Good luck and stay strong.