Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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  • Thanks so much for writing this. So many truths that need to be spoken and acknowledged. I’ve been through over twenty therapists and psychiatrists, and not one was helpful. Many were deeply harmful. My search for therapists was in the highly educated metropolitan city of Boston, where, with nearly 60 colleges and universities, one might expect to find at least some decent help. I long ago stopped trying to get ‘help’ in this way, and have spent much of my time unlearning the crap I was indoctrinated into. I came to see psychiatry and psychotherapy as a mass colonization of individuals in distress by largely white middle class charlatans. I can envisage there being some individuals in these professions out there who might be helpful to some extent, but the fact that I didn’t hit on even one over a 26 year period is a really sorry statement about the validity of these professions. I believe they deserve the bad rap they often receive.

    I very much agree that we need to work on our emotional fragility as a society. We are anger and grief phobic, and this leads to the alienation and marginalization of most people at some point during their lifetime.

  • Thank you for writing this! Also at work here is what I term ‘clinical arrogance’ — the strong tendency in clinicians to view lived knowledge (knowledge winnowed from deep lived experience) as having little or no value, and the belief that only academically-derived knowledge has validity. Having been trained both as a clinician and a peer supporter, I find very little of my clinical training real or helpful, and almost 100% of my peer support training real and helpful.