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  • MDMA is not technically a psychedelic drug. As you said in the article it’s an empathogen and brings up these emotions in people and reduces inhibitions, but it doesn’t give visions or take you to a void the way psychedelics do. However, taking MDMA or psychedelics (acid, psilocybin, DMT, mescaline, and others) should only be done with people we know and trust are present, you are not able to be in control of your body and anything can happen and predators know this, and other people dealing in this get a messiah complex and can turn into predators.

    Thank you for sharing this, as it’s really helped me think about the risks involved and I will share your article with friends considering these things. I’m sorry that you went through this experience, but I do think psychedelics can be helpful when done in a safe environment- sometimes when nothing else seems to be effective and with less side effects and more and more people are suffering from mental health issues and need a tool to help them fight despair. This could be a trained professional with good references in a clinical setting, a program with proper oversight or where you can have a trusted friend or family member present, or with a person you already know and trust. You can also micoro-dose on your own and this is helping many people without leaving them in a vulnerable state.