Saturday, November 27, 2021

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  • Another problem I am encountering…every site I visit, including this one, seems to be either closed down or the posts are not recent. Why is this??
    I am quite active on BenzoBuddies. Thats the only online support group I can find. And they have been absolutely wonderful, but I often feel a need to hear things in a “different voice.” Need to reassure myself! I truly fear Ive stepped over some invisible line and am now permanently insane.
    Every time I find an online support group, its closed…..ANY suggestions on this would be deeply appreciated.

  • Oh dear, didnt need to read I may have permanent brain damage.
    We all know its dangerous to cold turkey off benzos. But what if one had no choice, and its over and done with? Its been 6 monthes and 4 days for me and I am barely hanging on. Having small windows but most sx remain in high gear during those few minutes of “lightening”. I have searched and found not a single medical professional who is knowledgable about benzo withdrawal near me. Ive come to the point, that when Ive had to seek medical care, I just dont mention my withdrawal, as I know I will be labelled and categorized. I’ve gotten some very strange looks when I try to explain. Its like a veil comes down over their faces, a polite blankness takes over. I’m familiar with this as I am a nurse…..and ashamed of my own profession now.
    Every support resource online is focussed mainly on tapering. Which isnt possible for me at this point. Im left wondering if this means I truly am permanently damaged, beyond hope and help. Can anyone reassure me??
    One symptom is brain fog and I cannot find anywhere else to post my concerns except right here.