Sunday, October 2, 2022

Comments by Ian McTeague

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  • Thanks for the great article, David! Mad Pride is very important to me as well and we definitely need things like Mad Pride Month along with Disability Pride.

    It was so cool learning about all the Mad Pride/Orgullo Loco organizing done across Latin America when I met Pao, the W.I.L.D. delegate from Peru. Truly the movement is once again growing.

    The “I’m just mentally ill” crowd and the “I’m totally normal” crowds can both have their things– But boy is it nice to be able to celebrate our differences without giving in to psychiatric oppression! And as a neurodivergent person, I can’t afford to be in denial about such differences.

    I like that you once again mention Greta’s “superpower.” When we truly embrace both Mad Pride and Neurodiversity, we will find so many people once thought by mainstream society as incompetent or “too crazy” for leadership to be some of our most valuable folks for all movements for justice. The spirit of “creative maladjustment” lives on!