Friday, May 14, 2021

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  • I don’t believe in reincarnation whatsoever. I don’t think you were the Buddha or Anne Frank, ever. And I find those kinds of beliefs to be symptoms of belief systems which can be problematic for SOME people in SOME cases.

    But detaining you and giving you these medications was completely unnecessary for what is at worst an incorrect belief, and at best a correct belief. I don’t know what other symptoms you showed but medications and detainment should not ever be used on someone unless their symptoms are harmful to themselves (and they consent) or if they are truly harmful to others (perhaps if you had thought your neighbor to be Hitler and attempted to kill him).

  • I’m an anarchist and I have some unusual perspectives about individual autonomy. I actually began as a right-wing anarchist and in some ways I’m still right of center, but I’m finding MIA’s general perspectives to fall pretty well in line with my own on social justice and autonomy.

    I’m very much concerned about forced hospitalization and the like. I’m against legalizing and bureaucratizing mental distress. I’m not at this point against drugs as a whole, but I do have major concerns about general practitioners prescribing psychiatric drugs, and I think that drugs should be used in concert with psychotherapy and community support–the best use for antidepressants, for example, is to get you out of bed and into therapy, and then weaning you off ASAP. I considered taking anxiety meds for a predetermined number of months, jumping into situations that would normally give me anxiety, basically exposing myself, and then dropping them. That’s pretty hard to do and pretty complicated and that’s why I didn’t do it, but I might support programs like that.

    As for biological diseases, I believe that there is just no way that there are not genetic differences in susceptibility to such diseases. But just like how we say someone is at risk for heart disease, someone can only be at risk for a mental illness. It takes trauma or drugs or stress or other events to trigger it. Even something like bipolar disorder is related to trauma and stress–if you stress someone out during their symptoms, they will be worse, and they will be noticed more, and your relationships and life quality will decrease further.

    And that stress is related more to socioeconomic status than anything else.

    As for my friends at NAMI (local), I want to break this news to them. I don’t think they have very much communication with the national organization–they just basically needed legitimacy and funding. However, they do sponsor a series of talks once a year, and I want to talk to this about them. They are all good people and a lot of them are really new, actually, so they definitely have no contact with National.

    Has anyone ever done this with a local NAMI chapter? Or has anyone ever disbanded one/transitioned into another organization?