Monday, February 17, 2020

Comments by Robert Rautavaara

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  • This is a good article, but I think more should be said.

    I know that the National Empowerment Center, where you are an official, has said it supports President Obama’s call for a national database of everyone found to be mentally ill. This database is supposed to be used to keep mentally ill people from buying guns.

    But everyone knows people like that who want to kill people will find a way to get guns.

    I am mentally ill, but I can stay out of the hospital most of the time if I take my meds faithfully. I would never hurt anyone. But I am mixed in with these people.

    I think everyone who is on that database should be evaluated by psychiatric experts who can determine which of them is likely to kill people. Then those people should be euthanized, for their own good and society’s good.

    I know this sounds extreme, but I don’t think so. Once we have eliminated the people who might do these horrible things, people like me will be safer.

    Do you think the National Empowerment Center would support this? As part of the mental health system, you have much more influence than people like me. I wish you would give this some consideration. It would end these killings once and for all, and stop the prejudice against people like me.

    Maybe your group could be funded to work on this program. Then it would be done more humanely.

    Thank you for the great work you are doing, and please think about my suggestion.