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  • Thank you for such a relatable article.

    If you feel comfortable sharing personal experience that will not be taken as advice:

    What has worked for you, and those in your experience, in mitigating Lyme/TD and moving the “life needle” in the other direction?

    If not, thank you for all you have helped in just this article alone, as well as for the work you do and who you are.

  • heavy /s/ on the word “eulogize”, or can be replaced by a strong “condemn”

    The actions of that industry are consistently ruing life potential on Earth towards billions of individuals now.

    May we all clarify our collective understanding and change our world’s trajectory, and support and care for those still alive who are true victims of a very exclusively executed Crime Against The Whole Of Life.

  • Thank you for replying. Thank you for adding a clear account to the growing relation of experiences about the problem. I, and millions of others, deeply understand the barbarism of the “mental industry” that has been profitting, profiteering, and proliferating, uninhibited, worse than any epidemic ever has.

    Thank you for all that you do to inspire needed change.

  • The mental, psychiatric pharmaceutical movement is a rampant Industry.

    Plain and simple.
    It is about the money.
    People’s health matters none Unless it affects the
    industry’s fiduciary bottom line.

    The industry is lying to itself and everyone else in claiming it is doing a major service to anyone.

    A vast many truly hope the millions to billions of beings devastated by that despotic industry-aggrandizement will significantly eulogize that industry, in part or in full, from now on.

    We, collectively, have better answers than palliative care and systemic annihilation of life at this point.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience with such accuracy to the barbarism that is ECT.

    The resultant physical trauma is severe, sinister, and has no viable path of remediation I can find.

    There is nothing more inhumane than what I experienced in mental hospitals, prescribers, and clinics at many many many many various points from 2004-2018.

    I have a loving and uninsured wife with a bunch of animals, aquaria, and plants to fight to be alive with, yet the trauma eats away the best of me in most moments, and they see it but still hope, as do I with them. 🙁