Monday, August 15, 2022

Comments by Heather

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  • I am truly sorry to hear of your experiences with both daughters and that one ended in death. My heart breaks for your family reading this. While this is the exact reason I chose to leave the “system” and work against it, bringing attention to the over prescription of psychotropic drugs and how so many children are being exposed at such a young age, before they’re even through puberty. I’m horrified with the things I have seen, and I have nightmares about the choices others made, I always spoke up, and with that I was always in trouble with my supervisors, yet I know that there’s more to a kid and youth than these doctors want to see, and the new fresh out of school clinicians that have no experience other than what they read in a book. I read lots of books, not many of them taught me much, it was my real life experiences and actions, seeing the response and results that gave me the experience to know that there’s far too many diagnosis happening, the social service system is using our children and youth as piggy banks, and the parents are ridiculed and punished for seeking help, all the end the way this story does. I’m 39 and grew up in small east coast town outside of Boston I have been to more funerals than my father who is 75. At 39, I have lost 73 classmates, friends, teammates, and local townspeople. It’s sad, we have to stop trusting the system and trust our guts, put faith back into our neighbors, town, and community, and god. We have to be take our country back and save our children from these kinds of stories! My heart breaks, I will pray for your family and continue bringing awareness to the sick system!