Monday, August 15, 2022

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  • I’m so sorry for your loss . I’m reaching out to you because I’m in need of help with my son He is 30 years old and has been mentally ill since 17. I had a different experience with doctors than you did his doctors do nothing . He lies to them and tells them he’s fine when in actuality he is functioning add a very low level. He spent his days walking in circles showering on the outside of the shower to the point where his walls are coming down in his apartment. He laughs to himself smokes a lot of pot and has never worked and is on disability. He was diagnosed with this organize schizophrenia and when they gave him medicine when he was first hospitalized it actually was a miracle he came back. He used to spend times staring and catatonic state holding cigarettes till they burned his hand standing outside in the cold without any shoes on. I could go on and on about his symptoms they’re very very odd. He did Resporal and it worked very well for him. And he was on Abilify and also allowed him to go to school and almost got a degree but he quit the medicine and he went back into the state he’s in now not being able to complete A task. He turned his refrigerator off and throws all of his food away been begging the doctors to give him the right medication in the right diagnosis but of course he refuses on medication and I am his full support. I’m wondering after reading your story if I making a mistake trying to get him to take the antipsychotic that was so successful for him in the past. He doesn’t see himself the way the rest of the world sees him he’s either in denial or has no insight, I wanted so bad to do a brain scan so they could see it may be pinpoint what is directly is happening in his brain. But he refuses all help and now hearing your story I’m so afraid to keep pushing the doctors take give him the medicine which I thought helped him. I am having the opposite without him seeking help there’s nothing they’ll do here for him. But I have to keep supporting him his home is completely filthy I’m just at a loss of maybe there’s some holistic medicine I can do I just don’t want to force this antipsychotic and have the results that you had and then I wouldn’t know how to live with myself. I have to do something He’s unable to take care of himself God for bid I’m not on this planet. Thank you so much for allowing me to comment and I am so sorry for what you experience. Please give me any advice that you have.