Monday, August 15, 2022

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  • Russell and Carol, I’m so sorry for your loss. You articulate a specific, well documented trail of pain and trauma and so much wrongdoing, so, so mich! I’m so sorry yet thankful you are sharing your story.

    I have to wonder if you ever considered if Catherine suffered from a syndrome once known as “mad hatters disease?” If you take the amount of aluminum and other metals in her medications yet specifically her vaccines and add them up you may find (I believe you will find) too many metals injected into her to be safe. Oh course you know by now the medical community will never take responsibility for this but it may be helpful as you have this wonderfully documented decline and I’m convinced if I presented this story to many of my fellow parents who have seen the signs of mercury poisoning or aluminum poisoning they would have more to say and be able to provide specific studies and evidence to offer you of how Catherine’s specific actions and characteristics reveal metal poisoning. Additional information of if she had amalgam in her teeth or had ever had a contrast mri, or specifically had the HPV vaccine would help. You do mention a reaction to the DPT shot.

    Well, I’m so sorry for your loss, your pain cannot be measured and your strength seems amazing to me.i will carry her story with me.

    Catherine’s situation reminds me of two girls I have known, one professionally and one personally who have seen a similar path, very similar.

    Thank you so kuch for sharing this indept story, I know there is so much more, I imagine you may be writing a book. Lisa