Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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  • I observed numerous absurdities in the psychobabble professions even long before it made national news, around the late eighties I believe, that Freud (who I refer to as Freud the fraud) had falsified his findings to justify his theories . I had occasion to bring that to the attention of a jury when the powers that be tried and failed miserably to destroy me as a federal whistleblower. A tangent…while waiting in a judge’s chambers during this attempted railroading, the judge and attorneys were chatting and the judge mentioned that it cost the state $70,000 per year to keep someone in the state psycho wards…to which I commented “enough to buy each one a nice home”…stunned silence from all the professionals in that chamber . Technically I’m just a high school graduate, but in my 71 years on earth I’ve read and taught myself numerous things and subjects and have been a news buff since age 16 thanks to my world history making us subscribe to Time magazine and selecting our own topic to report on each mth from the contents. While I was eventually destroyed for being a federal whistleblower, it wasn’t due to any success of the psychobabble quacks involved. Thank you Dr Gotzsche for your work, and I will be reading a couple of your books mentioned…God Bless You