Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • DR Shipko I have been on psych meds for about a year.i started zyprexa 10mg and prozac 40mg last year for health anxiety and insomnia.During the first 6-8 months no real improvement so i was switched to zoloft 125 mg and zyprexa 10mg.I took this dose until about april 2018 then switched to SEROQUEL 200-300MG PER NIGHT FOR INSOMNIA-still taking the zoloft 125mg at that time. In mid May I made a mistake and cold turkey seroquel for 3 weeks until w/d came.I quickly reinstated100mg and held for a while.terrible w/d with waves and windows 5 months since the CT.Since i have tapered to 50mg zoloft /37.5 of doing 10% cuts now.A few ?S for you Doc-
    Can lamictal micro dose 3mg help ease withdrawals-Anxiety-Im trying this now 5 days in.
    Is the outcome of w/d determined by length of use -dose-tapered or CT.Being on them for a year do i have less of a chance of protracted w/d even if i CT and reinstated and tapering slow 10%
    Thanks R2