Monday, August 15, 2022

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  • I am so said reading this story I pray that no other family Burry their teenager because we have failed them. This youth is bright but the doctors who treat them don’t care about them , don’t value them as important members of the society who can contribute to the society. I still believe our children are the brightest and smartest with minor challenges that need caring team to help them stand in both their feet.

    The US psychiatrists are like those racist doctors are no we’re treating patients during apartheid. I believe psychiatrist still uses old fashion dogma of patients has no right , what can they say next before I sedate the truth not next challenging statement . My son was sedated even for standing up against the treatments they gave him telling them you are treating me with the wrong treatment , because he knew they never even cared to listen instead he was sedated and I was kicked out of the hospital premises for asking just to have a third person in the room as I was threatened by Dr Levya forget how they ended up getting another psychiatrist who covered up for him and made the medication even worse at highest doses . They hated me and I believe they hated my son too and ever since we have no peace. I pray for all parents out there who are being abused by these hospitals demonized everyday foe caring that God gives you strength. We need to stand together.

    They remind me of those doctors who treated patients as objects, calling them by the disease, the stigma is high by health care workers towards their psychiatric patients . In their sick minds they don’t see the patients as humans. This is the majority and def not all of them but high majority . It’s been worst if it’s people of color who are smart educated and have real challenging informative questions they don’t like to be questions but we must question you if you are putting our children to some mini death sleeping day and night , sleeping through all meals , being a drag just to go outside, my son hate me for waking him up to take a ID card , it’s a drag to just wake up for breakfast and we must be grateful of you paralyzing our families thank you for it when we know there are many treatments options that have less side effects but you won’t give them because we mention it then what’s the use of having a family if you want patients without families demonizing us and criticized guys us writing lies on those files to try analyze everything as being a problem caused by the family oh the family is bad the family in the cause .
    I am so sorry that your daughter passed away , I know very well what you went through with these horrible psychiatrists hospitals that are run by heartless human beings who stigma arise the very patients they are treating .

    Dr levy even lied that my son was abusive towards him , how can a patient you have over sedated be abusive towards you. My son signed himself out of the psychiatrist hospital at Mount Sinai Beth Israel he could not take the abuse from staff that later realized we were standing against their abuse together and tried to separate me and my son , feeding him information about being away from home , how can those patients not commit suicide if the staff tells them how bad their families are . Divide them to rule them . They never recorded my sons writs pains from curfing , he complained how NYPD handcuffed him and rough handled him for 3 weeks and doctors never even recorded the writs marks of handcuffs as they protect each other at the police expense of our family members who are treated as donkeys at this hospitals. I am so disappointed, I trusted this country so much . It devided my family until today no social workers or psychologist is seeing my son they just shove pills down his theoat and I have never met any doctor even when I asked I was refused only the psychiatrist met me after keeping me waiting from 11 to 1:30 pm . How do you treat any patient patients in their collateral two information from the family . Tell how do you do that ?

    How do you hate the mother and claim to love the patient . They blocked me even from seeing my son while they fed him ideas against me as his mother. I am the only family he has what do you mean he must leave without his family. Since his admission at Mount Sinai he has been messed up about his family to a point that I caught him speaking with his psychiatrist claiming he is sponsors by my friend. All the food , flights , support he believes my friend is paying for him and I am doing nothing . His mind is affected for life . The psychiatrists can prevent suicide by uniting families and stop trying so hard to be perfect when they know they make mistakes and we don’t blame them but the lies and cover ups are the very problem instead of admitting you are human too truongbthe best you can . I don’t care about Dr Levy experience if he cannot sit down with me and my son for 5 min and explain why he chose this medication that has paralyzed my son from being a good student to a young man sleeping for 15 hours. Are you kidding me . So you are out there to create zombies out of our kids and expect them not to be suicidal when they just sleep all day and night and have no value add towards their well being . Something is so wrong about how these psychiatrists who are psychiatrists patients themselves most of the time. The say they address families and patients with dignity and respect wits the day suicide rates will stop

    As for the families being demonized by psychiatrists in the United States I so agree . The amount of yelling , screaming and anger the majority of staff in these psychiatric institutions possess is way too unbrearable . The descrimination and abuse we endure can drive the whole family into suicide and I think that’s what the psychiatrists wants so they can have good notes to write on those files. They are treating themselves here basically because there is no family involvement in care . They get so happy if the families are not getting along because it gives them control over the patients without annoying families asking questions . They are Gods who should not be asked, questioned about even the treatment given . The level of abuse I have faced since my son was diagnosed with a psychiatric illness is unbearable . He feels he has to please doctors and sis weigh them so he can be in good space and be treated better. I just spoke with a doctor at Harlem hospital about ho depression he told me on the face he will not change his treatments. He has him on I know very well my son is over treated at highest doses he said he can only reduce doses but what about his depression , his sleeping from 8pm to 4pm the next day , he cannot even perform at school , we cannot even go out as a family since he was admired at the hospital and I know he being is treated with medication that is not suited for him and his broadest symptoms. Psychiatrists at Mount Sinai Hospital are the worst I have ever came across atleast the Dr at Harlem hospital can sit down and talk with us when we ask , he is polite but he is still adamant on not taking collateral information . I have not seen anyone in such high doses in my life. It is not normal. Dr Levya awho was my sons psychiatrist called me to the room threatened me and told me to leave them alone , he said back off I am the psychiatrist . Dr catherine would refuse to sit when taking to us but sat when speaking with other parents speaking for hours with them but spending 2 min with us because they knew they were over treating my son , every system shit down , his liver enzymes started rising , legs swollen he had palpitations , his male organs affected . He was vocal and advocating for himself the best way was to over sedate him into silence. I know for sure that my son can be on a better doses and treatment. He is not even taking that evening dose still sedated sleeping all day and night . Imagine what I am going through and no one cares instead they demonize me over and over again to a point I said let the fabrication spread one day I will write a book because enough is enough just as I was taking to a friend I read this information