Friday, August 7, 2020

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  • 1) is sociological analysis of school shootings (2004, still applies)- isolated white young men in rural or relatively wealthy suburbs; share social experiences of “otherness”– exactly what Oryx says; your prescription could prevent some mass murders.

    2)would encourage you to re-title #2; the effect of MA legislation to “prevent bullying” is that there are many conversations about bullies; isn’t it better to have many conversations about “how do we have a loving,caring school which is safe for all”?? [thanks to Joan Webster on that]

    3)as an aging basketball wannabe[have several games for you when you are in Boston, Oryx, seriously]. it is lovely to notice, as you do, the power we have w a few words, a few smiles, a few hand motions, to transform a teammate from glum/outofit/angry into a joyous and more effective player. More fun, almost, than hitting the winning three pointer.
    Most people don’t realize their own power in any situation; Annie Dillard, “Grace happens, the least we can do is notice.”

    4)We are going to get background checks nationally,– 92% of americans support it; even the NRA liked it a few years ago.
    Public Health folks [David Hemenway book on guns; or “While we were sleeping”] says it helps, a bit.
    i am mixed– big brother vs. social good of preventing 700,000 people potentially dangerous from having guns.
    Can we trust feds to identify “dangerous” people [not mentally ill, that is totally bogus, we all know] based on psych records? or based on courts? What does the Feinstein bill actually say?