Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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  • Wow. This is staggering and opposite to what my DBT experience has been. It doesn’t even gel with DBT skills like GIVE where the V literally stands for validate. Sounds like these therapists havent actually consumed what they say they practice.

    I also have childhood trauma. My therapists have been beyond understanding, have helped to tease out root causes and skilled approaches to live despite them. Helped put together anti-suicidality plans, none of which involved telling me to get over it or calm down, showed up when I was upset over admittedly minor stuff. The whole paradigm has been skills-based and even the acceptance module wasn’t about calming down so much as feeling what sucks. When DBT hit walls for trauma treatment (not actually gold standard compared to CBT, CPT, or Exposure) they readily admitted that and suggested other models then tailored those models to DBT and vice versa.

    Maybe I got supremely lucky. Maybe it’s because they are both young, barely out of school and learning something better than the shit therapists you guys are experiencing. I dunno, but just wow. Y’all deserve better than whatever bullshit you were sold.