Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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  • These experiences are terrible. I am a DBT therapist. I am horrified that other DBT therapists would teach or pervert things in such a way as to make people feel so bad.

    In my practice, I go out of the way to be critical of everything we talked about skills wise and encourage people that we are looking for effectiveness of behavior through a lens of always valid emotional responses. I also challenge the idea of borderline personality disorder in general. My understanding of the social emotional theory aspect of DBT is that it is part of our mission as DBT therapists to challenge it and normalize the behaviors associated with it as reasonable responses to traumatic events. I hate the idea that this stigmatized diagnosis is still used to hurt people seeking help as well.

    This article has also encouraged me to be more critical and reflective of my own practice. It is something that I will also be sharing with my own skills group members. My understanding of DBT is that it is meant to use validation, acceptance, and love to help us heal while changing things in our lives for the better. That must involve being critical of things anyone says to us from ourselves to the terrible people who’s have hurt us as well as everyone in between. I hope that this article helps to spur some reflection by other providers and people in treatment.