Saturday, November 26, 2022

Comments by David R. Kirkby

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  • Thank you for the detailed essay, Robert.
    What about neuroleptics?
    How is the public marketing of neuroleptics at odds with the scientific evidence?

    I have read Bruce Charlton’s “Why are doctors still prescribing neuroleptics?”

    Here is the introduction:
    It is usually said, and I have said it myself, that the invention of neuroleptics was one of the major therapeutic breakthroughs of the twentieth century. But I now believe that this opinion is due for revision, indeed reversal. Neuroleptics have achieved their powerful therapeutic effects at too great a cost, and a cost which is intrinsic to their effect. The cost has been many millions of formerly-psychotic patients who are socially docile but emotionally blunted, demotivated, chronically neuroleptic-dependent, and suffering significantly increased mortality rates. Consequently, as a matter of some urgency, neuroleptic prescriptions should be curtailed to the point that they are used only as a last resort.