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  • My contactinfo can be found on my homepage marcusbeijarmellin.com – on Kontakta oss. write me on that email adress or send me an sms to the number written on the right side. has already tried to write comments on your genial blogpost but it did not work. look forward in cooperating with you. Marcus

  • Okay – maybe I misunderstood you. To provide you answer with another thing: as I myself was percecuted and sought after by “psychiatry” there was a man approaching me 2009, that invited me to Islam. I told him that I will come when I am free from the “psychiatry” and start studying it. And so it happened. I was against all laws and broke them, but, was time and time again convinced about the authencity of Islam. As for now, I have stopped resisting the commandments, and tries to follow as best I can. As D.T. Suzuki writes about the Zen masters that their words always are well founded in their own experiences and has to be refered back to this very experience to make it meaningful in regards to your question.

    You ask: what is the alternative for “psychiatry”. Answer: give them morphine who tend to be psychotic and they will not be psychotic anymore. There is good treatment worked out in Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs, whom went through the apomorphine treatment that zeros your nervoussystem and makes you free from the addiction. He wrote : I have never seen a psychotic junkie.

    By this, the ill effects will be minimized, and calm will be restored to the communities. LEGALIZE MORPHINE.

    But this, actually goes against the Sunnah, which says that every intoxicant is forbidden. But I think, compared with the alternative which is slow lobotomy, this alternative is better.

    A “cure” that psychiatrist Margaretha Hellsten in Sweden worked out, was giving psychotic persons large doses of B12, we are speaking about 100 mg per day or something like it. B12 is the food of the nervous system, and when your nervous system is damaged, this is necessary.

    Also, you should buy an orgone ackumulator, that Wilhelm Reich treated his patients in. It costs a considerable amount of money, about 2400 Euro, if you want an effective one, but, it will heal your skin that has become broken because of the antipsychotic substances, and will get you back on track. Wilhelm Reich describes it in his books Character Analysis, The function of the orgasm, and The cancer biopathy.

    You can write me if you want more information where to buy an orgone accumulator.

  • Religion is like a big house you can live in. Fine with me, if you do not believe in Prophet Muhammad, but, that you find it “extremely wrong” even mentioning some facts about Islam is simply flat out stupid. I am speaking from my own experience, that Islam stabilizes your inner self, to the degree, that you do not need to go through the Christ sickness, where you crucify yourself on the presupposed idea that your suffering is means to change the whole world. In Islam this is exchanged by the maxim of Yihadd, and struggle in the way of Allah. There is still a sacrifice of yourself, but up to a degree where you are allowed to defend yourself. But since you do not want good advice, I leave you here and then.

  • If you go straight forward with those idots calling themselves “psychiatrists” you will only get one result, and that is increasement of your suffering through side effects. But I know nothing can help you unless you come to Islam and pray to Allah. Since it says in the Sunnah “war is deceit” and there is a war going on between spiritual awakening, and the witch inquisitors today named “psychiatrists”. A belief in reincarnation is nothing sick – as it says in the Quran that those whom deny it, will burn in eternal hell. So this person you met will surely meet her horrible end. Can she prove that there is someone else who actually is an reincarnation of Buddha?

    Now, I do not believe that you are a reincarnation of Buddha, since we in Buddhism, whom is a philosofy myself also follow, believe that enlightment means that you get out of the death rebirth cycle of suffering – and so your belief is anti buddhism.

    I also wrote something similar as you in 2009, in a imaginary conversation with psychiatrists, that I had all the time previously, and you have to have them, since you can not tell them the truth you have to have an anticipitated conversation with them so that your real self can express itself. This is best done in writing, and I have written a whole book on the subject in Swedish that you can find here: http://marcusbeijarmellinnl.blogspot.com/2018/07/

    I see our experiences are similar, one always expects that everything has been solved in the spiritual awakening, and then it turns out, they claim that you have delusions (just because your inner experience does not match in time sequence with the “reality”) that is a reason for keeping your confined and on antipsychotics, that makes you have horrible sideeffects.

    If you want to learn more you are welcome to contact me.