Saturday, December 3, 2022

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  • This is an awesome podcast. Julia asked excellent questions. Thank you, Morgan, for sharing. Welcome to St Louis, Morgan. I am excited that you are here. I call myself a survivor of the St Louis mental health care system. Fortunately I was able to finally escape this coercive system when my psychiatrist lost her license and suddenly I was no longer a danger to myself or society?!?! When my doctor lost her license I was abandoned. I was not advised on my medication or referred elsewhere. Unfortunately I didn’t know you couldn’t cold turkey mega doses of poly pharmacy (12 drugs in all) and I nearly died. I have a scar from a tracheostomy, scar from heart surgery, and much more from cold turkeying My meds when St Louis mental health care system left me with no doctor. My doctor had used coercion to force me take 1200mg of Seroquel alone. It nearly killed me. I did reluctantly go back on Seroquel to save my life and have been tapering for numerous years now. I am down to 1ml so I am close. I spent nearly twenty years in the cruel coercive St Louis mental health care system. I was treated worse than a criminal. I don’t think I will ever get over the trauma and that’s OK. It means I am a normal person who is also a survivor. If I can help you in the future let me know. I also attend Mind Freedom International meetings when I can. I would like to start an affiliate in Missouri. Thank you for this hopeful interview. Thank you Julian for your well researched and thought provoking questions. You both did a fantastic job.