Friday, June 18, 2021

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  • Hi Terra, This is Claudia. I have been written Blogs for Dr. Manuel Casanova’s website. I’ve indeed written a very interesting piece on Dr. Hans Asperger. Would you like to read my work and offer me the chance to write for the Aspergian? I would love to.

  • If someone whose real identity is unknown for the external observer says, “My autism is just a part of me. It is who I am, it is in the design of the brain, why does not that count for an explanation?” Then I would say to them, “That is fine; but you have just admitted that your autism is the most important fact about you. And you should not be insulted if I ask you what are the grounds for your belief?” But what I just described is what Neurodiversity can’t stand. The world is characterized by diversity. When you make the decision to call yourself “autistic” (or neuro-divergent) (or a member of Neurodiversity), you must have reasons. How autism, in computer terms, have wired your brain’s circuits? We are most responsible for our mental programming, our approach to the world.