Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Comments by Hannes Minkema

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  • Dear Mr Berezin,

    I am contemplating whether a *false* allegation of sexual abuse of a child can be traumatic for the alleged individual. And I contemplate whether such trauma would be enlarged when some MD, who had not even personally investigated the case, would publish on-line his frivolous opinion that the falsely alleged abuser is actually an ‘incestuous molester’.

    What would you make of it, if that MD would publicly assume that the alleged ‘victim’ is right, in spite of multiple thorough investigations that proved her wrong? What if he based his factless, frivolous opinion on his standing ‘as a psychiatrist’ and on the general notion that ‘victims’ need love and understanding?

    What would you make of the integrity of such MD? What would you make of his allegiance to the Hippocrates oath? In the light of his likely enlarging of some innocent person’s trauma?

    I am curious to hear your professional take on all this.

    Hannes Minkema