Saturday, September 25, 2021

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  • I agree – there is a vast difference between spanking and “pushing, grabbing, shoving, slapping and hitting” – I was spanked (in a legitimate fashion) but also “illegitimately” – ambushed from behind doors when I was observed misbehaving outdoors; also slapped, and even kicked – but I have to say that virtually none of that had the impact on me that the emotional abuse did.

  • There is also the mistaken notion that we can do nothing about all these feelings (including depression) ourselves (there are a lot of things we can do to help ourselves recover – I didn’t start getting better until I got off the pills, facing my problems and dealing differently with them and choosing to think differently).
    There’s also the mistaken notion there’s something “abnormal” about all these feelings (including depression). In order for there to be an “abnormal” there needs to be a description of “normal” – and I have yet to see one.
    I have seen some apparently real “mental illness” – I’ve known several psychiatrists that suffered from psychosis and God complexes. They thought they could read their patient’s mind and tell their patient their reality was a figment of their imagination when it was very real – and the psychiatrist had evidence it did. One example would be a doctor telling a rape patient “It didn’t happen” even with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Sadly, it happens a lot of the time with psychiatrists. There is absolutely no way for them to “diagnose” a person’s “mental illness” – nor to tell if what a person is going through is a result of trauma or psychosis – and it is devastating when the assumption of psychosis is made.

  • Maybe I’m misunderstanding the article, but I have a question: Are we then to let our emotions rule? I think not – our emotions definitely mean something, and we do need to process them – but we certainly cannot allow our thoughts and actions to be determined by our emotions. We can change those thoughts and minimize emotions that drag us down by dealing with them responsibly. I also believe the reverse of what the article states – it is our thoughts that determine our emotions.

  • These drugs do not discriminate when it comes to brain damage; they cause brain and body damage no matter the “why” one takes them. You have kids dying of heart disease at 14 having the same damage as someone who has been on ecstasy. (

    School officials forbid “speed” while at the same time pushing it – one has to wonder about how educated they are if they don’t realize how crazy this is. Kids need to be taught to regulate their behavior – the answer is not in a pill.