Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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  • Also. I would like to add, last year I was put on Zyprexa after an incident took place that resembled a manic episode. I gained 25lbs within one month, and just felt very flat. I had never taken any other medications before, and after only 3 weeks, I knew that medication was terrible. Kind of irritating to see people complaining about it- if you do not approve of the effects, you can always do something about it. I spent a lot of time being angry at the psychiatrist, and realized that at the end of the day- the power is within yourself, no where else. And from that point on, I got off that garbage medicine, and told myself that I’d muster up the courage to deal with my issues myself. After taking the time to properly process, understand, digest and accept my life and all that had taken place in it that saddened me, I realized depression and anxiety barrel down to, man vs. himself. In my opinion depression and anxiety are the the souls way of knocking to let you know, that on a deeper plane, something is wrong. This is why meds do not work and are BS. Everyone is chasing happy, but doesn’t want to do the work that life entails in order to get to it. Sorry but, it’s true. In a material world where faith and belief in something larger than ourselves is lost, it is no wonder mental health has become constantly increasing in numbers. And I’ve seen some dark days in my life- and it’s not until you steer through the darkness that you can even try to see the light. Zyprexa isn’t the devil. And neither are sweets. They are deterrents in this life. It’s up to you to pioneer yourself. While there are many people in the world who have actual mental illness, there are triple the amount there to discredit the real ones with their fake illness. A lot of mental health problems in my age bracket (28) barrel down to being torn between what our parents told us and what we think. Same problem as any other generation. We are just the product of the introduction of the internet- people don’t take the time to think about what life was life before social media. That’s the real poison right there. The internet allowed people to create alternate realities for themselves. No wonder there is such a rise in DID, etc. Funny to me that no one considers this. The internet is finally at an age where we can actually study its effects on human beings. You’d be amazed what having an internet profile does for people. But it’s all an illusion. People neglect their soul and forget to LIVE. My good friend had the perfect life if you looked at her Facebook. All for a year after she got married, after being together 13 years, their marriage fell apart and turned out one of the partners was actually a homosexual.

    Just some food for thought, people.

  • I like this article, thanks for it. Ironically enough, I have been battling issues with depression/anxiety related situations (I am not a chronic sufferer) on and off for the past several months. And in the interim I noticed that I was not taking care of myself, I was not drinking any fluids, I was not eating balanced meals (or any full meals at all). The power of mind and body are real. When you take care of your body, your mind feels better. And vice versa. They go hand in hand and in my opinion, a lot of times along with depression comes neglect of oneself.

    I do not take any medications. And I started making small improvements to my health by making sure I drink water throughout the day. And I’m back to putting foods into my body that are worth something. Not even four days later, I can already feel some peace of mind coming back to me. And for anyone who has experienced any type of depression, you know how great that is. So, I do believe people suffering with these “illnesses” do eat a bit worse than others. I’ve experienced that myself. Like I said. Mind and body go hand in hand.