Saturday, December 3, 2022

Comments by Melissa Meyer

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  • Lois thank you for playing with trauma! I do think that as you say in your letter that people “can be in pain, if we can suffer, without having been traumatized.” I agree with you that sometimes it can be helpful to label it as trauma, when someone doesn’t want to talk about it or needs to get some distance from what happened. Usually though, I find trauma generalizes very specific painful moments in our lives and this generalization keeps those moments locked away, which I think keeps people’s lives locked away, too. A therapist may then end up treating the symptom rather than discovering together the cultural emotional responses we have and the suffering. As a practicing social therapeutic group coach I will encourage people to give their suffering to others. Giving to others (our friends, our group, our therapist) what we are feeling about that suffering can be so powerful (!) and can transform that pain. I’ve seen it in my sharing my own abuse with others, and encouraging my group members to as you say “chip away” at the very painful, secret and daunting feelings we have. I am ever appreciate of you taking off psychology’s label for our human suffering!