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  • The problems are so severe that here in the USA the military would have to arrest the oligarchs and Crimes Against Humanity Trials would be needed to return power to the people .The law placed in the constitution by stealth that corporations are people needs to be revoked. Too big to fail cartels need to be dealt with including the federal reserve. Power has to be returned to the people nationally and locally in a democratic way. Probably many things have to be done by trial and error with the first do no harm to the people principal at the forefront. Real checks and balances , nobody above fair laws, need to arrive at fairness and justice and human rights, no absolute power junkies dictating anything to anyone . Bottom line if people can’t even live the simple principal live and let live, any system is bound to fail. How can they live in peace among each other and not harm each other and still live in a way like the declaration of independence talks about if so many don’t even have the basic necessities of life and while fanatical united oligarchs are actively exploiting and culling the population by a multitude of strategies via the cartels they control with poisons and countless other deprivations increasingly delivered and mandated by law literally into the people.
    I don’t have even close to all the answers . Do You ? Have you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones ? Probably financed by Ted Turner somehow .They want to reduce the planet’s population ideally to 500,000,000 people . A manageable amount for the fanatical oligarchs to rule over. They are getting bolder and bolder . But they are afraid of the people waking up while they count on us being too afraid to do anything. I believe the psych drugs and other chemicals they distribute, target the parts of the brain that ordinarily have to do with people working together toward a common goal , and tend instead by other means as well to turn naturally social human beings into oppressed , deprived , isolated , human beings thereby making us more easily targeted by the oligarch’s fanatical think tank aided agenda ,which is so over the top that few can see it and so far oligarchs seem to be gaining momentum . No I don’t know the answer as many tilt at windmills and many others hide . In these times growing an organic garden may be the most revolutionary thing we can get away with doing.

  • Thanks R. R, Thought people should hear about it.
    The court system for commitment hearings is basically literally a classic kangaroo court. I talked once to a former prosecutor turned defence attorney that at first denied this and later admitted knowing it was . I tried to hire them to get some false police testimony taken out of the record . She said , “I’ve done all the pro bono work i’m going to do this year.” “It will cost you $5000 in advance to correct the record and $10,000 more in advance to to bring charges against the police officer, with no guarantees.” Another lawyer on the same issues said,” let her go to the state institution they’ll help her there.” Yeah. Right.

  • Thanks Frank, I value your opinion , maybe the declaration needs to be modified . I thought it had our issues covered . I wish you had the time to look at the declaration and into that particular organization more deeply as I believe they could be a great aid in ridding us of forced psychiatry as well as any other forced treatments in the guise of any kind of medical care by strengthening free choice. I know we agree that psychiatry is a deadly hoax. Take care,

  • oldhead,
    Whatever restrictions, would need to be discussed and voted on by the people, and other issues as well , rather than being imposed from above by the people who have stolen everything or anyone else. The people will have to decide how to get there from here through discussions and voting . If discussions and voting are not seen as important and people don’t care enough about mutually guaranteed survival, the “elite” will only accelerate culling operations by many various means. Meanwhile we still have to chop wood and carry water.
    What do you think of the idea’s in the Health Freedom declaration , that particular organization, and if they could protect people from forced psychiatry the way they are written or with some modification ? I think they are important enough to give them more than a casual look. It’s up above in my oct. 13 comment with the link just below that. Thanks,

  • One of the things in life that might last forever is the everlasting joy of having broken free from psychiatry’s and pharma’s death grip . It’s been 10 years so far . The key is understanding your enemy better than they understand themselves, growing stronger,and zapping back , by doing your best to free others from their clutches even if it’s only one person at a time .

  • Frank,
    Isn’t supporting the Health Freedom declaration from 2006 a way to go into reverse on the medicalization or at least the coercive medicalization? Also if enough people did support it wouldn’t it help realize the anti-psychiatry goal of abolishing at least coercive psychiatry ? I would be interested in your thoughts on this . Also the thoughts of other commenters.
    Thanks , Fred
    The declaration is printed out above in my Oct.13 comment.

  • Thanks for replying so clearly uprising . Did you ever notice how hard the elite work to keep the people isolated from each other ? Maybe it means communes need to be started maybe supported by organic farming. Who has the funds for that ?
    Anyways as far as our issues go it seems clear to me , how anti- psychiatry and Health Freedom can both work together to possibly ,remove coercive psychiatry from existence and prevent another entity from picking up their activities.That is if enough people get active about it. That is our best realistic chance I believe. I am also concerned about ruthless big pharma developing even deadlier poisons to force on the population . They make the tobacco cartel seem like charitable organization.

  • I like this blog and anyone who could put there time in as a project director for a Soteria House.
    Seems this blog could be looked at for a long time and many new and different , or rehashed old ideas would easily come to mind upon each rereading.
    The idea of dams or blockages to the natural flow , and then even more blocking , Mother Nature’s natural flow will inevitably burst those dams . Within a human being only so much bullshit can be spun before the whole system rebels and seeks a new equilibrium . In a society is there not a point where if more and more people are in a situation where oppression is clearly growing that a tipping point is reached and people know without saying enough is enough and soon revolution just breaks out . Are these corrections not in the interests of survival , whose lives are lost or ruined while the blockages remain ? Whose lives are lost or ruined with the inevitable bursting of these dams ? Is it just a matter of where are the tipping points and the various factors or levers, people /and /or computers/ and /or think tanks believe they can pull . Are these pullers of levers elected or self appointed. If self appointed how many people outside of themselves are they willing to sacrifice to try and keep a status quo in place they feel is beneficial to themselves . Most especially if they can print unlimited funds , and as we know absolute power corrupts absolutely can we not expect them to be willing to sacrifice an unlimited number of lives ? Or is this all about the” best laid plans of mice and men” or” who are they all in their high conceit when man in the bush
    nature doth meet “.
    Or as Omar Khayyam once said ” Enjoy what little time yee yet may spend before yee too into dust descend. ”
    Seems to me that those who carefully try to live ” What is hateful unto thee, do it not unto another” while walking their talk and using their talents to create a reality that first does no harm to anyone are the people I am least afraid of. The purveyors of pseudoscience in the multitude of areas for profit and control present a real problem.
    Just someone who was electroshocked and cannot match the creative brainpower of the writer of this blog . But once there was a time when I could .I’m 70 now and I love being alive and drug free.

  • What about restricted capitalism with agreed limits on income so a few can’t run off with the whole monopoly game?
    I lived on a kibbutz in Israel for 11 months starting 2 months after the 6 day war in 1967 when I was 21 years old, was a voting member. My suggestion for the new name of the kibbutz was voted for . We had under 50 members . We voted on everything. Best system to live in I ever experienced. Still ended up in the loony bin . What can I say. People don’t listen to each other and don’t have time to hear each other out anywhere I’ve been. Anyways had mercury poisoning but was unaware of it . That will get you in some kind of a loony bin under any system in the world and in any country most likely. Finally got it taken care of fully by the time I was 60 years old. I’m 70 years old now . 10 years removed from all pseudo scientific psychiatric “treatments ” or Pseudo scientific dental treatments, also free of AMA pseudo scientific medical treatments
    Corina and mad mom are right about individuals starting their own business . Saez may be a wise man in many ways but his and other peoples malingerer rants are for the most part bullshit . No one knows everything . Anyways how do you super anti- capitalists support yourselves ? Live off Mommy ? We all know we have a better chance of driving a semi truck through the eye of a needle then of ending capitalism in the USA.Yeah ,I know about the federal Reserve and Jekyll Island. What happens to the psychiatrically oppressed meanwhile and others also. Maybe the young people have the right idea . google 4 non blondes what’s up live

  • Attention Joanna Moncrieff MD,
    People in America with diagnosis are on the cusp of being locked up or forcibly injected in their homes for attempting to shave their meds to avoid sleeping all day and/or feeling zombified.Many of the drugs are time release and coated so the can’t be shaved safely . You really believe psychiatrists have a right to do this to people making them feel more dead than alive forcefully and then saying nonsense about underlying “mental illness “is to blame . Do you realize the actual role of 53% mercury dental amalgams cause a wide spectrum of mental phenomena that gets diagnosed in 1 in 15 people who have them in there mouths. Look up Dr. Chris Shade founder of He himself had 17 amalgams in his own mouth and was mercury poisons . Please investigate this deeply for the sake of millions of lives I beg you . I my self had 15 of them installed in my mouth . After their removal and other dental care according to Hal Huggins DDS protocols I experienced immediately the most powerful positive transformation of my life. See also Dr. RAU of the Paracelsus Klinic his own website Please investigate I have and experienced . This is for real . Too many have ignored this piece of the puzzle . I haven’t.
    Thank you , Fred Abbe
    Help save the people don’t perpetuate pseudo scientific diagnosis.

  • Actually within any mental hospital I found myself in ,involuntary or otherwise the rebellious nature of McMurphy like anti-authoritarian/ anti-psychiatry definitely made a showing . I and others made sure of it .And that was even years before the movie came out or any awareness by me of any book or that any movements existed .With half a dozen escapes under my belt , from 3 different mental institutions . Ridgeway Hospital at least once, Reed Zone Center at least 3 times, both in Illinois, and from a former prison mental institution in Akko , Israel 2 times, the second time after they tortured and experimented on me after recapturing me. I tried to organize everyone for a mass escape , One inmate called me Castro . Also was involved in covering up 3 escapes by others including aiding one woman in her escape, one in each of the 3 “institutions” I mentioned.
    Within this year I visited someone very close to me locked up against her will behind 2 locked doors on a psych floor of a hospital here on the Oregon Coast. Women have that brave McMurphy spirit to, even more so . In a group headed by a nurse , the inmate ( Miss McMurphy we’ll call her ,to protect the innocent)(heres what happened as she told me later) brought up in discussion,” Why do you force medications on children? Nurse, “We’re doing that to keep them from killing themselves.” Miss retorted ” They’re killing themselves to get away from you , Nurse Ratched !.” . The other inmates in the group started laughing and Miss had her arm wrenched back by a psychiatrist . As she was drinking some cool water out of a styrofoam cup, it poured onto the psychiatrist. On a different day she came out of her room naked and announced “It’s the Emperor’s new clothes .”
    Well , they brought her to “trial” ( I saw it all , in the hallway and sitting in the peanut gallery, up until I spoke out and they “escorted” me out of the “court room” ) in Roseburg Oregon ,her commitment hearing, in blue uniform ,a 2 guard escort , in Hannibal Lector full waist, hand and foot shackles . The only thing missing was the hockey mask. They had pre -arrangements, kangaroo court style ,and were dead set on committing her for at least 6 months into the State Insane Asylum where I believe the movie Cuckoo’s Nest was actually filmed . I believe it used to be called Dammasch Insane Asylum.
    Miss had a public defender in on the Kangaroo, testimony was by live amplified telephone calls by cop, social worker, and psychiatrist. All Lied, the psychiatrist testified under oath by telephone that Miss had poured hot coffee on him. A cop testified she only hung out with other mentally ill people and smoked pot ( which is legal in Oregon). The judge asked the social worker whether and where Miss was going in for counseling . The social worker said she was not. That’s when I yelled out loudly from the peanut gallery, yes she was ,the phone number and name of a different social worker in an adjoining county she was seeing.I even called the judge “your Honor”. He had me escorted from the gallery by 2 officers. Once in the hallway I told the guards I had to speak out . One smiled at at me and said “I know you did.”
    Today Miss and I are safe taking things day by day. I have Miss’s permission to post this .

  • ” For every human being is part of the single soul that is the spirit of the universe.” ( The Thirteen Petalled Rose by Adin Steinsaltz )
    I read your blog again and followed the link by your picture (coaching people coming off psychiatric drugs).Seems you are, in a sense occupying psychiatry , being and living the change you want to see happen, using your considerable understanding and your talents without compromise . You are very brave and we are very fortunate to have you blogging here. The help you offer to people is priceless.

  • To me the word psychiatry itself is abuse. It is the blind from birth cyclops ,unleashed by the oligarchs upon the people including the children. It is a form of virulent unregulated, government owned by oligarchs ,systematic abuse . The blog rings with truth everyone should know,and too many of us have experienced, but advocating that some variety of psychiatry , a reformed psychiatry, a “true psychiatry” (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) is the answer, is false and it seems could only be put forth in this manner by someone that does not actually understand the psychiatric industry.Apologies yes, reparations yes , kindness and friendship yes , jail sentences yes, payback yes , no more child abuse tolerated , no more wars for Oligarch profit, no more coercion,no more oppression, and no more psychiatry.

  • How willing/able are you to shelter/ hide a friend pursued by psychiatry if they show up at your door in search of sanctuary ? How do we stop psychiatry in real time from picking people off one by one ? Whether there is immediate success or not, many of us that understand Psychiatry from experience “at the point of the spear” know beyond any doubt we will fight them , to the best of our ability and understanding , whether there is unity or not , because we know beyond words that psychiatry is worse than death and it represents the enslavement of humanity . Psychiatry’s falseness is so profound and such a horrible coercive tool as it serves oppressors, that it is natural as rain , for the sake of human life , to vigorously oppose psychiatry unto it’s demise , by all who love freedom.

  • At this point it makes sense to me that we should turn the lies psychiatry and pharma tell everybody, against them.This will unite huge numbers of people including us ,demanding and expanding basic fundamental human rights which are necessary for everyone’s survival . For example take the lie that psycho – pharma, is part of some kind of real health care ,when it is obvious it is part of a coercive behavioral population control alternating open air /institution complex .I propose since they’ve put so much effort to create this hoax we can turn it back on them by adding ourselves to the ranks of the Health Freedom Movement and helping it grow , if we feel it is truly for the benefit of humanity. See below — World Health Freedom Assembly 2006 –was adopted Sept. 29th & 30th–2006 St. Paul Minnesota–International Declaration of Health Freedom
    We Declare That
    Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world.
    Among the inalienable rights are not only the right to life , liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but also the right to health, well being, and survival.
    Health is a state of physical, mental, spiritual, and personal social well-being, and not the absence of disease or infirmity.
    In order to secure the right to health, a human being must be able to exercise his/her fundamental right to privacy and self-determination and the right to make personal choices in pursuit of health,healing, well-being and survival.
    The right to choose requires that every individual holds the right to ultimately decide whether to obtain or reject any health treatment, research, or advice.
    In order to fully exercise the fundamental, right of privacy and self-determination, full access to health care practitioners, healers, researchers, treatments, services, products, devices, substances and information sources of their choice must be protected and preserved for each member of the human family.
    Full access to health care practitioners, healers, researchers,treatments,services,products,devices,substances and truthful information is an inherent and fundamental right and is independent of the actions of any government or other regulatory public or private bodies.
    There exist world-wide diverse healing arts theories, practices, treatments, substances,and modalities that are deemed by people to contribute to their health and well being,whether by one human or by many and they need to be protected and available to all members of the human family.
    The global adoption of these principals will strengthen the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world.

    I’ll put up some links later. Seems to me this could sit well with most everybody .

  • You pick a psych drug poison , say Zyprexa for example . You find at least 3 people who have really been strung out on it for at least a year or more, on more than a minimal dose . If they managed to wean off and are now off that particular poison and are totally psych-drug free and are also medical drug free . If they use or used first do no harm methods like Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy ,included home made herbal extracts,vitamins , Energy healing methods, wilderness tripping etc. , in a safe place with one or more friends for support . Have figured a strategy for dealing with “mental health professionals and the pharma system” meanwhile to keep them off their back. We want to hear their stories in detail, related live ,with them open to questions from an audience .At least 3 such people for each drug poison , or drug poison cocktail. How they dealt with and how much recovering if any from high voltage shocks if any of them have achieved it. All these people should be the featured up front speakers.
    The so called salaried “professionals” that have made some bucks , even if a minority have been on psych drugs or are still on them .And I’m not saying they can’t be of some benefit, but not to the extent of real survivors of long term hell, like myself. Instead of rethinking psychiatry so much, let them finance and open up an underground compound pharmacy where all the drug poisons can be made available as titrated liquids in various doses for those that want to wean off the poison drugs safely over time.We need available liquid titrated poison psych drugs with or without scripts, for those in need . Safe houses too ,with organic food and distilled water available , good books, music etc.
    Now that’s the way to design a seminar .

  • Olga,
    So well said . I’m reminded of a line from a song Joan Baez used to sing.
    “There but for fortune go you or I.”
    ” ….and even more reason to carry on the battle that Matt was a part of.”
    In solidarity,

  • It’s a dead end road studying the conventional psychiatric writings that most all psychiatric mainstream “professionals” get their “knowledge” from . Just look at what kind of a trap the vast majority of these “professionals” have got themselves and us into . Voltaire said, ” Those that believe in absurdities will commit atrocities .” Clearly they have done that ,they do that , and they will continue to do that for I don’t know how long .They are connected to a ,government controlled by oligarchs ,controlling mainstream media,population surveillance ,policing, ,educational systems, food adulteration , Quality of air , and water , eugenic population weakening and culling “every which way but loose”, through administration of chemical and biological concoctions advertised as “health giving medicines”, food & water “additives “, pest control agents, and through sweeping away most all human protective regulations that limit the outrages the oligarch owned industries commit . Psychiatrists are the dealers of some of these poisons , can inject them into the bloodstream, force poison pills down people’s throats , Electrify their brains etc .Psychiatrists 100 percent pseudo science . Medical doctors at least 66 2/3 % pseudo science . MAYBE not as much forcefully applied pseudo science by AMA medical people and ADA dentists . But certainly more than most people realize or allow themselves to believe.
    It is much more productive to deeply study Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy ,Yuen Method ( an , advanced energy healing system). Read and study what survivors say here at MIA . Learn and ask them questions . Find someone that’s survived something like your going through, by using first do no harm means .Try to learn something from them . You probably don’t have to totally reinvent the wheel. But if you study this stuff you’ll be able to if necessary .
    Inspire yourself listen to the song 4 Non Blondes-What’s Up-YouTube

  • That wailing wall with all the names on it of people tortured, maimed, or/and killed by coercive quackery under the guise of “medical care” (today it’s Rockefeller Medicine) , would probably extend 100 times longer in length then the Great Wall Of China and longer than that if names of the casualties of wars engineered by the oligarch’s were included . Truth be known not many names could be excluded from that wall . Vaccinations to the newborn, the initiation ceremony to the “wonderful” world of medical quackery , rising coercion ,realize that before you can even speak they claim the right to inject poisons into your bloodstream.
    And yet there exists Traditional Naturopathy , nature , and maybe the possible escape into the wilderness.

    At the above link don’t miss reading the International Declaration of Health Freedom which can be found by scrolling down to the year 2006. It’s wonderful ! (Even though psychiatry has nothing whatsoever to do with health except stealing it , the Health freedom movement has the potential to provide some freedom for psychiatry’s victims (in light of all the multi generational brainwashing that’s transpired)as well as allopathic medicines victims : past, present, and future. If enough people support it, that is.

  • And yet psychiatry remains as pure 100% unadulterated bullshit.
    Even though psychiatry has nothing to do with health
    more people would benefit in regard to freedom if we all joined the main health freedom movement which eventually could grow into massive demonstrations demanding freedom in our own choices free of all coercion with the freedom to reject pseudo science whenever and in whatever field the oligarchs are financing and inserting it in .

  • And as I turned 18 it wasn’t relevant how well meaning the “psych doctor” was , as he could probably decide how intense the voltage and for sure how long to apply it to my brain , 15 times every other day against my will. Although feeling continuously terrorized , held against my will all that time , what I felt during the 14th electrical brain shocking , was a pain for 5 seconds that seemed endless and was like an atomic bomb going off in the center of my brain outwards and the brightness of the explosion extending to outside my skull . I told them about the pain and please no more of this . They told me there was no pain and casually continued in their ” profession “. And I should be more careful about writing off psychiatry and psychiatrists as evil because , if what I said here is not enough to make them all renounce psychiatry, then nothing ever will . And I haven’t even scratched the surface in telling of the crimes against humanity they’ve committed against me, let alone the countless millions or billions of others that so far have not seen any semblance of justice for the torture and terror they had to , and too many still have to , endure .

  • When I listened to a video on youtube that explained what 4 substances do that are released in the brain I realized how big pharma is funded to purposely target their “drugs” in such a way that weakens the human being . The delivery systems of their poisons and Monsanto’s can be through any industries the oligarchs control and through various means , like through food , water , and through the air . While at the same time , the teachings of Traditional Naturopathy and other modalities in line with nature are suppressed . Herbs for example are seen by much of the population as ineffective because of media propaganda and because the standardized strength of most of them that are allowed to be sold over the counter by the bottle , are so regulated as to make them too weak to do anything . People need to learn to make there own medicines (to make their own herbal extracts out of herbs gathered or bought in bulk amounts and used in industrial strength along the lines of historical use . Richard Schulze ND is a great teacher of that . Has many youtube videos . Organic foods are priced so high it seems you almost have to be on a psychiatrist’s salary to afford them. We need to be able grow our own somehow.
    Anyways the first video I wrote about can be found by typing in the search line at
    Simon Sinek : The Video That Will Change Your Life

  • Thank you very much . Your blog clarifies how the main body of today’s psychiatrists are just as deadly as the psychiatrists were in Hitler’s Germany during World War ll when they volunteered to make up 40% of Hitler’s SS .
    Today the US goes to war against isis and the taliban while not even one Seal Team is assigned to even slightly curtail the much larger global terrorism threat pharma and psychiatry perpetrate globally on the population and the youngest of our children .

  • The robber barons fund and unleash the moral busybodies to torment us until we are so broken down no one wants us around anymore , then we don’t want ourselves around so we check out and everybody misses us .Who was that masked man anyways .
    To what purpose ? Experimental subjects for evidence based scientific research into what parts of the human brain can be most easily targeted with suggestive brainwashing curses , chemicals , biological agents , electricity , heavy metals , poisons , or whatever , to make a human being into an isolated individual, incapable of organizing a revolution or working for a mutual determined goal with others, and into an even more vulnerable easily targeted isolated subject for further exploitation , experimentation , or disposal , and all under the guise of “health care”.
    Sounds like the new world order, brave new world on steroids . There seems to be method to the madness of the oligarchs . After all they believe themselves to be royalty and entitled to rule .

  • I’m sorry for our loss of Matt Stevenson . He was so young , So talented , brilliant , creative, I didn’t even realize or remember that Matt also posted as BPDTransformation . And he was so thoughtful and showed kindness to so many here , and a warrior for his beliefs . By the time his interview with Paris Williams appeared I realized how , how fortunate we were to have Matt blogging and commenting here. I’d hoped one day he’d interview me . May Matt Stevenson have peace and bliss in the world of eternal life and his family and friends be comforted .

  • Thank you Eric . You are a first class writer and analyst . The comments are also enlightening , special thanks to bthate.
    The funding behind eugenics has only grown (since World War 2 ,hidden under the word genetic ) , as well as the amount of funds available to the true believer billionaire class plutonomy . Stealth strategy , outright lies , double speak , life friendly catchphrases for programs of sinister design , the ever workable strategy of hyper funding to pass off selected pseudo science as science , ignoring everything else while making a fervent effort to reach the holy grail of maintaining and growing power and wealth and control of the population and the planet , throughout a massive genocidal culling process all done with the various mainstream industries, the billionaire class owns . These cartels include “medicine”” health care” “drugs” ,” food” , “agriculture” , “energy”, “news” “media” “electronics” , chemicals and biological agents and yes “psychiatry” ,governments ,and more. They feel people can be controlled by chemicals and biological agents . They believe politics and social programs are not needed . Yes an Invisible Holocaust , a Silent Shoa bigger and more encompassing than most all people would even want to think about even as it is really happening . Rockefellers and Carnegies and their fellow travellers were never on trial in Nuremberg. They never stopped planning and organizing crimes against humanity . And it will take the best efforts of humanity working together if it is even possible to stop them . A must read book by a leading analyst of the New World Order . YES A MUST READ cannot miss book.
    Seeds of Destruction (The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation) by F. William Engdahl

  • A really sick one indeed ! There are brilliant souls that communicate differently in the face of unrelenting torture , whose movement should ignite a movement , to take down the psych-pharma-eugenic -industrial- government -big brother complex . Evidently not enough people are awake enough , to be sooooooo entirely sick of it . Actually if the machine chose a random thousand Harvard , Yale , Princeton and Rhodes Scholars, and it forced unrelenting neuroleptic “treatment” it eventually would create movement in all of them , and if the “best and brightest” ever found a way to wean off the neuroleptics, you’d see an anti- psychiatry movement like no other . I can’t help but to be so pissed off . How could not psychiatry have drowned in the river of tears , misery , and death it has caused ? and continues to cause ?

  • Cognitive dis……… Doctor , I would tell you to try some Paxil for a couple of months and to watch what it does to you from the inside out, but it would be a threat to your life for me to advise you in that way. Just the same as it is and has been for you . Do you give anti -depressants to children to ? I think you mean well. Your problem is , not investigating much more deeply what survivors tell you and picking a profession that is a Hoax even bigger than the Spanish Inquisition .

  • Thank you Auntie Psychiatry ! I’m a big fan of yours. I’ve been putting some anti-psychiatry memes and others on Meme Generator -Imgflip (anyone can do it for free) , under the name anonymous and rebelthecartel . I hope you succeed far beyond your expectations . Maybe even , MIA could gain even more viewers if there was a special spot on the front page , a humour section for jokes , cartoons ,memes, humorous reflections ,humorous films , that might help wake up more people out there , to the true terror the psychiatry Hoax represents .

  • I’m glad it made you laugh Julie , but this heaping mound has been building for hundreds of years and I just recently realized it’s also part of the military industrial complex. It’s also part of the pseudo scientific tower of babel which crosses into all areas affecting quality of life and survival of human beings .It may be the best way to toss the pile is through actively joining the Movement for Health Freedom and making sure that within their guidelines are clear stipulations about the right to be free from any and all things reeking of the pile . Of course we know the pile has nothing to do with health care but this way we get to use their false words against them. Health Freedom it seems, do to prevailing propaganda might be the fastest way to get the most people the option of freeing themselves from the stench. Hopefully this way there would be way more people that could show up at demonstrations . I know you’ve seen it before but many others have not. Google World HealthFreedom_Assembly.pdf ) Then open the 2006 International Declaration of Health Freedom ) Of course I take an anti -pile position at the same time .

  • “Shine on you crazy diamond ” is the title of a song by the group “Pink Floyd” .” Another brick in the wall ” is another one of their songs. It’s late and I’m too tired to find the links.

    Psychiatry is such an exasperating pile of shit .

  • Thanks Eric for coming back and writing. Thanks to other commenters also.
    I wonder how many other people out there who have heard mostly unwanted voices ,seemingly coming from outside themselves for decades with little reprieve , for me over 30 years , have successfully figured out for themselves, through their own explorations with crucial info from others or not , how to no longer hear voices? ( and also finally free from the pharma industrial complex and their “products” for 5 or 10 years or more) Certainly they have traveled mostly alone through uncharted territory. It would be interesting to see these stories compiled .
    The voices I heard would most always soon speed up so fast and soften in volume so I was left trying to make sense of , fill in words , and try to guess what they were saying to me .Really annoying .I thought someone else was trying to communicate with me or I was hearing other people’s thoughts as if I wasn’t insulated from others . Also had serious trouble trying to sleep for most of my life .Of course I had” mi vida loca time” with the psych complex and their “products” including electricity.
    Here’s the short version .(I’m sure there can be various causes or combinations of causes for unwanted hearing of voices and variations in how the voices manifest) I used my disability income plus intermittent work to fund my search out of my discomfort. It took decades of experiments with” first do no harm as a guideline “. Ultimately I got family financial help for my last experiment which absolutely dramatically worked. Went to an advanced dentist trained by Hal Huggins, had 15 mercury fillings removed , 2 root canals removed , was checked for cavitations . Finally ended with one tooth in my mouth ,a right upper back molar that was filled with a composite . The advanced protocol dentist said the panoramic x-ray showed it was just fine . I was afraid to tell anyone even the dentist . I was now hearing gonging sounds in my right ear and head like when a martial arts movie on TV sometimes begins or ends. This was happening even when I went into the woods with only wilderness around . I knew the sound was coming from inside me. I asked the dentist” would you remove that last molar for me ?” He said ,” There’s nothing wrong with it , but you don’t really need it , if you want i’ll remove it for you “.I said ” yes I want it out “. To his surprise and mine after he removed the tooth he said that directly under the tooth was a big pocket of pus . He said he was surprised that the panoramic x-ray did not pick up the infection under the tooth . He scrapped it out using advanced protocol. I have well fitting false plastic dentures now . I couldn’t afford cubic zirconia posts with high tech inert ceramic teeth as is done at the Paracelsus Klinic in Switzerland supervised by Dr. Rau. This final adventure in survival cost $6000. Now no voices , no gongs . I am still sensitive to low frequency sounds from outside myself ,like from near by power lines ,and handle that with white noise like from a fan . Probably caused by 15 electro shocks forced on me when I was a teenager .
    I believe that it’s the realization of a dream , ” Sweet are the thoughts that savor of content , the quiet mind is richer than a crown . ” Even at the age of 70 . And no sleep trouble anymore.
    By the way Chris Shade PHD and founder of Quicksilver Scientific who himself had 17 mercury fillings ( size does matter) says that 1 in 15 people can’t excrete mercury from their body.It does get into the brain . 200,000,000 people in the USA have so called silver amalgams in their mouths . Actually they are 53% mercury. Do the math and remember the rest of the billions of people on the planet. And don’t forget mercury concentrating in some species of fish, coal burning releasing mercury and other industries ,and our “old favorite” the medical profession injecting poison concoctions plus aluminum and mercury compounds straight into the bloodstream of even infants. That’s a small piece of my take.
    I feel like Columbo the tv detective . Anyway I noticed quite a time ago in me that the inner throat ever slightly moves whenever thoughts or voices occur and mentally stopping the movement can stop thought or the voice for as long as you give it attention so a break from the action can be got. Take care all.

  • The big hoax must promise a growing bag of gold as a carrot for all that get involved and needs people with titles to provide the veneer to fool the majority of themselves and then the population, then it grows along with their true belief like a snowball that doesn’t seem like it could ever melt. The AMA is from it’s inception such a hoax . (Read if you wish the book “Sick And Tired” by Robert Young ) So is ADA dentistry (who would dare put mercury in even children’s mouths ,when mercury is the 2nd most deadly element on periodic table ? ) There is much precedent for the psychiatry hoax and for the power of the pharma poison cartel . Just look to history that became available to the public after 2003 concerning the horrific IG Farben , the chemical and pharmaceutical industry conglomerate . Can’t make the link to the info work . If you could google to this you’ll see something interesting .
    The Laws of the Pharmaceutical…The Dr. Rath Health Foundation

  • I guess we are lucky to live under the rule of law , where we even have the right in a limited way depending on our finances to be heard verbally, or by the written word to oppose or criticize, and turn the other cheek , while authorized others can actually actively physically do abominable stuff to other people legally.
    In a world where at the same time undertakers legally embalm dead people for profit , injecting into them poison substances .
    Psychiatrists wearing the costume of health care , can legally semi- embalm / embalm live people, even children for profit , forcefully injecting poison substances and/or legally apply high voltage directly to the human brain of a live human being. Can legally lie to , label , and torture to their heart’s content . And are on the verge of expanding “their rights” to send teams to knock on people’s doors into right’s to enter people’s homes at will to enforce compliance .( maybe they won’t be financed to do it )
    All under the watchful eye and recommendations of clone IG Farben chemical ,pharmaceutical / biological /chemical , heavy metal, mix and match poison manufacturing cartels. All while they also attack the food supply , natural nutrients, and natural herbs. Very peculiar.

  • Yes indeed , let’s have this this discussion . Read the following article from the Dragon Slayer’s recommended website, and let’s see if anyone that’s fully read it can tell us all with a straight face that psychiatry should not be absolutely abolished as quickly as humanly possible and placed into the dung heap area of the dustbin of history. (This article which IMHO out of lived experience since 1963 , actually understates the actual torture and terror which psychiatry embodies and should be defined by.)
    Why Psychiatry Is Evil by Wayne Ramsay
    Second to the last title in the contents list is the article ” Why Psychiatry Is Evil” by Wayne Ramsay
    Couldn’t hurt to read all his articles .

  • Thank you Bonnie and All
    We who can are privileged to be able to join this battle against oppression . ” The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”__ George Orwell
    Sadly society has drifted so deep into pseudo science in so many area’s even wearing a hazmat suit , full time is little protection from the effects of the mythology . You got to bop and weave side step and moonwalk sometimes even look like a compliant and quickly slip away. Most likely got to BS your own family or they’ll put you in harm’s way.When victims lived experience is painted as doubtful and lies for profit are the science of the day. And the more drug toxins , electricity , smart technology pollution ,” modern medicine”, or simply payoffs , the less the attention span . Skepticism without any inclination or energy or time or even ability anymore to investigate is all too common. Many even partial solutions are even too expensive for most .
    The best answers i’ve seen include get away from psychiatry by weening off or stay away if not yet caught . MIA a great place to search . The website suggested above by Slaying_the_Dragon_of_Psychiatry is
    a remarkable resource easily useful , when you start exploring it for understanding the truth about psychiatry and even a springboard for figuring out creative ways to Slay it as best as possibly we can . There is even permission to accurately reprint from the site if credit is given .

  • Actually if a Middle Path between forcing neuroleptics and/or electric shock on the youngest of children , every other age group, including seniors in nursing homes , and psychiatry not existing at all …. Considering the damage psychiatry is and it’s continuing growth and power ….the Middle Path as solution might be , to tar and feather psychiatrists and run them out of town . Not that I’m advocating that ( I wouldn’t want to be banned), just trying to answer the question theoretically and accurately what a middle path might look like that would provide a possible faster solution to psychiatric abuse (a tautology).
    I do agree with antipsychiatry . I was mercury poisoned by dentistry but forcibly put under psychiatrists control for decades as their idea of a solution . Torture cloaked as healthcare is not a solution . All things considered oldhead’s statement concerning the middle path, I totally agree with.

  • Thank you AuntiePsychiatry the links you provided above reveal much and clarify what Lieberman and his followers are trying to do to the people .
    It seems obvious that Psychiatry’s leadership to gain total compliance to itself is looking to try and still establish within the minds of the population on top of Psychiatry’s “chemical imbalance ” HOAX an additional powerful HOAX this time with co-operating neurological departments , ( using their “new improved scanning image reading machines ” then the co-operating neurologists will make referrals to psychiatrists explaining variations in sizes of various parts of the brain (“as surely the undeniable physical evidence of “mental illness” requiring “psychiatric doctor care and treatments” . All the while the pharma toxic drugs prescriptions and applied high voltage electricity, are the huge factors in brain shrinking. Does it get even more diabolical ? Shouldn’t we put Much More Emphasis on the evidence of Organized Crime and Torture Against Human Beings, while posing as health care, that this is ? Or what else ?

  • The psychiatrist : A fixture of society a picture in plain clothes a modern day brave new world gestapo officer making rapid selections in broad daylight . Only those that have felt the outrageous effects of their “treatments” and tried to speak to them about what was certainly a well meaning error and then watch them double and triple down on the “treatments”, understand the terror that psychiatry represents and the diabolical toxic formulations of the pharmaceutical cartels and the terror they create . Just how far will gestapo pharma double and triple down on in its development of poison concoctions and is there a limit to their behind close door terrorism , cloaked as health giving medicines . And all this and more protected and encouraged by a fascist state . Certainly most all of us could say much more .

  • Julie, I just recently came upon that set of ideas on Health Freedom and see how much it pertains to what so many of us believe . I think it would be great if MIA had you blogging here if you felt like it . I always enjoy reading your comments , it would really be something if a transcript or video of your presentation could appear here at MIA as well .Thank You .

  • Antipsychiatry the 1-2 punch plus the # 3 punch possibly, collaboration with and/ or endorsement of the principles within The International Declaration on Health Freedom written in 2006 at The World Health Freedom Assembly. This might create more elbow room for freedom and increase the number of real allies we have in the sense of larger actual numbers of people showing up for demonstrations if they are called for . Below I’ll leave a link to the Organization and the place where the declaration is printed out. What do you all think ?

  • I just read Ron’s article and all the comments . Ron’s article was a good anvil to bounce numerous insightful comments off of . Overlooked is the real probability of Eugenic Substance Production ( POISONS) being passed off as some kind of medicine by the pharma cartels and definitely not limited to psychiatric drugs and extending into wherever they traffic . Those that have not actually been forced to repeatedly take poisons like thorazine and others are unlikely to understand what I’m talking about . THERE IS NO OVERSIGHT ON WHAT BIG PHARMA IS DOING BEHIND THEIR CLOSED DOORS OR ON WHAT EVEN MORE DIABOLICAL SUBSTANCES THEY WILL INVENT IN THE FUTURE .

  • Thank you Tina for this important article . These are vital issues ,to reclaim autonomy and power with regard to our own health , and to be able to access and afford if we choose or not , help or info from anywhere or anyone irregardless of their title or what they call their discipline. If some are worried about regulating questionable procedures and substances , first actually regulate the pharma cartel, the AMA, mainstream dentistry, and psychiatry and outlaw whatever and all they do that is outright quackery and human life endangering , which is certainly the great majority of their endeavors .There is already a Health Freedom movement but your ideas build on it and are very important . Robert Young’s book ” Sick and Tired” also offers a way forward and some clarity .
    When the wealthiest robber barons using the cartels they control to promote and pursue their fondest dream of unilaterally lowering by billions the human population of the earth while making a profit at it, it is a revolutionary act to try and stay alive and maintain some level of health well being , when even the air , water , and food are being willfully adulterated.

  • As someone who experienced hypersensitivity for much of my life, I must say I agree it is a two edged sword . I am still very sensitive to low frequency electrical and machinery hums and always sleep with a white noise machine in the room . At home I use fans and air filters to circulate and clean air, as well as for their action as white noise machines . I’ve noticed that many times other people are not bothered or don’t even hear the low frequency sounds that i cannot tolerate. For many years I used wax earplugs which didn’t always work . Besides for decades I heard voices ( which were annoying to me) I eventually realized were being generated from inside me . Haloperidol and too rapid withdrawal from it almost cost me my life.
    I’ve learned so much on this journey of personal experimentation to get out from under intolerable phenomena . Here’s what helped me the most : The money which became available to remove all metal from my mouth , all traces of root canals , and was checked for cavitations. I had 15 amalgam’s of various sizes in my mouth ( which are composed of 53% mercury) . I was a new person , falling asleep was no longer a problem , no more voices , super sensitivity subsided except for low frequency sound sensitivity which was reduced . I attribute that to damage caused by 15 electro- shock treatments forced on me in my youth. Also helpful was understanding the underlying truths of Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy , and learning the energy healing system Yuen Method . Before the fillings were removed when things got bad I had to invent an improved mineral bath therapy for extreme states which was to take about 1500 mg.of Niacin ( not the non-flushing ) and once the redness appeared to enter a mineral bath filled hot water bath. Rubbing skin down with a foot long luffa which wonderfully soothed the itching . Even during an on coming extreme state this bath enabled sleep and could help one regain equilibrium.I used BathTherapy brand mineral bath which had lithium and other minerals in it (not the original), although now I believe there are even better more pure mineral bath mixtures that have lithium and other minerals available in them, that can be found online in bulk quantities . I used this type of bath as needed . Eventually I moved near a national recreation area so I could easily access outdoor wilderness area’s every day .

  • Just want to share what comes to mind. Many psych-survivors myself included have not forgotten torture beyond endurance which somehow we have survived while we were captured victims of the pseudo- scientific mainstream pharmaceutical- psychiatric-HOAX . I realize what a miracle it is to have survived and to be able to live and enjoy the feeling of being alive . And yet the tragedy of our brothers and sisters and even the youngest of children still captured or being stalked to be captured by this HOAX is clearly a crime against humanity and we will not forget them and we will try to help free as many as possible even if we have to do it one at a time.
    With this feeling of solidarity, and because the Hoax does not agree to a cease fire of violent and coercive activity, on their part , while debates and discussions are being held , and is offended when the truth is spoken in their presence by their victims , whom they assumed were all , already silenced . Now, they thought, they could freely let their spin fly . So how from all this could a civilized respectful discussion be created between victim and victimizer without a cease fire being honored by the victimizer and the trojan horses that many times speak as their representatives. It logically cannot . Giving people who have been educated by and have gained financial comforts from the HOAX the right to speak and not be questioned or commented to , allows big pharma and psychiatry to send even more representatives here to MIA to create perpetual doubt about progressive ideas , ( as is done by corporations and cartels in so many other areas), creating doubt by way of the lies of fabricated pseudo science making discussions go round and round in circles ( we need more time to do research, ie more time to fabricate more pseudo science, while they continue to torture human beings , develop more torture techniques, and continue to cash in). We must be aware that if Mad in America turns into a virtual Theresienstadt so to speak ( in the sense a show place created where the victimizer can demand politeness from their victims and where they don’t have to own up to their roles in a vast crime ring ), it can only fortify the Pharmaceutical-Psychiatric Juggernaut to continued criminal activity , torture and murder. It is impossible to create a “civil” discussion between victims and ( victimizers who are involved with an organized crime ring that has not ceased and desisted from murder and torture of human beings as a minimal show of respect before appearing at the place where discussions are held. It can only be attempted by more coercion and even then the truth will out .
    Maybe part of Mad in America’s stated mission could be amended, to in addition try an attempt to free the people victimized coercively by the false narrative of the Hoax , by giving psychiatric survivors affirmative action blogging rights whether they have letters after their names or not . And MIA could consider years of lived experience as a victim of the Hoax , then extracting oneself, as something even beyond a college education and doctor’s degree as it pertains to understanding the Hoax and what has happened , what is happening , in the belly of the beast as it continues to digest people .

  • You know Robert, I had a way thin skin when psychiatry assaulted me over a 40 year span and not just with words .Repeated forced injections with poisonous substances ,forced tie downs , forced electricity, Verbal torture beyond belief with calculated lies, solitary confinement , the taking of my only child from me.Essentially I was dead man walking many times . So people like me can’t comment back to Brett because he can’t handle the truth. How is that going to do us any good . If you need an honest wise Blogger ask Julie the mad blogger to blog . She’s great for people that want to learn truth . And have people ask me questions. Let me have a column “Ask Fred” I’m 70 years old been around the block and have real helpful answers. Of course i don’t know everything and yet more than anyone could imagine. And I mean for free to help others .Thanks , Fred

  • Why do I comment here? 40 years a prisoner of psychiatry then becoming a “treatment free” psychiatric survivor. I’m 70 years old . I’m a beacon of hope and a wellspring of experience and knowledge backed by lived experience. MIA needs my input as much as a human being needs air whether they know it or not. Within my comments are some major keys to becoming free from the clutches of psychiatry. I’ll tell you what , even the “professionals” who think psychiatry is mostly marvelous will one day find out just what psychiatry is , unless they figure out how to avoid the nursing home.
    One question , how if a commenter stops commenting can a reader access their past comments ?
    I most always find the comments from psych survivors more important than blogs by non survivors. I must say that Robert Whitaker’s writing gave me enough hope and info to help me withdraw myself finally from haldol when before that I had believed that maybe I had a brain disease and would be on it for the rest of my life . I remain forever grateful and anti- psychiatry forever. Pseudo-science pharma and psychiatry are in effect a human created replicating plague for profit and control.Tyranny in action .That’s what we should be discussing , how to effectively crush this Tyranny.

  • Phil,
    Your analysis is just as Richard D. Lewis’s words above describe it. (” Sparkles beyond the brilliance of pure gold”)
    “The Greatest Hoax In History” Pharma Comprehensive Subjugating Inc. by all means necessary including Psychiatry . The Pharmaceutical Matrix Oligarchy ,The One Stop POISONS R US ( who needs health when you have behavioral control).
    I wonder if you ever Googled “Operation Paperclip” and researched it. It may be another explanation of why so many especially highly educated people can’t grasp the Hoax.

  • Back when the Roman Empire was in it’s heyday could anyone even of imagined someone even asking the authorities verbally to stop the practice of crucifixion ? It was the authorities version of “shock and awe” to keep the population in line, or else, you know what’s going to happen .” I built the colosseum for you, what else you expect from me .” They had a consensus reality they insisted you believe .After Rome fell I guess at some point crucifixion stopped.
    Psychiatry is getting even stronger in spite of our hopes and efforts because people in prisons and those captured by psychiatry and i’m sure others, are used to keep the rest of the population in line . Showing the pharmaceutical matrix which includes psychiatry and other professionals, the real science , makes no difference to them .They long ago realized that pseudo science (” science is whatever I say it is”) backed by enough dollars, facilitates their goals of some kind of twisted eugenics ,the boost they get from power, the right to do whatever they want without any interference tolerated whatever the cost humanity must pay.
    They talk and do but why considering that Harvard Psychiatric Clinic is in the leadership of psychiatry altogether do not all the alumni of Harvard whose words appear here at MIA, together lead a demonstration at the gates of this Clinic. Get maybe some mainstream media attention and at least maybe put a monkey wrench in the growing snowball of psychiatric oppression .
    Meanwhile information must be available to the population on how a human being can avoid the pharma psychiatric dragnet . Survivors working together can do this. Meanwhile MIA cannot be Missing In Action when it comes to supporting anti – psychiatry ,the voices of survivors , the voices of future survivors, and any assault on human rights . Many of our problems here could well be that people with degrees that have not spent time in the frying pan and fire of psychiatry, hallucinate that their points of view should have more weight than those of survivors . And that furthur more that the words of survivors can be beat down and clubbed with the word antidotal.
    Emmaline, please reconsider and let our voices be heard .
    Thank you, Fred

  • madmother13
    Your comment sure helps put Bob’s blog in perspective and provides a clear vision of what we are really up against. His wish for thousands more of these “early psychosis programs” is absolutely in need of that ancient warning “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I wish your comment was printed large on every billboard in America including here in Oregon where the youngest of children and the brightest and most curious can be drugged on the word of a school teacher referred to the brainshrinker and taken away from the parents if they don’t comply.Oregon also the home of behavioral control units just like Guantanamo. There is one in Roseburg Oregon . There’s nothing like lived experience for real accuracy. Thank You, Fred

  • Great Blog and follow up idea’s.
    Today 03/17/2017 on Ralph Nader was interviewed and mentioned his new book “Breaking Through Power”. I haven’t got it yet but from what Nader said about it , there may be idea’s in it that can help us, for example . He said it was more important to speak face to face to governmental officials when they show up at local town meetings than to have a small demonstration . I don’t know if he’s right or not .

  • At one time when phoney medicines were sold the seller was tarred and feathered and run out of town . Today the descendants of these same charlatans are protected by laws while a regular citizen is not , to the point where the snake head guilds, can force their deadly concoctions down our throats or directly into our bloodstreams . They accomplished this by commandeering the great benefits of sanitation and refrigeration and shifting the credit to their mostly worthless concoctions , putrefactions , deadly vaccines , and heavy metal installations. Rockefeller’s father sold snake oil out of the back of a horse drawn wagon and was likely tarred and feathered himself .Seems obvious to me that his son J. Rockefeller the oil man took revenge on everybody funding phoney medical schools pushing oil based “medicines “. Anyways the magnitude of the crimes against humanity committed by AMA “doctors ” and ADA dentists as well of course as APA psychiatry , and today the pharma companies mainly (totally run amuck) staggers the imagination of anyone that looks into this vast swamp of medically induced sickness and murderousness , poisoning and deception for $$$ .
    The hope lies in people becoming true friends with each other ,real organic food , no vaccinations , no heavy metal dental work , cleaning the environment of deadly poisons , fresh air , exercise , clean water , understanding the principles and value of Traditional Naturopathy and other first do no harm modalities. The movement for Health Freedom is still being fought in many health food stores and organic farms and organic gardens around the country where for many anti-psychiatry is taken for granted and medical intervention is only accepted by many for emergency physical trauma . Enough soldiers have been wounded or died fighting wars to enrich heartless oligarchs. This drive to keep people on the battlefield and to ensure more recruits is why modern medicine does know how to deal with physical trauma. Pretty much every thing else is better dealt with by natural modalities outside of mainstream orthodox pharma driven medicine .The battle for our natural rights must win out over tyranny in all areas . By the way Dr. Healy if you force a course of 15 electro shock treatments on yourself you will understand why this criminal practice must be abolished as well as coercive psychiatry .

  • I respect your story and believe you are doing good.for yourself and others. My story points to another approach, which may be useful to many people, After over 30 years of a non-stop speeding mind ,hearing voices mostly unwanted and without them 99% of the time clearly explaining anything, sometimes seeing tracings of images of people in the air after having conversations with them. Going through sleepless terror states , spiritual messiah mental journeys, fearful scary mental journeys, diagnosed the S word and then Manic Depressive ,than Bipolar Depressive. Drugged with thorazine , halidol, cogentin , stelazine , and electro-shocked and hospitalized more times than I could count, even physically escaped institutions 5 times , I persisted to try to understand why and what was happening to me . The fact that I could see no justice in it and that my life was at stake drove me to seek answers .
    It was into my fifty’s after searching for so long, that I finally had the finances made available to me to try an expensive option that seemed promising to me . I went to an advanced Hal Huggins trained dentist and had my 15 53% mercury so called silver amalgams removed as well as root canals removed ,(all metal totally removed ) By the time it was over infections removed ,all teeth eventually removed , false teeth made, all costing $5800. I was reborn , it was amazing , no voices , no fear , no drugs , clear relaxed thinking or a quiet mind as needed , NO SLEEP PROBLEMS, I could even fall asleep sitting in a chair or meditate easily if I chose to. I realized this sense of being is the promise of what a birth as a human being must be about .
    I know many might say , I’m glad it worked for yooou ! But I say experience definitely trump’s corporate pseudo science . And I rather be dead then lie to people suffering even anything close to the hell I’ve been through . I’m convinced many millions of people all over the world are suffering like hell because of the main stream dental poisons installed in their mouths . Certainly there are other injectable and edible poison hazards sold as medicines to American’s and to other peoples elsewhere . Sadly there is no official real citizen oversight. We must tell each other . There is too much corporate guild government protected pseudo-science for profit and power over others , loudly blared, drowning out most all of the real science out there . We must rely on each other for usable info.

  • You all from Mad in Aotearoa strengthen us here at Mad in America reminding us that had any justice prevailed in our relations with the indigenous peoples of America including their viewpoints respected , such an oppressive entity as psychiatry could never have arisen into existence. Now the whole world is threatened by a pseudo-scientific pharma-medical-psychiatric -dental- agricultural-chemical-and biological totalitarian therapeutic state of affairs . They hunt us, we can see them, like scum risen to the top, they are in a hot air balloon filled with pseudo science enforced by coercion , overloaded and ready to burst .

  • Any objective observer ( and I also lost my dad due to the AMA Medical Hoax, followed by the Nursing Home Hoax, both fortified by the Psychiatric Hoax, topped off by the Hospice Hoax, all supported by the Pharmaceutical Hoax) would have to conclude rapid robbery ,ATM style while time release murder proceeds in a poorly disguised Eugenic continuation .
    They know families are disbursed and are very unlikely to organize home care that provides a team of people to help someone . The nursing homes are at first verbally friendly but since your family member once signed up, has now become in effect their property (from their real point of view.) They will use that ATM machine as they please in a manner convenient to themselves, any inconvenience will be Tranquilized to obtain compliance to the point of unconsciousness.
    Many answers lie within Traditional Naturopathy and the willingness of people to organize, team up, and care for each other . The” merciful symbol of modern medicine” the staff coiled by a snake really must mean the “staff”, the human being , Squeezed to death by coils of the anaconda snake. (after being robbed of course.) Sorry, it is what it is but people need to be warned.

  • There is not even one instance of any Amish children getting diagnosed with ADHD when raised within their community where the common practice is to NOT ALLOW VACCINATIONS . As we know guild protected employees don’t allow and aren’t allowed to let truth or real science get in the way of cash flow no matter what the human cost. I’m certain if real studies and real science were done psychiatry and big pharma would be openly exposed to be as deadly to human life as bubonic plague was in medieval times .

  • Sandra, If your primary goal is to wean as many people off of the toxic poisons your profession calls meds and to unlabel the humans and free them from the pseudo science you make a living from then you can pass this message to the true believers in psychiatry. Better than slow psychiatry is NO PSYCHIATRY . Educate yourself for real instead of trying to teach. Learn Traditional Naturopathy, Homeopathy, become real and ask those who have survived the electric gestapo chemical drug atrocity to teach you something so you don’t continue to wander around in the academic swirl of nonsense for profit and delusional self praise under a guise of humility.Sincerely , Fred

  • Psychiatry, Modern AMA Medicine ( Certainly the insurance covered modalities available to the majority of people) the toxic drug manufacturing cartel , the government , the brain washing media , are conducting some kind of hybrid ,physical, chemical ,heavy metal, biological ,electronic ,electrical , information FUBARing, WAR AGAINST TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY AMONG THE POPULATION ! Profits being made at every turn and ratcheted action without consideration or acknowledgement of the human suffering caused has become routine . ANTI-PSYCHIATRY is not enough, but still I am encouraged by this blog . Only an awakened population together can overcome this man made for profit tragedy.

  • The article reiterates for me what my eyes and ears have seen and heard . Nurse Ratched ,many of them are alive and well, in ever growing numbers as part of the team , one essential shock troop ingreedient of the compliance police, commanded by the criminal tyrannical pseudo scientific psychiatrists and many AMA doctors , all serving the FUBAR Eugenic Pharmaceutical Cartel owned by the Oligarchs intent on making money off of the great culling by first making sick the population and controlling the survivors within compliance as they themselves hide their own fear from themselves of an awakened population bringing justice to them in their hideouts.

  • So besides an underground railroad we need to know how to create our own documents , an underground like the French Resistance , see movies “Z” and “Battle of Algiers”.. How can I think like this ? Well it comes naturally to one that’s had 15 electric shock “treatments” forced on me and 52 years later in this Murphy climate woke up in the middle of a night mare of and during an electric shock “treatment” just the night before last. I told no one but I’m telling you.
    (In the category of you can’t handle the truth) >–targeted-for-elimination.html

    Browse the site while you’re there . I don’t agree with everything said there but there is very much useful info.

  • Heard on my car radio while driving in Eugene ,Oregon around 7 PM on the 6th of December by someone working for psychiatry and in power at Sacred Heart Hospital ,on “behavioral health” announcing that 1/3 of the people in Lane County have the S word and the other Ma,,,Dep,,,,,, word and serious MI words and that the solution for this is ” AGGRESSIVE CASE MANAGEMENT” then that 42 woman were held in jail cause there was no room in the hospital and that the conditions were terrible but the Sheriff said that the conditions were not so bad . I did make calls and filibustered Sen. Wyden’s aid for some time and was told they would send me a letter.I said I’d be willing to explain some more if they allowed me to .White House house phone # 202 456 1111 has been busy . Dec. 7 2016 .

  • Is it possible that do to the prejudice felt by so many in our society and the hugh amount that still exists that all kinds of people who have felt its oppression including myself as a Jewish man perhaps not to the degree that POC and others etc. have been subjected to in present day America . Is it not true many POC and others do not want to be identified as having been diagnosed on top of the prejudice that they already get and would not want to speak of it here on MIA or any other public place because it could more negatively impact various opportunities in their lives. Also that many POC and others work in the “Mental Health” and ‘nursing home’ or AMA Health field and they see discussions exposing psychiatry for the hoax that it is and talk of anti -psychiatry as a threat to their incomes or a threat to any family members they have that have been captured by the Electro Pharma Psychiatric Industrial Complex? I know as a person 69 years old who has never all my life hid that I have been in mental institutions and have escaped many times from them what a price there is to be paid in lost opportunities . The record follows me around anyways . Besides I’m of the Bob Dylan school of “watch your parking meters don’t follow leaders”. I’m of the middle ground of “neither a leader nor a follower be “. I’ve experienced enough in life to know for a fact that no human being is infallible.I try as best as I can to think for myself while I do study idea’s from the wisest people I can find . Sorry I don’t find totally accurate information on where racism is or is not from the writers of this blog . Blanket accusing everyone , then dictating mandatory conditions , implying then we can work together in great numbers . Frankly I don’t believe it , nobody will ever lead me but myself , I don’t and cannot trust people I never met and have spent time with but I’m brave enough to try and be of help to my fellow human being without asking them for money.My experience in life is vast and nobody can make me believe it’s irrelevent and that all of a sudden as someone whose saved people of color lives and had my life saved by people of color that I’m some kind of racist .I guess I’ve said enough.

  • Just because perhaps working in the so called “behavioral health” field is the only option you have , or feel you have , to put food on the table for YOUR FAMILY. And probably oligarch policies left only that path or paths like it open. As they also have captured countless of victims whose human rights have been confiscated ,brainwashing many as I was at one time. The facts remain electro-pharma-psychiatry grows more deadly , attacks more and more people from the cradle to the grave , is slavery, oppression, torture, pseudo science, and a hoax. Oligarch financed and applied pseudo science in many areas constitutes the greatest threat to human life on the planet. The growth of Forced-Pharma-Electro- Psychiatry now, as a waterfall of government laws mandating it threatens to move into play and to gradually engulf anyone not working compliantly as an employee of it. The engulfing is also going on with AMA so called medicine and conventional ADA dentistry. The Oligarchs Therapeutic and Free use of Deadly Chemicals State in light of growing poverty absence of Clean Food & Water,Medical ,and Health FREEDOMS is being used to control and cull , and drug the population of people keeping us in a weakened state. Anti- Psychiatry is only part of the solution .Working together while leading ourselves regardless of who we are is also a part. So is accurate information.Read Edwin Black’s book” War Against The Weak” and Bonnie Burstow’s book” Psychiatry And The Business OF Madness”. Help each other out whenever needed whenever possible . Our only help may be each other .

  • Iden Campbell McCollum, CPRP

    My father started talking to me about the Holocaust and how he felt and his experiences and naming the family members that were exterminated and telling me how he tried to pay back the Nazi’s as much as he could but it was not enough , and he would tell me what he would do with the Nazi’s that killed his family members if he could capture them , ever since I was 5 years old and when I cried he told me I was a soft boiled egg. Anyways as my dad was the angriest man I ever met I also grew up to be very angry . At some point I recognized that sustained anger and thoughts of revenge were starting to turn me into what I hated .I could not give my enemies that victory. Along the way I found it natural to feel empathy and identify with oppressed peoples including Native Americans and Black people and others of color. I greatly admired the genius of Mahatma Gandhi. Somehow all their stories as I understood them became my stories in addition to my own and I referred to them in my conversations with others. And I knew that at some foundational level all people were brothers and sisters but they for the most part didn’t understand it or couldn’t get there . At the age of 5 my dad first told me ” Fred, this world is a whore .” Many years went by before I understood what he was trying to tell me .I asked my dad why up until the age of 2 my first name was Samuel and that after coming to America it became Fred . He said , You never know in life you may have to hide and with a name like Fred if they start hunting Jewish people you may have a better chance to survive. I’ve never hidden that I am Jewish and proud of it nor that I have a history of being diagnosed . I have paid a price for it . My dad advised me not to be an open book. Probably I should have heeded his advice on that one. This idea of co-opting another’s experience has never crossed my mind in all my life of 69 years . I just see connections everywhere. Don’t they say to thine own self be true and it follows you cannot be untrue to another? I’m well aware that Black people are in the frontlines fighting for what is ultimately freedom for all . Likewise are Native Americans . If we cannot at least find meaningful ways as people who advocate anti-psychiatry to support Black Lives Matter as well as Native Americans at Standing Rock we can’t even begin to hope for any kind of support withstanding the coming storm. Best Wishes, Fred

  • My mother a Polish Jewish woman who became Holocaust Survivor was 5 years a prisoner of the NAZI’s Spent years in the Lodz ghetto and 2 weeks in Auschwitz itself where she watched her mother come out of crematorium chimney as smoke .She was also a forced labor prisoner in other parts of the concentration camp complex. She gathered coal in buckets and was chained to a machine forced to make bullets. She survived 14 selections .Mira Smazanovichuvna was the sole survivor of her European family. There is not even a picture of her father anywhere that exists… my grandfather.
    My Dad a Jewish man lost 76 members of his European family counting relatives ..Only he and one sister survived ( My dad helped her and her husband escape the gulag in Siberia). He was a Polish soldier fighting the Nazi’s . He ended up in the push toward Berlin doing reconnaissance commanding 60 Polish soldiers under the Russians as they pushed toward Germany .Henry Abbe was among the soldiers that liberated Majdanek concentration camp near Lublin . He was wounded twice in battles.
    When my parents talked, my mother laughed at the Polish army my dad was in . She’d say ” They had horse’s “. And she clearly told him what he went through was nothing compared to what she experienced. And he pretty much agreed.
    But my mother told me after I’d gone through 33 years of going through extreme states and psychiatric tortures including feeling electro – shock without anesthesia , numerous hospitalizations , chemical lobotomy with thorazine ,and having experiments done on me, being mercury poisoned by dentistry all along . She said to me ” You really went through something”.
    In fact my mother and her best friend Hela Jacabouvichuvna also a Holocaust survivor, when I was born in Frankfurt , Germany soon after World War 11 , held me after my birth up together at the tips of there arms and fingers toward the sky ( I saw the Photo) much like Kunta Kente held Chicken George up in his arms toward the sky in Alex Hale’s film portrayal of Roots.
    I’m sorry it’s so hard to see how a white psych survivor could call psychiatry a form of slavery without taking anything away or denigrating the Black experience ? And how that which should bring people closer ends up being a barrier to fighting our common enemy’s together .

  • Just for a moment to look at the intensifying of oppression from a real time present starting place and seeing that it is growing to include more individuals -the total number of oppressed people is growing higher -especially if we understand the stealth oppression of the Therapeutic State including not only APA psychiatry but also AMA mainstream medical care , and ADA dentistry , Government and Pharma Cartel sanctioned for the benefit of Oligarch control and wealth accumulation . Also numerous other enterprises controlled by the oligarchs. How is this done? The wealthiest part of 1% pay little if any tax . For example Boeing Company pays only 7% on billions in profit while a middle class worker pays 35% of their income. Meanwhile because of a taxing shortfall the country’s infrastructure is in disrepair . With a Trump as President further lowering taxes on the powerful wealthy . The wealthy are presented as the heroes by coming in and being offered the chance to fix the dilapidated infrastructure by buying it at distressed prices ( including roads and bridges) hospitals , schools, library’s, national parks, and eventually all the commons etc. So we have a greater divide and conquer of the people to cover up the “The Great for the most part White Oligarch Privatization on Steroids”. Just a view of what’s happening while we bicker among ourselves. I guess some of us like myself are not even looked upon as equals in our own family having been diagnosed, so how can we even be thinking we can be accepted by any part of society to the point they honestly address our concerns . We very much like Native American’s did facing insurmountable odd’s , are seeking a ghost dance to perform that will save us . Many becoming worker’s for the system . While oppression grows as we are unable to work together in numbers great enough to effect a rollback of oppression even though we far outnumber the oligarchs and they are afraid of us and will spend great amounts of treasure to keep us divided.

  • Psychiatry is slavery, oppression, torture , pseudo science , and a hoax . My lived experience has shown me that . That me describing my experience hurts people who have suffered far more and paid an even higher price I’m sorry but I have been pushed far beyond what I could endure and can not water down the narration of my experience but will try to stand in solidarity with human rights advocates and activists around the planet and save lives wherever I can. If I had the ability to show up at Black Lives Matter demonstrations and at Standing Rock I would do so . If I could bring down the oligarchs I would do so also . I’m sorry there is such an endless stream of issues which keep people apart from the solidarity needed to fight the oppression closing in on so many vulnerable people first and the rest of us eventually. Thanks for the blog.

  • If a psychiatric survivor who was captured by psychiatry for near 40 years finally escaping it’s clutches like myself —- and I can demonstrate how others can more effectively help themselves ( concerning extreme states) by many methods just as valuable if not more so than open dialog.Is it right for the lived experience info I can offer to be dismissed as anecdotal by those academics pushing the one or two trick pony’s of therapy and open dialog as the only answers to extreme states who many times have no substancial long duration lived experience at the point of psychiatry’s spear nor comprehensive knowledge of how to help other’s escape from it nor even the desire in some cases to even do so.
    One explanation of even more value than the conventional drum beat. Under -about – look at FAQ .
    “The Yuen Method is the resulting product of ancient Chinese Shaolin temple energy harnessing methods combined with the knowledge that anatomy, physiology,structural analysis,energetic techniques,quantum physics and Qi and Shen
    Gong collectively offer. The Yuen Method was created by Dr. Kam Yuen as a result of his lifelong study and experience with martial arts, nutritional therapy, homeopathy and in-depth experience as both a structural engineer and doctor of chiropractic.
    The underlying premise of the Yuen Method can be explained as follows. Your body is best thought of as a biological computer. It is a miraculous piece of high tech equipment and it is time we started treating it as such. But when you buy a computer or any piece of equipment for that matter , it always comes with a manual. Something that gives you instructions on what to do and how to do it. And as they say , life comes with no manual…Or does it ?
    The Yuen Method is your manual!
    Because your body functions much like a computer -you are either on or off, or more specifically “strong or weak” to any given subject matter,person, or scenario in life.
    The Yuen Method shows you how to precisely identify your weaknesses and strengthen yourself accordingly, all without any type of physical contact.These collective weaknesses are the core cause of the differing types of problems we experience in life, whether they are physical,mental,emotional,spiritual,psychic, or psychological.
    There is no doubt that changes in internal, mental energy can create visually measurable external, physical changes. This is most easily explained by the experience of goosebumps. And so it is by energetically strengthening our collective physical,mental,emotional,spiritual,psychological, and psychic weaknesses that we can in fact delete the resulting symptoms they have unknowingly caused us, even preventing those we may have experienced in the future otherwise.
    Strengthening a weakness is much like flipping a switch on a computer. It is instantaneous. If you are weak to to any given thing, you simply make yourself strong. Of course the obvious question then becomes , how exactly does one go about identifying their weaknesses?
    First , one must identify the root source that is causing that weakness. The Yuen Method provides a systematic process enabling you to use the insight you already have in order to identify the deeper core issue(s) that are related to the problems you may be experiencing in life. It is only by precisely identifying the true root cause source of the weakness that it becomes an instant possibility to delete the physically manifested symptoms of that weakness as well as any related fears, phobias,and/or limitations.
    Humans are multi-faceted beings with the aforementioned six levels of conciousness. We are multidimensional and thus need to utilize a multidimensional approach to our own health. That is exactly why the Yuen Method is both incredibly efficient and unique in that it works to ensure that all levels of conciousness are congruent so that weaknesses can be strengthened on all levels, enabling pain to be deleted and goals to be attained immediately.The Yuen Method makes it possible to strengthen our weaknesses and achieve our own infinite potential.
    The path of health,prosperity,integrity,success,and freedom from stress and pain are the birthright of every human being.The insight we need to achieve these things is already inside us. You do not need any special gifts. You don’t need to meditate, be psychic or have any specific religious beliefs. You do not need to rely on expensive health experts to provide you with their high priced opinion. You only need to allow the results the Yuen Method achieves before your very eyes to speak for themselves.”

  • Governmental-Pharma-Psychiatry poisons with toxins and/or burns out with electricity, stifles the individual’s power to gain equilibrium, at the same time force’s ongoing compliance to their negatively evolving pseudo scientific virus program forced on to living human beings.Those touched by it transformed into virtual non person pariah’s or dismissed as anecdotal speakers at best.

  • There were forced sterilizations right here in America, 20 to 40 thousand of them mostly in California in the early 1900’s . Eugenics courses were taught in the colleges including Harvard, Yale , and Princeton etc. Big time at Northwestern University and at least 40 others in the early 1900’s. The precise exact info is in Edwin Black’s book ” War Against The Weak”. Rockefeller & Carnegie financed with $2,000,000 the Institute of Eugenics in Germany which was an inspiration for Hitler who by the way admired American eugenic leaders and as we know eventually surpassed them making them envious of Hitler’s progress . Yes really.

  • –The notion of “pre-Trump” and “post-Trump” is flawed IMO.

    IMO likewise —” Pre-Trump” — Police Officer has told a 50 year old woman asking to be driven to an emergency room 2 miles away “The only way I’ll take you to an emergency room is if you threaten my life.”She looks down at the ground and softly say’s ” I’ll kill you if you don’t take me to the emergency room .” The police tightly cuffs her shoves her into the back of his patrol car and scares her so bad she pee’s herself. The officer yells at her .” Do you know that I have to clean that up ?’ He takes her to the emergency room and reports to the staff ” This woman threatened my life . ” Everything went down hill from there cause from past history she was known as harmless but now with this officers gaslighting she was treated as a potential shooter and unfortunately for her the “Mental Health” authorities supervisor and case manager social worker and psychiatrist were from a county where within the previous 6 months a mass shooting had occurred.

    The pertinent question to ask is– What added measures if any in those counties where mass shootings have occurred , have the local mental health authorities put into effect . It’s as if the Murphy Law is already passed and in effect . But though they surprise knock on your door to threaten you into compliance they don’t yet force their way into your house and inject you . Hospitalized , your asked only 3 main questions “Do you feel suicidal” Do you feel like killing someone” ” Do you hear voices” Seven days of isolation camera’s and mics all around . Very Quantanamo like.
    When I found a qualified lawyer for my loved one , a former state’s attorney She told me that yes the outcomes in commitment hearings are pre- determined and yes they are kangaroo courts. She said if I want to have that coerced threat taken off the record it would be $5000 no payment plan. If I want to prosecute the police officer or police department it would cost $15,000 no payment plan .She said she needs to get paid for her work and that she had already done all the pro bono work she was going to do . Of course we are both on social security incomes with no savings and live month to month. The location – in Oregon, Douglas and Lane Counties fighting for jurisdiction over money I suppose. You think people need sanctuaries Duh ?

    The scapegoat thing for us is a long enduring institution transcending the coming and going of political puppets . Things could get worse anytime regardless and lives are ruined and lost daily . Even human resilience needs a little help from our friends.
    Somehow hope is not lost.
    But where are the doctors that lower doses and help wean off. Where are the sanctuaries of protection from “Mental Health” authorities.

    To paraphrase George Carlin the comedian . ” They call it the American Dream cause you gotta be asleep to believe it.” I say , We also probably have enough Pharma and psychiatrists etc. to put the entire living population of the planet to sleep during daytime hours and gain compliance to anything the authorities desire .

  • When you speak of very disturbing behaviors I assume you’re including mass shootings of innocents . When a guild forces poisons on people ,and calls them medicines when their admitted side effects cause suicidal and murderous feelings , when dosages are increased if someone complains who is it that is insane ? If you asked me what’s happening to many people I would say there is such a phenomena as a perfect storm of variables in countless variable combinations that include numerous toxic substances and mixtures and heavy metals that find their way into the body and brains of all living beings.Some excrete them better then others. Let me digress a moment to explain something. Most of us have heard of Ken Keyes book A Hundred Monkeys .Where if one monkey somewhere on earth begins to rinse some piece of food in the water at the river bank within a short period of time other monkeys even on the other side of the planet begin doing the same thing. We could continue this idea into the Hundred Monkeys of the Oligarchs . For example the Aluminum oligarch was told it would cost him money to safely dispose of the scrapings from the chimneys of his Aluminum smelting operation. He said I’m not paying and instead sold the deadly fluoride derived from the scrapings to be inserted into the drinking water supply all over the country . He says it will harden the bones but in fact it does so to the point of brittleness so when an elder person falls their hip bones can shatter like glass. Besides it also makes people complacent which is why Hitler put it into the water supply of countries he was planning to invade during World War II. Similarly with deadly mercury which is sold for dental amalgam for even our childrens teeth. So we have Oligarchs all over the place disposing of deadly waste products of the industries they own into our bodies and brains . Besides all the oppression and social injustice, poverty, and other trauma is it surprising that we see more severe reactions?
    In addition look at the poisons used in agriculture , and look at the purposeful poisons and negative enginering perpetrated by pharmaceutical cartels and pushed by psychiatric ,medical , and dental employee’s. The next step for the pharma psycho cartel as more and more poisons and oppression enter human lives is to eventually actually see changes in bodies and brains , spin the story and say they’ve finally found the holy golden goose biological indicator in the brain that raises their G-D forsaken guild to even more encompassing control of human beings . They must be stopped therefore ANTI-PSYCHIATRY .

  • The most sane thing I’ve done is escape from psychiatry after trying to escape for decades . My joy over this is boundless . Today as the atrocity of psychiatry rolls over the population as it closes loopholes of escape like a growing rolling snowball real sanctuary withdrawal resources for one isolated and in poverty are impossible to find. It is individual people , survivors the only ones who really understand the urgency who can maybe provide the sanctuary for even one person .It is psychiatry and drug manufacturers and their employee’s who embody through and through a most clear example of organized insanity . Yes I have hope the reign of terror will end . I don’t know when or how many casualties between now and then.
    There is no living without having the rug pulled out from under your feet perhaps a number of times in a lifetime . The trouble is the predators who seek to capture you during a vulnerable time before you can regain your feet and turn you into their personal ATM machine. As we age the nursing homes wait with their neuroleptics to capture us for a final time . The ultimate tragedy is the capture of our children at birth and shortly there after . Such is the nature of the totally insane Therapeutic State . RebelTheCartel
    I’m reminded some where on YouTube is what’s called A Secret Interview With John Lennon. A 14 year old skipping school one day knocked on John Lennon’s hotel room door. Lennon let him in and answered some questions the young person had . It was during a time when Lennon was promoting Peace while Nixon was trying to deport him from the country. To paraphrase Lennon said , “Nixon can’t admit he doesn’t want peace because it would make him more unpopular . So he can’t easily throw me out of the country. You cannot fight them with violence . They know violence and are prepared for it . What they don’t know are peace and humour . They can’t understand them.”

  • Vaccinations , Mercury dental work, food and water with added chemicals , poverty and the elusive living wage, —There’s got to be some social reaction and the ultimate pseudo scientific profit seeking population behavior control catch bag , pharma and it’s psychiatrists, pusher’s of demonically engineered substances from hell shoved down our throats from the cradle to the grave .Hey if it aint them (the psychiatrists) Pharma will still find someone from somewhere to push the stuff for them .Shock and Awe , if the drug don’t get you the fear of prescribers will. We must activate anti-psychiatry better and maybe join it with an anti pseudo science movement . Cause the stuff ( pseudo science that shortens life span and cranks up suffering) is all over the place cause the powerful have converging interests and our well being is not one of them.