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  • Thank You Paula and commenters,
    definition from ” To shanghai someone is to kidnap or trick them into working for you. The traditional way to shanghai someone is to drug him and put him on a ship … The shanghaied person would wake up and find himself at sea, often on a long trip to Shanghai,China. The term is also used for similar,non-naval abductions .” Sounds SO MUCH like psychiatry to me . The “DSM” The Dudley Do-Right- Shanghai Them For Life- How To Manual. Connect the dots on anyone in such a way as to capture a human being of any age from anywhere in the world as a lifelong cashstream for yourself . Just go to “school” and become a “psychiatrist” or some “assistant” and Pig “Pharma” and “Bigger Brother” will take care of you. I thought I was a survivor they shanghaied me again, I got away again. I think I’m free again.

  • Torturing children with electricity ,how could this be ? and how do you go to war to successfully stop this in light of what has already been tried and has so far failed ? I don’t know . See Cal Montgomery’s article here at MIA March 9 2018 , “Stop the Shocks ; Torture in Massachachusetts. At the end of his article Cal leaves a link for more information . If enough people , it will probably take millions ,don’t organize to at a minimum rollback these oppressions , there will progressively be more chemicals and electricity to more brains and higher voltages all around as necessary to extract the behavior compliance most desired at any given time by the overseers whose main goal at the rulership level must be some kind of eugenic nitemare of mass death and/or turning people into compliant slaves through the progressive application of increased coercion, voltage and /or chemical poisons delivered as “medicine” by the “highly educated doctors of whatever”.In schools, hospitals, Emergency rooms, nursing homes , jails , the offices of the powerful, inside people’s homes, where the only immunity from oppression available anywhere seems to be to become
    some kind of collaborator with the oppressors. I would prefer the freedom to choose resistance , figure out how to best do it , and then to follow through. We must free those caught so severely under the bootheel!

  • Wake Up Robert Nikkel MSW !
    Urgently necessary to be put out of action for crimes hard to believe, including sadism torturing severely injured car accident victim. Info off of business card follows.
    PeaceHealth Medical Group___BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES
    Roberto Cruz Barahona MD____541-222-2185 OFFICE___541-222-2194 FAX
    3311 RiverBend Dr.,Springfield, OR 97477
    Fred Abbe

  • There was also cogentin but actually the thorazine was many times force injected , the others were mostly I took by mouth . But really I had no free choices . They were trying to chemically lobotimize me .I didn’t know it then. I always quit their shit when I got on the outside .Yet I could of been somebody. I await reparations. I had big trouble trying to sleep . At some point I was shown by a natural doctor that I had been poisoned by mercury amalgam dental work . Once I got that all removed I regained my ability to naturally sleep again . But recently after being badly injured in a car accident psychiatry captured me again for 2 months. But now I’m home again with my woman and our dog . We are together an happy again . I’m hoping I can walk again in a matter of months . I’m driving again and use canes , scooter, walker and lots of hours in a recliner where I mostly live when i’m home . I take no Big Pharma “medications ” When I sit in a chair I have no aches and physical pains. But I hate Psychiatry and Psychiatrists and those that aid them , the exceptions are rare and as Arnold would say ” I’m as back as I can be”. Maybe we could slip that ayuhausa hallucinating herb into their food and drink and they would all give up practicing psychiatry and see the folly of their ways , sort a like a hail mary.

  • Really scary indeed.
    When “mental health ” authorities have their focus on a person, what they “so expertly testify too” and readily lie about commands the court .This is for the “benefit” of the “patient”,”society”, and “their own careers ” ,weather in person or by amplified phone call to the “court”. , The general result is predetermined choreographed, the players march in lockstep their boot heels collectively on the person’s neck. The Judge and mha’s protect their own asses . The person is generally too poor to afford real representation and the court appointed public defender is in on the act. This is a KANGAROO COURT . I tried once to hire a former prosecuting attorney that was now in private practice in Oregon over the phone , that at first wouldn’t admit it but once I told her what I had clearly seen agreed with me that a person alone with a public defender in court opposed to “mental health authorities” is in a KANGAROO COURT.
    Bruce Levine is some kind of hero .Thank you . I just listened to Lou’s song Kill your Sons. I wasn’t previously aware of it . I can say Lou Reed is dead accurate . I also had high voltage electric shock forced on me against my will ,15 of them, one every other day over a period of a month when I was 17 in 1964 . It’s certainly to this day , along with forced injected thorazine , stelazine , haldol , starting at age 16 helped turn me into a rebel against injustice especially against psychiatric but unfortunately I’m one that doesn’t play well with others and trusting without knowing people in person and even then is very difficult for me.
    Done some good things in my life . In my youth never hid that I was in and out of “mental hospitals ” lots a times and even escaped 5 or 6 times from their clutches against their will of which I’m very proud of . One of the stupidest things I ever done– when I was 20 years old my mother begged the psychiatrist to hire me to work in the “mental hospital” as an orderly ,cause she said I was nice to people and she thought I would be good at it ,and besides I told everyone I had been in “mental hospitals” and no one else would hire me for anything close to a living wage .So I was hired and was kind as I could be to the people confined and I told people I was previously confined as they now were. In the 6 months I was there I worked with those addicted to alcohol , senior citizens, teenagers, and general population. The people and other employees liked me and I was dating a student nurse. One day the psychiatrist who helped me get hired asked me if I could assist in giving someone a high voltage electric shock treatment (he just said ECT) . I thought about it for a while and got the idea that once I was there I could maybe smash the box or stop them from shocking this person somehow. So I agreed to assist . When I actually got downstairs to where they gave the electric shock treatments they told me I’d be holding the person’s knees down when they went into convulsions and that it would prevent them from possibly breaking their legs or pulling out their muscles or knee joints . Once there I was too scared shitless to try and sabotage this high voltage electric shock “treatment” and prevent them from proceeding . I was terrified that if I did try to stop them that they would electro-shock me . I was like Winston in the George Orwell novel 1984. He was terrified of rats I was terrified of high voltage electric shock “treatments”. So I held the man’s knees down . After the one “treatment” I told the “doctor” I cannot ever do this again . And I didn’t ,they didn’t fire me . I was an orderly there at Ridgeway Hospital for 6 months in Chicago until I quit to volunteer to go to Israel to try and fight when the 6 Day War broke out in june of 1967. I arrived in Israel 2 months after the war ended.
    My favorite part about Mad in America is all the people that comment here especially the ones that recognize that at the very least forced “Treatment” must be abolished. I’m for persistence in resistance and an insistence upon justice including reparations . And the hope that psychiatry the hoax would be buried deep within the dustbin of history and that nothing like that would ever exist to torture human beings again. My best wishes to the total success of Anti-Psychiatry.

  • Jan.16th I almost died in a high speed car accident . A teenager was texting , speeding , and must of been on something strong to cross into oncoming traffic at a sharp angle to find me . My Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck was totaled , the woman I love , her right arm shattered the left badly sprained her body black and blue . My right leg below middle calf shattered , my left foot the heel bone turned into powder. A crack in my T6 vertebrae . A 90 mile ambulance ride for both of us to Eugene Or. for emergency orthopedic surgery.
    While I laid in pain in the emergency room a psychiatrist was there questioning me , extremely harassing me and threatening me . He acted like a Gestapo from out of some World War ll movie . I wasn’t dreaming It all really happened . Three days ago March 12,2019 I paid someone $270 to get me to my mobile home along with my scooter , wheelchair , walker , and cane . My woman is at her mother’s house being cared for . My dog is at a volunteer shelter . I can only stand for about 15 minutes a day . I believe life will get better again. They want to do more surgery on my spine maybe , on my right leg for sure . Even though the surgeons saved my life for which I am grateful , I’m done with them . After all they have that pile of shit psychiatrist whom they respect waiting for me . I’m here in my mobile home fending for myself as free as I can be . I did meet with a naturopath with 49 years of experience .He thought the psychiatrist should be buggy whipped .
    Now that I think about it , psychiatry ala Jaws is like an over large school of great white sharks with support systems and we need a fleet of bigger boats cause they’re multiplying and showing up everywhere.
    If the electric shock machines are destroyed can they still electro shock people ?

  • There is a war going on with casualties only on one side ……We are the unorganized deer in the headlights and they are picking us off and they are seen to be rolling back progress that resistance seemed to have gained in the past…..Have they also done something unknown to us that keeps us from being able to work together somehow ? Have they gained so much power that they are immune to any resistance ? Must we now really stand and shout with tears of joy in our eyes , ” I Love You Big Brother ” ? ……until we figure out if we are still able ….. resistance still remains .
    These are just some feelings and thoughts …. I really don’t know what to do while these headlights are shining into my eyes .

  • While being forced into a “mental institution” entirely against my will and having a series of 15 high voltage electro-shock “treatments” forced on me entirely against my will , (This of course means had I physically resisted, beyond my knees weakening , the sinking in my guts , being paralyzed on multi levels by fear and terrorized like at no other time in my life up to that point , they would have dragged me anyways , with as many psychiatric employees as necessary to my “prescribed treatments”. From all this I could see no way to escape.
    I was 17 years old almost 18 , and so I found myself in a bed like a crib with rails on both sides scared to death with only memory of waiting for them to call my name, the ” psychiatric employee ” , telling me ,” You already had your “treatment.” And then an internal sigh of relief as I slowly realized no more electric shock today and tomorrow a day off.
    I wondered what they were doing to me as I became more confused within the trap they held me in . To find out what was going on , I decided next time they told me to count backwards out loud from 20 while they injected sodium pentathol ,I would stop counting out loud while I was still wide awake so I could understand exactly what they were doing to me (What the hell are they doing to me?). Not the wisest of things I could have done for myself (to say the least) but actually most fortunate for those doing honest research on “ect” who are struggling to decide whether or not it is a terrorist torture procedure or not .I Would Say It Is And Certainly Should Be Abolished Along With Psychiatry Altogether.
    Ladies and Gentlemen it is a repeatable experiment . When they hit the switch while you are awake the explosion from the center of your brain expands outward beyond your skull . There is a visual of the explosion .On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain level is about a 30 ( beyond belief for what feels like 4 seconds )
    There you have it . If you tell them as I have for over 50 years they won’t believe it . But they’ll keep shocking people until enough people stand together to stop them . Quickness , sharpness of mind , and memory never again reached the level I took for granted before I encountered psychiatry, it’s electricity ,it’s poison chemicals and it’s Terror and Torture .An inquisition and a frame up dealt out by it’s arrogant , ignorant ,charlatan ,indoctrinated ,and even some well meaning employees.
    2 quotes come to mind, 19th century robber baron Jay Gould said something like : ” I can hire half the working class to kill the other half .” Chief Joseph said: “The Earth And Myself Are Of One Mind .”
    It took me 2 hours and 20 minutes to write and post this comment.

  • I agree with Eric Coates , Jody Santos is #1 in my book .
    Excerpts I wrote down from some research> ( Dr. Foster Kennedy, Professor of Neurology at Cornell Medical College , published an article in the official journal of The American Psychiatric Association calling for the killing of retarded children age five and older__
    “those hopeless ones who should never have been born__ Nature’s mistakes, see his ” The Problem of Social Control of the Congenitally Defective; Education , Sterilization,Euthanasia, ” American journal of Psychiatry 99(1942):13-16 ; also his “Euthanasia: To be or not to be,” Colliers 103 (May 20 1939 );15.)
    Strange that after 3 hours on the internet I couldn’t find the full texts of “Dr.Kennedy’s” articles anywhere although they were referred to in a number of places . Although there was one place where they offered to let me read it for $35.00 . Anyone out there can afford or has the connects to print out both articles in full here on MIA or knows how to find them for free ?
    This next quote by Chris Hedges who was a journalist reporter fired by the New York Times somehow connects for me . ” We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health , lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” I’m sure most of us could easily extend that quote out much farther. Hedges actually taught history to prison inmates in the US using Howard Zinn’s , The People’s History of the United States . He says 2.3 million people are in prison in the USA, 1/4 of which under a “SMI” diagnosis, and are so “Medicated” they sleep 18 hours a day .
    I am still glad to be alive and unmedicated at the age of 71 but I feel the pressure from powerful wealthy ignorant heartless insatiable people near me and from a distance that seem to own control and exploit everything to their own selfish purposes hiring willing “employees” to do their bidding . The idea of revolution comes to mind followed by the idea of hiding . But how and where ?
    Is this where Zorba the Greek just starts dancing ?

  • Maybe the “professionals” believe that certainly in the USA we have a Fascist State (the merging of the corporation and the government ).That is evolving into a Neo Feudalist State and that maintaining their personal relatively lucrative respected positions (as opposed to the oppressed positions of those who have ever been captured , labeled , terrorized, and tortured / by the psychiatry/pharma/government complex) depends upon their demonstrating their skill in managing the “crazies” ,”the ex crazies”, “the once crazies and always will be crazies” and “the crazies to be” to the upper echelon guild watchdogs . So they feel as “professionals” grouping together and doing civil disobedience actions on behalf of loosening or removing the bootheel from the “necks of crazies” would affect their personal positions in a negative way without alleviating the level of oppression delivered onto the multitudes. In any case they all refuse to be first , to try civil disobedience , knowing that their refusal more secures their personal status within the complex , even though in the long run they know damage that will be suffered by the complex’s human victims due to lack of significant opposition to forcefully created and applied pseudoscience both by proclamation and propaganda will extremely negatively affect countless of millions and eventually billions of people . Is this The Anatomy of a Gathering Holocaust or what ? Appeal to a newspaper that has never made a significant opposition to any corporate assault on the poorest 50,000,000 people in the United States ?

  • To Everybody , I’m not certain how to definitely stop Prof Pariante but I think this should get him pissed off . Bear with me . Many people have seen this others have not. In 1975 the great comedian John Belushi did some comedy skits as a samurai warrior in very unusual occupations . His character was based on the performance of the great Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune in Yojimbo . For example do a search John Belushi Samurai delicatessen , and John Belushi Samurai dry cleaners .
    Now with a little imagination any one who is able could create countless comedic skits of Samurai Anti-Psychiatry Shop . Anything ,like various neuro-toxic pills ,snake head staff logos , shock machines , DSM books ,etc associated with psychiatry could be dealt with by the Samurai shop owner as various people bring in their particular request and why , to have a psychiatric object cut into pieces by the Samurai anti-psychiatry shop owner , in very funny comedic skits. These could be lots of short films for YouTube or even a feature length movie . Maybe a real Japanese sword expert with a sense of humour could play the main character or anyone else. Maybe Auntie Psychiatry might also want to cartoon a whole new book with these skits . I do think film , the Skits on YouTube and/or elsewhere might take off and get millions of views. Anyone out there Feel free to use this idea for the purpose to at the very least help take psychiatry’s power away or even better , to help send psychiatry sooner into the dustbin of history. Who knows maybe a place in MIA could also be set aside for these filmed skits where those who wanted to could write and refine them together .

  • I know one thing if I scroll a comment section here on MIA and see that Frank has posted a comment , makes me even more want to read the entire comment section many times even more then the blog. And if I get really lucky and Frank and oldhead are having a discussion why that’s a first class learning experience .More “pros” can at least get a free real education experience listening to those of us as opposed to an Operation Paperclip , Rockefeller Medicine , con job brainwashing , macademia illusion . In fact I’m prepared if invited and paid to be a guest speaker at all the ivy league colleges especially at Harvard the eye of the psychiatric juggernaut . All that and more with only officially a high school brainwashing ,yet have personally actually physically escaped 6 times from various “Mental Hospitals” against the combined will of all the “pro’s” there. That was many years ago and today things are way worse and the so called dissident ” pro’s ” still don’t have the courage to openly as a group in real physical life to do a real civil disobedience action anywhere meaning- ful even knowing their credentials will protect them from being drugged and or shocked . What are they afraid of if they are for real?
    Instead they want to Lead us into a 4 or 5 dog corporate cartel defence . Sometimes Surprise and Timing are more important than planning carefully in earshot of possible enemies .
    I support anti -psychiatry , Which within it includes abolishing coercive psychiatry , Anyways I’d fight by Franks side anyday I was able . I’m also for health freedom across the board . Yet psychiatry is not health . but Mental Death Torture INC. And Big Pharma very likely The birthplace of Nazism. Speaking in my own style devoid of “pro” doublespeak.

  • No blog ever , here on MIA has lifted me more with articulate resonance then this one. I’m going to read and hear everything I can about Don Weitz the grandpappy of Canadian antipsychiatry and the other freedom fighters of Canada. I can send $50 in advance toward a copy of Resistance Matters with no pressure on you to ship it whether it gets published soon or later in any case I won’t want a refund . If more is needed to ship one copy let me know . Maybe if people can pay in advance with no pressure on you maybe that could make it easier to find a publisher . I’m no expert on these matters . If you think it’s a good idea, let me know where and how to send credit card , cash, postal money order , in whatever form . I live in Oregon in the USA . My email [email protected]
    Best Wishes to you Don and Irit and unending thanks
    For living lives of such splendid integrity. You are National Treasures of Canada and beyond .May the beacon of your light shine wherever there is darkness .

  • The lesson of my own life experience as I understand it better than any outside observer, having been captured in some fashion or another by the pharma/psychiatric/electric/ mental death/gestapo complex for near 40 years before extracting myself to freedom with a little help from friends with no connection to the “complex”. Looking back now for the sake of the children, if you all can handle the truth I don’t know . Short Version : #1 Make a Traditional Naturopath your primary care physician take their advice, if they also know Homeopathy so much the better.#2( don’t vaccinate your children with AMA pueutrifications learn what homeopathic remedies are recommended if needed #3 ( Avoid the AMA like the plague ) only about 1/3 at the most , of what they do has any validity, some of them do know how to deal with car accident type injuries in an emergency situation.#4 Avoid conventional ADA dentists like the plague get yourself a Hal Huggins trained dentist ( we are trying to avoid heavy metal installations, root canals , and cavitations).#5 kindness , listening , spending time with , not allowing your child to be beaten or molested by anyone ever. Your now on the road of creating a psychiatry free zone for your child. Check this out

  • Not Me.
    Just don’t understand why the “pro’s” don’t understand as oldhead stated earlier in the comment section “What would absolutely get the sort of media attention needed is a substantial group of mental health “professionals” committing civil disobedience in protest of psychiatric drugging .”
    In my own way I tried to show the urgency of the necessity of this idea in a comment I made in Steve’s recent new sheriff blog. And even proposed a hail mary action I felt only the credentialed might pull off successfully although it could of backfired . Maybe the idea just needs tweaking. Are you all aware that Peter R. Breggin, MD in his book Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal explains that various psych drugs themselves cause violence . It’s probably not so widely read cause it costs around 50 bucks a pop.I bought one copy. Now if a group of the credentialed with their endorsements and signatures could in person as a group hand to carefully chosen people in power positions , Breggins book along with Robert Whitaker’s book Anatomy of an Epidemic ( Maybe inside a new paper jacket titled Anatomy of a Building Holocaust) and also the Bonnie Burstow book Psychiatry and the Business of Madness . maybe this is just a jumping off point idea . Or maybe we are living in a kakistocracy no matter who or what party is in power ?
    Is it too risky for the credentialed with lawyers with them to do some real civil disobedient action that can save the (First they came for the “Mentally Ill”). Or are you all afraid you’ll wind up like the White Rose that opposed Hitler. Or like so many of the Jehovah Witness people who opposed Hitler . I’d like to know the answer why so far we’ve seen no group civil disobedience action on our behalf by the credentialed in light of what is really going on ? Are you too scared to act even with lawyers . Tell us the truth please many of us I’m sure would like to know . The Jehovah Witness people believe the Jesuits under the Black Pope killed the Kennedy’s,killed Abraham Lincoln,and sunk the Titanic . Probably they did 9/11. The CIA are their soldiers. Do you all know something we don’t .
    Anyways if we did civil disobedience ourselves we risk being electric shocked again , or drugged , confined without even meager support system’s etc.
    Richard maybe there are just actually only 2 types on planet earth psychopathic scum that rise to the top that are in power most everywhere and human beings .
    Like oldhead explained it’s just tactical.

  • If you have a small percentage of “professionals” that want to “reform” psychiatry, that do or don’t understand that at the very least any form of forced psychiatry must be abolished, and that
    the overwhelming number of pharma /psyche, corporate government,police, military,courts , and mainstream media , are at the same time doubling down on even more repressive psychiatric techniques , technology, and doublespeak ,to capture higher numbers of people of all ages- that this small percentage of some well meaning but not at the point of the spear professionals – they are in effect identical to the good cop whether they are willing or not , awake to it or not ,they functionally become the good cop , in the classic good cop- bad cop scenario . Or like the lead cow that calmly leads a long line of cattle to the slaughter and “helps” them remain calm on their march. In light of the tragic ongoing oppression , I believe that civil disobedience by groups of professionals both large and small , carrying out well thought out civil disobedience actions is part of what is needed in order to inform the general population of the actual full truth of the ongoing “mental health” industrial complex accelerating holocaust .

  • Yes Fiachra I can verify with my own life experience that rejection of the Medical Approach is the only way to go if you genuinely want to Recover from “Severe Mental Illness”. I just don’t know how to get my full citizen rights back ,or how to get reparations for repeated and various forced tortures and forced experimentation on me and the denying me of earning a living wage and for turning family members against me by labeling me as various types of inferior being and more. It could not be measured how much I hate the Pharma/Psyche industrial complex for what it did to me and continues to do to growing numbers of the planets population . I’m ready to join any genuine efforts to abolish this abomination into the dustbin of history. I do enjoy being alive again , I only wish the people could understand, unite and bring to bear sufficient power to roll back the oligarchs whose actions threaten the people and other life forms of planet earth. The real powerful truly corrupt oligarchs have unfortunately become experts at pitting the people against each other and rewarding some of the people to put misery and premature death on others while themselves living above the laws they write for the rest of us as they torture and kill and rob more and more innocent people by every technological means at their disposal. Wildly unequal power balance of one person over another may be the cause of so much oppression suffered by humanity . Seems I come often to the place where I have no workable solutions that I can be positive won’t cause more misery than they are worth. Anyways I’m going to join Mickey’s efforts .

  • What about Group#5 Psychiatry exposed as hidden killer of U.S. veterans .
    We would have a Group #6 of people in nursing “homes” robbed of life savings , over psych. drugged at the slightest inconvenience to “staff” . Then tubes shoved down their throat in teaching hospitals to shut them up forever . I saw what they did to my Dad. Then on to “hospice care” where morphine is given whether needed or not . I slept a couple nights there in my dad’s room .The door of everybody’s room stays open so the screams of agony are heard by the one night nurse rushing around giving out the morphine. The screams are heard by everyone that is not totally deaf. Eventually they kill you with the morphine and you don’t get any water to drink . They don’t want you to drown in your own fluids .
    Probably most of the people in nursing homes would be afraid to complain too much because of justified fear of retaliation .

  • I’ll tell you what Alex , If Robert Whitaker spent the time to interview you personally ,and then me personally and some other long time experienced survivors as well . It would be far more important and valuable to other humans and to his own education then talking to outside observer , psychiatrists in various parts of the world .
    Why are not some of these so called progressive psychiatrists and Harvard and Yale type “understanders of what’s going on”, if they care so much about us , not showing up as a group somewhere and even protesting vigorously and continuously together for the human rights of even one child or baby being oppressed and tortured by the psychiatry they want to rethink. It’s a waste of time to rethink a pile of shit .
    Why don’t these most credentialed together, present Robert’s book Anatomy….. one of Breggin’s books explaining how psych drugs cause suicides and murders…. and Bonnie’s book the Business of Madness,- Present copies of these books to Trump and since he doesn’t read also a copy’s to his daughter Ivanka . ( Since Trump is now being attacked by psychiatrists) Maybe then we will begin to see some educated Presidential Tweeting and speeches that brings the bogusness of psychiatry into a mass media national conversation that the “military -pharma -psych authority’s ” won’t be able to avoid .

  • I too have been thinking about these things and others things that are related. By the way that MIA should create an ‘open mike’ section is an idea that would be positive. A fundamental mistake or 2 that is made everywhere when asking survivors to tell their stories is not giving them enough space to tell their story in there own natural style . And number 2, not to afterwards give them enough space to relate what their own takeaway is of their own experience and what has their experience taught them that they feel could help others avoid being captured by psychiatry altogether.The trouble is psychiatric true believers in power could easily read our reflections and use the information to tighten the noose even tighter on everyone. Another thought is that others including myself have spoken of the Therapeutic State or the ‘mental health’ industrial complex as Alex puts it so well. But here at MIA really I’ve seen so little dissection of the pharma cartel and no whistle blower’s exposing it’s evil internal doings . I now believe after seeing some history of psychiatry that it’s extraordinary power derives also from it’s being an integrated part of the Military Industrial Complex . They act and walk around like a 5 star general who has total immunity as if during wartime, except that these guys seek and focus on destroying any vulnerable civilian they can get there filthy hands on as the daily routine of their life.
    Also that pseudoscience proclaimed as science has invaded every pertinent area in human life having to do with individual and collective survival. It would be short sighted for MIA not to expand discussions into these areas. Recently I saw a documentary on youtube on the French Revolution . I was surprised to learn that the people didn’t actually revolt until the price of a loaf of bread reached the equivalent of a months wages.To loosely paraphrase John Mellencamp ,let’s hope psychiatry doesn’t keep going on long after we are crushed underneath its bootheel. Can we have it all, survival , freedom , and the abolishment of the mental death profession ? I hope so.

  • There is such a thing as being justifiably angry about the fanatical , routinely applied torture , that continues for a day or for a lifetime , when psychiatry via psychiatrists and obedient underlings , forces you and carries out into you the real “offers you can’t refuse .” Is being outraged over it the same thing ? Should I really have been moderated for trying to organize from within the comment area an “International Taser a Psychiatrist Day” in order to stop psychiatrists from hitting the switch turning on high voltage electric shock torture to the brain ? Or the chemical lobotomies etc. as well ? Just testing the moderation waters . Rethinking Psychiatry is like a big funnel where anyone who’s been at the sharp end of the spear long enough and is still able to think , their heart will yearn for escape , and soon after for abolishment of the abomination. for the sake of others. Nothing about us without us .
    If Steve must moderate may he moderate with moderation . Meanwhile there is some “rethinking”of the brain/mind relationship. It seems to elucidate the heartless brain circuitry within the skulls of psychiatrists going on at Harvard Medical School , a psychiatry thought leader stronghold offering a new course . Neuropsychiatry: A Comprehensive Update October 25-26, 2018 Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston ,Massachusetts.
    A couple of lines from their notification,
    ” COURSE DESCRIPTION: “Neuropsychiatry is an exciting and rapidly growing field that promotes an improved understanding of the brain/mind relationship. It seeks to elucidate the brain circuitry involved in primary psychiatric disorders such as mood , anxiety, psychotic, and somatic disorders, and in neurological disorders that present with cognitive,emotional,or behavioral problems. The ultimate goal of Neuropsychiatry is to advance diagnostic and treatment options for patients suffering from these disorders.”
    I say “TALK ABOUT OMINOUS.” For more information and registration :

  • I am also thankful to you and all those with lived experience who comment and blog here . Seems MIA is a place where we all can learn , those of us who can see ever more clearly the horrific danger of the multi- tentacled psychiatric system and it’s tendency to enlarge itself and assimilate ( much like the evil Borg in the Star Trek TV series) all who would would not fight it from a strong anti-psychiatry stance. Also dedicated oppressors can learn here about those of us that oppose them .Most importantly captured individuals may learn how to escape and breathe the air away from psychiatry .In present real time there are those that make it harder and those that make it easier to do so.
    I appreciate oldhead your calls for analysis and I must admit my own analysis sometimes scares me . For example , I know that the oligarchs recognize global warming is real because they have spent huge amounts of $$ raising off shore oil rig platforms to greater heights in acknowledgement of rising ocean levels . And yet they refuse to do what is necessary for the mutual survival of humanity . Because they see a different solution . Eliminating huge numbers of the human population by many means simultaneously . Psychiatry is one huge staging area prelude , there are so many others . There is a battle for survival going on . If the people cannot see the value in mutually guaranteed survival as opposed to the murder of populations, what can anyone say? In any case in regard to psychiatry I consider myself anti-psychiatry.

  • Here is some illuminating history of the power that psychiatry wielded during World War 1 with military and political governmental backing , and from what I can see has never relinquished , constantly refining it’s “technique” and expanding the population under it’s “influence”.

    also informative- Exposing Psychiatry’s Secret Agenda by Dr. Group-YouTube

  • When full reparations are paid discussions can continue . Meanwhile give the “social work” and “therapy” to those that refuse to pay reparations . And let us have a complete and permanent moratorium on psychiatry, a complete abolishment of tormenting , poisoning, and torturing other human beings etc etc etc . There is such a thing as freedom and we must take it !

  • That is truth… “And they won’t let you go NO MATTER WHAT”. Hopefully It is also true an ever growing number of people are finding a way to purposefully and specifically avoid the “… bunch of folks who profit from keeping others mad.” Even despite the terror torture tactics used to extract compliance . I count myself as fortunate escapee.
    There is a phenomena where thought itself as if a runner on a route moves up from behind with such great speed that it passes itself . There is a euphoria along there that is a flight that can last for long , than in future flights growing shorter periods , that crash into an exhausted opposite of euphoria . As the flights grow shorter as sleeplessness is part of the picture a person may attempt to take there own life if they are too frightened to sleep and have nothing to help them get some sleep. I know it can happen cause in the past I experienced this many times. For me the cause was most clearly mercury poisoning from 15 some large sized 53% mercury so called silver amalgam fillings. Root canals also removed , and infected teeth and gums healed including cavitations according to Hal Huggins protocol dentistry . Unfortunately including the false plastic teeth which I mostly wear only when I eat , it cost $6000 to get all the work done . But I must say I feel real good and sleep like a baby . I’m 71 years old and have survived .

  • Whenever even the thought of social workers or therapists comes to mind I get a picture in my mind of those motherless baby monkeys in some cage in a zoo clinging to a woven wire monkey shaped construction that’s supposed to be their surrogate mother . At least the wire mom’s can’t refer the baby monkey to a psychiatrist.

  • Today on the news I heard “researchers” were looking for a million volunteers to each allow their entire genome to be donated , to “them” for “research” , that these “researchers” are determined to get this information whether it’s donated or not . Who are these “researchers” , puppets of the population control oligarch owned pHARMa cartel ?
    So much of today’s “research” is called for and done in the vast wasteland space between doctor frankenstein and doctor mengele , paid for by funds stolen from the people , proposed and launched with positive spin , by whom and to what purpose ?

  • They must sincerely feel that since the practice of Choreographed Kangaroo Court Long Term Commitment hearings are already in effect established , that it is their inalienable right , since they designed the clinical trials , to present whatever results they choose wherever and whenever they choose to or not at all. They must feel it is only a matter of time till they in effect can establish the practices and results , which they choose to establish . After all if we look around we can see what they’ve accomplished already.

  • In real time reality what is Lawrence Kelmenson, MD offering us that we don’t already have enough of. Therapy ?
    So how much has changed for the better since World War 1? We have for the great most part the increasing epidemic of psychiatry and we have compliance monitored by social workers with the real threat of being referred back to more drastic measures by the psychiatrist if compliance to the present psychiatric orders are not followed , as determined by the social worker. Now with the looming/actual added threat of unwanted home visits and the added threat of being forced into local Guantanamo like camera and voice recorder 24/7 monitored behavioral control facilities if not compliant in “regular” local mental institutions. While at the same time the Pharma Cartel is developing even more deadly neurotoxins and electrical devices to apply to our brains . Considering all the additional neurotoxins (those identified and not) “contributed” by industry. It must be that the human being has more potential resilience and drive to freedom than psychiatry wishes. Myself having been captured by psychiatry , forced in and even escaped out of institutions 6 times among numerous other forced stays and forced “treatments” including one series of 15 ESTorture in one institution and in another country’s institution out of the USA, forced injections till breath is stopped in retaliation after being recaptured after unauthorized escape, having evidently reached the status as available subject it was ok to do life threatening experiments on for the benefit of the state , satisfying their need to develop more effective interrogation techniques for their own and the US military. What about those electric shock devices used in Canton , Mass. on 80 out of 240 disabled people including children as described in detail in MIA’s blog on March 9, 2018 Massachusetts -Torture .
    During 39 years between the ages 16 and 55 psychiatry still had some kind of a hold on me . Now that I’m 71 I realize psychiatry itself is a growing holocaust.
    How many people is Lawrence weaning off neurotoxins? Does he even know how to do it ? On what basis does he disagree with Breggin ? You telling me he doesn’t even realize psychiatric neurotoxins and their prescribers and suppliers need to take responsibility for their part in mass school shootings , suicides , murders ,and violence ? Why aren’t psychiatrists that say they are different and kinder and gentler and care about us even more and say they are more knowledgeable than the mainstream psychiatrists , not demonstrating together on our behalf… using activist techniques like Code Pink used for the women’s rights cause in the white house , congress ,at APA meetings,universities, and elsewhere ? Then maybe we could begin to believe that dissident psychiatrists are for real and not primarily and secondarily interested in their own financial security and in their own power place in the pecking order.
    Toward psychiatry there must be defiance ! Just even the words Anti-Psychiatry bothers them . Just think if it was properly activated by an educated population !

    Who needs free access to organically grown foods , water distillers , green plant powder supplements ,top quality vitamins and minerals , nutriceuticals, advanced heavy mental free dental work , ,psychiatry free zones,natural healers ,traditional naturopaths, chiropractors, traditional chinese medicine, energy healers , acupuncturists, etc. ,that which first does no harm, more than those who have been tortured by psychiatry , big pharma , and the government. Show us the money !

  • It is far beyond anger , it is fury , if not justice then at least dreams of payback , much like in the movie Inglorious Bastards . There is a war going on and only one side is firing weapons and the other side remains targets, manufactured now from the youngest of ages to the very last breath into convenient , exploitable, stripped of any protections , useable and disposable at will , humans stripped of all their human rights , checkmated , laughed at and even subjected to specially choreographed kangaroo courts . A modern day Inquisition. Is it the Jesuits again behind this so they can continue molesting children and torturing everyone else even remotely suspected of non-compliance?
    Recently in a department grocery store I ran into the social worker that had power over me for some 20 years . Now retired and 84 years old , looking like he could keel over any second , still an embodiment of that arrogant soft spoken superior aire of one who routinely determines the fate of others with a stroke of a pen. I asked him how many in his over 30 year “career” had he seen like me who escaped psychiatry ? He said there were only 2 counting me .He was still suspicious , judgemental , analyzing , and threatening . I guess it came from decades of knowing psychiatry , big pharma , and the government , had his back.
    Lots a people experience a unique perfect storm of circumstances that make them visible to the butterfly net carriers of the Inquisition. Once captured probably the majority, in the millions , in the USA anyways have an income of less than $750 a month plus food stamps and run out of funds before the end of the month, all while subjected to debilitating pseudo scientific coerced physical and psychological “treatment”.
    Is this enough funds to explore the escape hatches a relatively few more financially fortunate victims have been able to explore ? Come on you employees, you soldiers , you designers of the Inquisition , you assholes , give the reparations you owe and stop the continued perpetration of this modern day eugenic nitemare holocaust.

  • The first compliance ritual ,the forced vaccinations at birth , monkey’s blood, formaldehyde, plus heavy metal compounds straight into the bloodstream -then more of the same on going until as many as 72 or so “vitally necessary” peutrafications are forced into the bloodstream. Then we have heavy metal mercury dentistry installing the second deadliest substance on the periodic table as amalgams in close proximity to the brain . Then there’s a good chance of getting beat up or raped by a family member or a “friendly stranger”. In a weakened state ,here comes psychiatry to take full advantage of their perceived opportunity to turn you into a lifetime compliant slave to pharmaceutical poisons and/or electrical hell and/or psychological brainwashing taking away from you every ally you might have left or any you may find in the future . We may know more than we want to. Certainly we know by now, there are guilds whose members can impose pseudo scientific procedures any way they choose on anyone they pick out , all sanctioned by a corrupt government they are part of. Don’t trust these mainstream guild member’s ,they are brainwashed themselves, outsmart them , your future does not include them , learn what you have to, elsewhere , you can overcome. I’m just one person that is living proof it can be done.

  • Ah ha moments and others : The Horrible cruelty of the system knows no bounds . Within the last 2 years here in “progressive” Oregon this is what happened. The “insurance company” notified a woman in her early fifty’s that after 15 years on Abilify the company could no longer afford to cover the costs of this “medication”. The woman’s social worker and supervisor called and told her if she came in and signed some papers they might be able to help her get some Abilify some other way . The woman told me she could not give them the satisfaction .She cold turkeyed and tried to compensate on her own with various THC- CBD marijuana oil combinations . She bounced in and out of 3 different hospital emergency rooms in less than 2 weeks . She called me and and asked me to pick her up each time . Soon after, she grew afraid trying to sleep in the sand dunes, afraid a homeless man she saw might rape her . She dropped her purse in a dept. store parking lot , knocked on a mobile home door and asked the man who answered if he could drive her to the nearest hospital emergency room . He said no and closed the door . She removed her dentures and left them by his door , then she went in the dark to the coastal highway and sat in the middle of the road on the yellow lines. A police car stopped and an “officer of the law” started questioning her . She just asked if he would take her to the hospital emergency room . They were 1 1/2 miles away from it. The officer said to her ” The only way I’m taking you to the emergency room is if you threaten my life. ” the woman looking at the ground replied softly “I’ll kill you if you don’t take me to the hospital.” The officer stood her up ,too tightly handcuffed her and put her into the back of his squad car . Meanwhile a man showed up telling the officer she had left these dentures outside his mobile home . Meanwhile in the tight cuffs scared to death the woman pee’d her pants as she sat in the back seat of the squad car . The officer yelled at her, that he would be the one that would have to clean that up. When he got to the hospital he told them in the emergency room that this woman had threatened his life . Now she became in their eyes a dangerous person to them. Even the local preacher when I asked him for some kind of help said he didn’t care if she died .There were more hospitals , a Guantanamo like place , a court hearing and somehow she avoided being locked away in a state institution . She even got an assisted unannounced home visit from a competing county’s mental health system asst. supervisor and one of his goons. This was even before the Murphy Bill was supposed to be passed. She is now too terrified to even think about trying to wean off wean off the 20 mg of Zyprexa she is now on or even to defy them anymore . She’s afraid of what might happen to her next time . She asks me to drive her to her appointments with them, and to help her get there on time.

    I also wanted to write more about flushing niacin and mineral baths that can be taken at home and other tools to avoid the mental death professionals and even electric shock , but maybe later , I’m too tired now .

    Also that the most vulnerable point in the present climate now within psychiatry, having to do with another type of electric shock torture ,is written about in the Torture – Massachuests Blog of March 9th here at MIA.
    Would be much easier to mobilize great numbers of people that could actually lead to millions showing up at the best location to protest and stop ongoing unrelenting electrical torture of a most vulnerable population .

  • “But, if there are better things ,I’m all ears !”

    At this point it’s not rocket science so to speak to understand that we have deprivations and impositions. Psychiatry is the Mother of all impositions .Abolish it . As well as most all of AMA “medicine” a grand imposition . Then we have the ADA heavy metal including mercury dentistry, another entrenched imposition. Then we have a eugenically adulterated and genetically modified and artificially limited food supply , another imposition and deprivation at the same time. I could go on and on. Minus the deprivations and impositions, Walla…. feeling great appears.

  • I’ve long considered the FDA among the most phoney corrupt of organizations . Are there not a couple hundred people in Massachusetts to storm the gates of this Roten Hell Hole . Maybe some military veterans who are still legally able to protect themselves can surprise them. Cause we all know this is like —- First they came for the ,,,,,,,and relentlessly tortured the most vulnerable helpless many of them certainly previously injured close to their birth time , by forced vaccinations and/ or traumatic abuse or some other forced eugenic AMA Medical or APA psychiatric impositions plus a lifetime of nutritional and other depravations, Or some other Corporate Poison approved by the FDA. Maybe it will take a couple of thousand , or a couple hundred thousand or a couple of million people or more , whatever it takes to bring justice to the complete array of perpetrators , from top to bottom and proper loving care for the children and adults so horrifically exploited while being tortured. Isn’t this an experiment of the fascist state to be rolled out further . WTF is going on . If this can’t be stopped nothing will be stopped .

  • Big Farm-a-ceutical Outfits design super addicting concoctions ,so addicting and harmful ,we should rightfully arrest them for poisoning citizens in the population. . Then via Psycho-chiatrists,who force them down peoples throats or inject sometimes by extreme force ,the poisons straight into a human being’s bloodstream. Of course there is more torture then that .Both forced on me, I had High Electric Voltage in the USA 1964, and breath stopping injections in Israel in 1968.
    Then without free access to compounding pharmacy (to optimize weaning off) no access (finances ) to pay for removal of heavy metal poison dental installations mercury etc. ( see Paracelsus Klinic Dr. Rau) look up ( Chris Shade mercury),(Hal Huggins dentistry) no possibility to give people a clean record no matter what they do, no equal status in society ever to be reached, or even living wage job opportunities . To call these people in the US or Israel or anywhere else “treatment junkies”and then saying your trying to build up more support for anti- psychiatry is an example of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing .
    It took me 40 years ,financial disability aid from USA government some belated family financial help ,$ 9000 worth of advanced Hal Huggins protocol dental work, and efforts like that of Hercules to get out of the grip of psychiatry and its poisons and torture . And I ,who am a natural anti-psychiatrist, should not have supreme compassion toward those still captured . Are You Kidding me ? Me being a little more fortunate financially than the majority captured, am even still in relative poverty here in the USA . I became a citizen scientist which to the rest is a nobody . But I got free of psychiatry without any psychiatrists “help” whatsoever.
    Soteria Israel —-YES!

    I was captured by force at the age of 16 . Freed myself at the age of 54. Will be 71 March 10th. I take no “medications whatsoever” and have no aches or pains except for concerns for my fellow human beings and worry about their ignorance and treatment of each other . No, I don’t know everything despite lived experience and home schooling my self. And I’m the only son of 2 Holocaust survivors .Go figure . Don’t give up hope.
    Baruch HaShem

  • I was just thinking today how psychiatric torture is like water it takes the path of least resistance and flows fastest at the most vulnerable ,and yet like a tidal wave carrying the fast moving debris is mindlessly prepared to take on most anyone else as well . Accept its been an ever long time and they still keep building up momentum without subsiding .While the perpetrators have access for themselves, expensive shelters and protective delusions . And the top part of them have secrets that are too painful for the people to entertain .
    Like the fact that for the multitudes of people ,both “educated” and “not”, AMA medicine and heavy metal ADA dentistry have long established a humungus beachhead of an intricate pseudo scientific torture network as standard of practice bringing to them cash and prestige and have set an example and create “clients” for the psychiatric juggernaut infinitely financed which joyfully carves out for itself a pseudo scientific niche of it’s very own with a free floating standard of torture that can be dialed up at will for self protection . Electric Shock is a horror part of the web of torture . Anyone really think we can abolish shock without working better together somehow . I was thinking a huge blockbuster movie series that the mass of people will want to see like the Matrix series is needed to at least throw a monkey wrench at psychiatric momentum. We all got to pick our spots . I stopped commenting for a while, for a few weeks, when I awoke in the night reliving a forced explosive electric shock treatment just like I literally not symbolically had forced on me 54 years ago . I just don’t want to read this particular new book of Bonnie’s as great a writer as I know she is . Self preservation comes first . So I can live to fight another day . I live with the woman I love , we love and support each other , one of us is for now forced to go to appointments with the enemy. We are both anti- psychiatry, day by day we and our dog take in the level of survival we can which is bathed in the love we shine on each other .

  • As far as I can see you are all doing the impossible .I know it is possible to do the impossible and succeed .I just don’t know how long it takes . I’m sorry so many have been hurt so bad . I hope you can find in your lives that which make you happy . I think of myself as brave but in this blog and comments I see another higher level of courage . I wonder if , if even the money was available and one of the most famous directors was willing ,if a remake with appropriate modifications, in this day and age, would even be allowed to be made of the film” One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest ” with a Woman in the leading MacMurphy role plus some updates .I’d leave nurse Ratchet as is and put in more scenes with some thought leader psychokiatrist. Maybe a scene of hijacking a truckload of shockboxes and burning them in fire .And chaseing big Farma Executives and some of their flunkies ,into the hills with pitchforks and lanterns in the night .

  • I spent over a month against my will in the psychiatric prison in Acre, Israel back in July, August of 1968 . In that place in those days 1/3rd of inmates never came out of there alive.I escaped from there twice . Retaliation was severe . I was experimented on. I tried to fight back . I tried to get the other inmates to fight back with me . The other inmates there called me Castro. I believe only because my parents inquired about me from the United States that I made it out of there alive . Finally I was escorted to board a passenger plane flying back to the States .When I arrived at O’hare Field in Chicago my sister smiled when she saw me and told me I wasn’t going to my parent’s place , two big men in white coats rolling a gurney were behind her, they strapped me in and took me away . I’ve never been back since .
    I never stopped loving Israel, cause I’m one of them ,even my Hebrew name is Israel, and I still do . I sure hope that Soteria Israel works and gains freedom for people and even for the riff raff like me .
    Thank You , Robert Whitaker and others as you continue to work trying to save lives .
    Truth is IMO being anti-psychiatry is natural as rain, from the very first forced move that psychiatry makes. But the terror and deception of psychiatry , big pharma , and corporate government ,tends to make us actually still react like deer caught in the headlights, even if we manage to get free from psychiatry, which we are not, until all individuals are free from any unwanted” treatment” , whatever mask that “treatment” is currently wearing .

  • By the way among those children raised within an Amish community ( not those having left and come back )
    The children NOT HAVING BEEN VACCINATED – UNVACCINATED- non of those have been diagnosed with “autism”. You have only to look at all the “ingredients within the “vaccines” do a little more investigation -to feel like puking at the audacity of the vaccine industry and the deception . Lookup “Simpsonwood” to see how a vaccination policy maker leaves a vaccination policy decision making meeting , to warn his own family not to allow their newborn baby to be vaccinated even while he’s attending at a meeting , advocating vaccinations for the rest of the population. ( Because he knows , he knows how dangerous they are)
    The people have been poisoned by vaccinations plus other equally horrific AMA “medical care”, ADA Heavy metal mercury + more ,root canal, and cavitation conventional “Dentistry”, Then you got poison food , GMO’s + other poison add ins, Of course you have the poison producing pharmaceutical cartels , and the horrorshow super-pseudo-science poison distributor with high voltage electroshock as a backup, we have psychiatry itself. All of it could be properly placed under the category of Rockefeller “Medicine”.
    Within, Homeopathy , Traditional Naturopathy , Energy Healing Systems like YuenMethod , organic grown foods, advanced Hal Huggins dentistry and other first do no harm methods , are found much better options for thriving and surviving .

    Just to add to the valid observations already made by the blogger and other commenters.

  • For example:
    Haldol affects 2 dopamine receptor subtypes ( it took me 10 years to finally get off of a 2mg. prescription of haldol alone )
    Abilify affects 10 different receptor subtypes
    Zyprexa affects approximately 17 different subtypes of receptors
    When these “meds” are lowered the body has to adapt to the number of receptors that become unblocked.
    Reading between the lines- it appears thought leader psychiatrists are so optimistic about the future of their “field”- because they understand – their own suppliers the pharmaceutical cartel are in effect entirely unrestrained as to their right to invent- label -and have distributed -as “medicine” any substance or mixture of substances (poisons of all types or whatever)- to shut down/ or retard any human brain function or body function, targeting any place within the brain or human body as they see fit . While psychiatrists themselves can label people for life -via the DSM- and increasingly force medicate and monitor human beings with a growing rigor-and apply to them a growing ever more deadly arsenal of “meds” – ever more difficult to withdraw from- plus higher voltage electric shock if the psychiatrist wishes . Even if we think we left psychiatry behind the nursing homes which many humans hope not to enter is a world of unrestricted psychiatric, pharma and “medical” oppression . And the Hospice – we will get morphine whether we want it or not .
    There are ethical practitioners that can help people ease withdrawal even at MIA’s own list of resources.Take the time to investigate thoroughly and choose wisely . Tools for a withdrawal tool box are not all in only one place . Don’t forget survivors that have come out the other end of it may have self developed first do no harm withdrawal and survival techniques which are not respected sufficiently by “professionals” “academics” or anyone else that make them reluctant to cast their pearls into the public arena only to be laughed at . Do we really think that big-pharma think tanks are short the funds to counter anything they hear about ?

  • I thank G-D I was able to learn directly from the most effective energy healer that I know of on the planet , Dr. Kam Yuen D C and learned directly from Dr.Joseph Liss N D the most effective Traditional Naturopath I ever met and that I taught myself Homeopathy, and so much more in fields that first do no harm . I’m thankful I was treated by Scott McAdoo DDS a Hal Huggins DDS trained dentist after which I was able to completely come off any psychiatric “care” or “meds” of any kind. I Feel Good . People need the space and freedom to follow their own path.

  • TirelessFighter3, Ground control to Major Tom :
    You presume a lot about people that is not accurate, but you also make some important points. Your ideas that all middle class families should be broken up sounds weird to me . I can’t spend the time it would take to teach you stuff , may you grow understanding . I read all 25 or so comments you’ve made here at MIA. Before you start judging me feel welcome to read at least all of the over 800 comments of mine . You may really learn something by doing that. Basically I’m Anti-Psychiatry and for HealthFreedom that ensures for the individual the inalienable right to accept or reject for themselves any type of care from anywhere on the planet. I’ve probably been fighting against psychiatry, to the best of my ability in my own way for longer than you’ve been alive . Best Wishes, Check Out

  • Leave what does not bear good fruit . Investigate something productive that is real and bears good fruit.
    Spiritual , Physical, Mental , Emotional , Psychological , Psychic .
    Each one of the above can influence the other 5 .
    Furthermore if you learn how to access your own subconscious which knows everything about yourself , and while you are in a neutral state , you can find the cause or causes for any issue of concern within you on any of the above 6 levels. You can strengthen yourself learning to focus your own intention . Even children of grammar school age can learn to do this even easier than an adult who has more preconceptions and more trouble approaching things from a neutral state . A neutral state is sort of like ” Ok , let’s see what happens”. The proof is in the pudding and this pudding is at the cutting edge of science which leaves a whole lot of futile pseudo science behind. Investigate and you will be glad you did.

  • In finding ways to fight back one must be able to observe oneself and watch how anger can grow inside like a giant billowing storm cloud and then watch how it can subside . Anger can sometimes take on a life of its own and make a showing where it’s not really intended. Then innocent people can get hurt and a person, without wanting to , can become what they hate . Justice is important . Getting an apology and reparations would be helpful and are necessary . Resorting to violence except in self defence could be the continuation of an unwanted cycle. Didn’t someone say living well is the best revenge . Can relentlessly seeking revenge ruin a person’s chances to reach their full potential and use their talents in a positive way . My mother and father were both Holocaust Survivors .I could see how my father’s justified anger twisted him . I saw how when we made peace between each other how relieved and happy we both were. Yet my mother who endured even more, and told me that I went through a lot ( more than 40 years till I freed myself from psychiatry and big pharma ) It’s been 10 years free now. My mother reminded me often ,” Fred today is the first day of your life .”
    We must fight for justice and human rights in the wisest way possible , not adding hurt on to ourselves , and in a way that can be sustained over the long haul in the company of friends, and allow ourselves to take a break when needed to tend to our own well being in ways of our own choosing. Also we need to understand there are many idea’s out there , and that the best ones come when we are relaxed and at peace with ourselves .

  • I think what are called by many the mainstream medical professions – the guilds AMA ,APA, ADA(dental) – three associations – loaded with varying amounts of pseudoscience – their symbols some variation of the staff and the coiled snake – which to some is a picture symbolic of a human being enwrapped within the coils of the anaconda – controlling – squeezing the money and/or life out of the human being – sometimes in a time release fashion and sometimes almost instantly – the 3 work together in effect – like some kind of 3 part epoxy glue – creating ever increasing numbers of coerced/voluntary desperate customers for each other – First the AMA’s mandatory growing number of vaccinations administered even right at birth and continuing onwards – then the ADA’s heavy metal dental work much of it 53% mercury amalgams – ( I wouldn’t want to forget the part played by the ethicless food and water and even air adulteration industries ) – then of course – in the most outrageous one upmanship in the vast field of pseudoscience – we have the American Psychiatric Association – so far beyond any real human oversight that anti-psychiatry is the only known antidote – and even farther beyond any human oversight – with its deadly overview – the pharma cartel from hell . As we reflect how kids get high and die in the USA .

  • Thank You madmom for your stand-up for your daughter, prevailing over the power and authority of the psychiatrist . I to have seen how when a family member stands up for their loved one , at the right time and place with a strategy of non-violent action, they can singlehandedly make a psychiatrist or even an owner of a “clinic” , if there are no other employes in the room, back-off, if the strategy clearly involves exposing the injustice to the clear light of day for many others to hear about, they back -off in fear of losing reputation and future cash flow . Definitely worth the effort. Psychiatrists count on the family members approving anything they say , which most of them do.
    Your understanding , love , and bravery, carried the day, protected your daughter, and now inspires others .Until one day when shock is abolished actions like yours and others , can save individuals in real time as the daily atrocities continue . Maybe Bonnie’s book can be made into a movie ?
    Thank You , fred

  • If psychiatry was abolished ,would AMA medical doctors be still prescribing the same old “meds” , and if not couldn’t big pharma easily put the stuff in the food/and/or water supply ? Or spray it into the air by way of airplane all the while telling everyone it was a newly formulated necessary something or other? Or just bring it back in some “necessary” open behavioral control program . All similar to finding another tax loophole for the oligarchs. What happens to all the prison inmates on neuroleptics etc ? If psychiatry was abolished ? Or what if Big Pharma comes out with even more deadly drugs or puts the neuroleptics in over the counter non- prescription drugs?
    If psychiatry was reformed ? I don’t see any evidence on the street that psychiatry has become anything but worse .The drugs are more dangerous and the voltages higher in the shock” business”. Are the oligarch’s really going to allow any real trace of leniency into psychiatry?
    How can anybody talk about any movement against psycho-pharma when they’ve institutionalized labeling & drugging children and the entire population has taken it all in stride . A society does not let anybody take their children unless they are terrified and helpless .
    Both “movements” seem to be sterilized . Oh I forgot Bill Gates is sterilizing woman and culling babies out of their lives with the oligarch eugenic vaccination plan.
    And so few understand what health freedom means . What are the real plans of both opposing “movements”.The psycho-farm plan is sickness, sterilization , and culling for dollars.
    And unfinanced movements or “government financed” movements are going to be a big help to us ?
    Where is the Beef ? I haven’t seen any since Robert Whitaker’s books . One sentence in one of them helped me become free of psychopharma the last 10 years.
    Biggest problem is people don’t listen to what each other are saying, and trusting and working with others, after what many of us have been through seems almost impossible without meeting in person with people over quite a bit of time . And the heartless Psychiatry and Pharmaceutical cartel owned by heartless oligarchs rolls on and the real knowledge of survivors put on a rear burner because the formally educated hardly understand that real education comes from real life experience , persistence and determination . not colleges set up and owned by oligarchs.

  • We recognize there is a massive movement of human beings into a Pharmaceutical-Feedlot-Compliance-Project .
    Most of us strongly oppose this and clearly do not ever want to become inmates , feedlot supervisors , or other workers of descending rank in this criminal enterprise.
    We must establish that the right to opt out and/or not be further pursued is an inalienable human right. We don’t presently for various reasons have the capacity to mount massive ongoing million people demonstrations to back down the oppressors.
    We need to be prepared to disobey in mass ,in massive ongoing civil disobedience demonstrations which necessitates joining with others fighting for human rights that respect our cause and human rights and will not sell us out down the river .
    We strongly support all genuine efforts at helping people withdraw from pharmaceutical poisons if they so choose.
    We are not opposed to friends helping friends in real shelters or Soteria houses or people freely choosing what they want or what they want to reject . People do not have the right to own another person as a financial resource or as any other resource . We must have the right to say “Thank you very little , I’m leaving , Good bye.”
    That’s all I can think of right now.

  • Sadly Jody I saw a 20 something severely physically disabled man in a wheelchair who had very limited use of his limbs in addition to speech difficulty also confined with the rest of us in the private mental institution , Ridgeway Hospital in Illinois . If me and another inmate didn’t help him bathe and feed him sometimes , the staff would just let him lie or sit in his own waste most times. Some times they spoon fed him other times he would just throw his face into a plate with a hard boiled egg and just eat it shell and all.They did give him “medications”. This was 50 years ago .Your blog is an extension of what’s been going on in a similar way but now with more technology , for who knows how long ?

  • The problems are so severe that here in the USA the military would have to arrest the oligarchs and Crimes Against Humanity Trials would be needed to return power to the people .The law placed in the constitution by stealth that corporations are people needs to be revoked. Too big to fail cartels need to be dealt with including the federal reserve. Power has to be returned to the people nationally and locally in a democratic way. Probably many things have to be done by trial and error with the first do no harm to the people principal at the forefront. Real checks and balances , nobody above fair laws, need to arrive at fairness and justice and human rights, no absolute power junkies dictating anything to anyone . Bottom line if people can’t even live the simple principal live and let live, any system is bound to fail. How can they live in peace among each other and not harm each other and still live in a way like the declaration of independence talks about if so many don’t even have the basic necessities of life and while fanatical united oligarchs are actively exploiting and culling the population by a multitude of strategies via the cartels they control with poisons and countless other deprivations increasingly delivered and mandated by law literally into the people.
    I don’t have even close to all the answers . Do You ? Have you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones ? Probably financed by Ted Turner somehow .They want to reduce the planet’s population ideally to 500,000,000 people . A manageable amount for the fanatical oligarchs to rule over. They are getting bolder and bolder . But they are afraid of the people waking up while they count on us being too afraid to do anything. I believe the psych drugs and other chemicals they distribute, target the parts of the brain that ordinarily have to do with people working together toward a common goal , and tend instead by other means as well to turn naturally social human beings into oppressed , deprived , isolated , human beings thereby making us more easily targeted by the oligarch’s fanatical think tank aided agenda ,which is so over the top that few can see it and so far oligarchs seem to be gaining momentum . No I don’t know the answer as many tilt at windmills and many others hide . In these times growing an organic garden may be the most revolutionary thing we can get away with doing.

  • Thanks R. R, Thought people should hear about it.
    The court system for commitment hearings is basically literally a classic kangaroo court. I talked once to a former prosecutor turned defence attorney that at first denied this and later admitted knowing it was . I tried to hire them to get some false police testimony taken out of the record . She said , “I’ve done all the pro bono work i’m going to do this year.” “It will cost you $5000 in advance to correct the record and $10,000 more in advance to to bring charges against the police officer, with no guarantees.” Another lawyer on the same issues said,” let her go to the state institution they’ll help her there.” Yeah. Right.

  • Thanks Frank, I value your opinion , maybe the declaration needs to be modified . I thought it had our issues covered . I wish you had the time to look at the declaration and into that particular organization more deeply as I believe they could be a great aid in ridding us of forced psychiatry as well as any other forced treatments in the guise of any kind of medical care by strengthening free choice. I know we agree that psychiatry is a deadly hoax. Take care,

  • oldhead,
    Whatever restrictions, would need to be discussed and voted on by the people, and other issues as well , rather than being imposed from above by the people who have stolen everything or anyone else. The people will have to decide how to get there from here through discussions and voting . If discussions and voting are not seen as important and people don’t care enough about mutually guaranteed survival, the “elite” will only accelerate culling operations by many various means. Meanwhile we still have to chop wood and carry water.
    What do you think of the idea’s in the Health Freedom declaration , that particular organization, and if they could protect people from forced psychiatry the way they are written or with some modification ? I think they are important enough to give them more than a casual look. It’s up above in my oct. 13 comment with the link just below that. Thanks,

  • One of the things in life that might last forever is the everlasting joy of having broken free from psychiatry’s and pharma’s death grip . It’s been 10 years so far . The key is understanding your enemy better than they understand themselves, growing stronger,and zapping back , by doing your best to free others from their clutches even if it’s only one person at a time .

  • Frank,
    Isn’t supporting the Health Freedom declaration from 2006 a way to go into reverse on the medicalization or at least the coercive medicalization? Also if enough people did support it wouldn’t it help realize the anti-psychiatry goal of abolishing at least coercive psychiatry ? I would be interested in your thoughts on this . Also the thoughts of other commenters.
    Thanks , Fred
    The declaration is printed out above in my Oct.13 comment.

  • Thanks for replying so clearly uprising . Did you ever notice how hard the elite work to keep the people isolated from each other ? Maybe it means communes need to be started maybe supported by organic farming. Who has the funds for that ?
    Anyways as far as our issues go it seems clear to me , how anti- psychiatry and Health Freedom can both work together to possibly ,remove coercive psychiatry from existence and prevent another entity from picking up their activities.That is if enough people get active about it. That is our best realistic chance I believe. I am also concerned about ruthless big pharma developing even deadlier poisons to force on the population . They make the tobacco cartel seem like charitable organization.

  • I like this blog and anyone who could put there time in as a project director for a Soteria House.
    Seems this blog could be looked at for a long time and many new and different , or rehashed old ideas would easily come to mind upon each rereading.
    The idea of dams or blockages to the natural flow , and then even more blocking , Mother Nature’s natural flow will inevitably burst those dams . Within a human being only so much bullshit can be spun before the whole system rebels and seeks a new equilibrium . In a society is there not a point where if more and more people are in a situation where oppression is clearly growing that a tipping point is reached and people know without saying enough is enough and soon revolution just breaks out . Are these corrections not in the interests of survival , whose lives are lost or ruined while the blockages remain ? Whose lives are lost or ruined with the inevitable bursting of these dams ? Is it just a matter of where are the tipping points and the various factors or levers, people /and /or computers/ and /or think tanks believe they can pull . Are these pullers of levers elected or self appointed. If self appointed how many people outside of themselves are they willing to sacrifice to try and keep a status quo in place they feel is beneficial to themselves . Most especially if they can print unlimited funds , and as we know absolute power corrupts absolutely can we not expect them to be willing to sacrifice an unlimited number of lives ? Or is this all about the” best laid plans of mice and men” or” who are they all in their high conceit when man in the bush
    nature doth meet “.
    Or as Omar Khayyam once said ” Enjoy what little time yee yet may spend before yee too into dust descend. ”
    Seems to me that those who carefully try to live ” What is hateful unto thee, do it not unto another” while walking their talk and using their talents to create a reality that first does no harm to anyone are the people I am least afraid of. The purveyors of pseudoscience in the multitude of areas for profit and control present a real problem.
    Just someone who was electroshocked and cannot match the creative brainpower of the writer of this blog . But once there was a time when I could .I’m 70 now and I love being alive and drug free.

  • What about restricted capitalism with agreed limits on income so a few can’t run off with the whole monopoly game?
    I lived on a kibbutz in Israel for 11 months starting 2 months after the 6 day war in 1967 when I was 21 years old, was a voting member. My suggestion for the new name of the kibbutz was voted for . We had under 50 members . We voted on everything. Best system to live in I ever experienced. Still ended up in the loony bin . What can I say. People don’t listen to each other and don’t have time to hear each other out anywhere I’ve been. Anyways had mercury poisoning but was unaware of it . That will get you in some kind of a loony bin under any system in the world and in any country most likely. Finally got it taken care of fully by the time I was 60 years old. I’m 70 years old now . 10 years removed from all pseudo scientific psychiatric “treatments ” or Pseudo scientific dental treatments, also free of AMA pseudo scientific medical treatments
    Corina and mad mom are right about individuals starting their own business . Saez may be a wise man in many ways but his and other peoples malingerer rants are for the most part bullshit . No one knows everything . Anyways how do you super anti- capitalists support yourselves ? Live off Mommy ? We all know we have a better chance of driving a semi truck through the eye of a needle then of ending capitalism in the USA.Yeah ,I know about the federal Reserve and Jekyll Island. What happens to the psychiatrically oppressed meanwhile and others also. Maybe the young people have the right idea . google 4 non blondes what’s up live

  • Attention Joanna Moncrieff MD,
    People in America with diagnosis are on the cusp of being locked up or forcibly injected in their homes for attempting to shave their meds to avoid sleeping all day and/or feeling zombified.Many of the drugs are time release and coated so the can’t be shaved safely . You really believe psychiatrists have a right to do this to people making them feel more dead than alive forcefully and then saying nonsense about underlying “mental illness “is to blame . Do you realize the actual role of 53% mercury dental amalgams cause a wide spectrum of mental phenomena that gets diagnosed in 1 in 15 people who have them in there mouths. Look up Dr. Chris Shade founder of He himself had 17 amalgams in his own mouth and was mercury poisons . Please investigate this deeply for the sake of millions of lives I beg you . I my self had 15 of them installed in my mouth . After their removal and other dental care according to Hal Huggins DDS protocols I experienced immediately the most powerful positive transformation of my life. See also Dr. RAU of the Paracelsus Klinic his own website Please investigate I have and experienced . This is for real . Too many have ignored this piece of the puzzle . I haven’t.
    Thank you , Fred Abbe
    Help save the people don’t perpetuate pseudo scientific diagnosis.

  • Actually within any mental hospital I found myself in ,involuntary or otherwise the rebellious nature of McMurphy like anti-authoritarian/ anti-psychiatry definitely made a showing . I and others made sure of it .And that was even years before the movie came out or any awareness by me of any book or that any movements existed .With half a dozen escapes under my belt , from 3 different mental institutions . Ridgeway Hospital at least once, Reed Zone Center at least 3 times, both in Illinois, and from a former prison mental institution in Akko , Israel 2 times, the second time after they tortured and experimented on me after recapturing me. I tried to organize everyone for a mass escape , One inmate called me Castro . Also was involved in covering up 3 escapes by others including aiding one woman in her escape, one in each of the 3 “institutions” I mentioned.
    Within this year I visited someone very close to me locked up against her will behind 2 locked doors on a psych floor of a hospital here on the Oregon Coast. Women have that brave McMurphy spirit to, even more so . In a group headed by a nurse , the inmate ( Miss McMurphy we’ll call her ,to protect the innocent)(heres what happened as she told me later) brought up in discussion,” Why do you force medications on children? Nurse, “We’re doing that to keep them from killing themselves.” Miss retorted ” They’re killing themselves to get away from you , Nurse Ratched !.” . The other inmates in the group started laughing and Miss had her arm wrenched back by a psychiatrist . As she was drinking some cool water out of a styrofoam cup, it poured onto the psychiatrist. On a different day she came out of her room naked and announced “It’s the Emperor’s new clothes .”
    Well , they brought her to “trial” ( I saw it all , in the hallway and sitting in the peanut gallery, up until I spoke out and they “escorted” me out of the “court room” ) in Roseburg Oregon ,her commitment hearing, in blue uniform ,a 2 guard escort , in Hannibal Lector full waist, hand and foot shackles . The only thing missing was the hockey mask. They had pre -arrangements, kangaroo court style ,and were dead set on committing her for at least 6 months into the State Insane Asylum where I believe the movie Cuckoo’s Nest was actually filmed . I believe it used to be called Dammasch Insane Asylum.
    Miss had a public defender in on the Kangaroo, testimony was by live amplified telephone calls by cop, social worker, and psychiatrist. All Lied, the psychiatrist testified under oath by telephone that Miss had poured hot coffee on him. A cop testified she only hung out with other mentally ill people and smoked pot ( which is legal in Oregon). The judge asked the social worker whether and where Miss was going in for counseling . The social worker said she was not. That’s when I yelled out loudly from the peanut gallery, yes she was ,the phone number and name of a different social worker in an adjoining county she was seeing.I even called the judge “your Honor”. He had me escorted from the gallery by 2 officers. Once in the hallway I told the guards I had to speak out . One smiled at at me and said “I know you did.”
    Today Miss and I are safe taking things day by day. I have Miss’s permission to post this .

  • ” For every human being is part of the single soul that is the spirit of the universe.” ( The Thirteen Petalled Rose by Adin Steinsaltz )
    I read your blog again and followed the link by your picture (coaching people coming off psychiatric drugs).Seems you are, in a sense occupying psychiatry , being and living the change you want to see happen, using your considerable understanding and your talents without compromise . You are very brave and we are very fortunate to have you blogging here. The help you offer to people is priceless.

  • To me the word psychiatry itself is abuse. It is the blind from birth cyclops ,unleashed by the oligarchs upon the people including the children. It is a form of virulent unregulated, government owned by oligarchs ,systematic abuse . The blog rings with truth everyone should know,and too many of us have experienced, but advocating that some variety of psychiatry , a reformed psychiatry, a “true psychiatry” (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) is the answer, is false and it seems could only be put forth in this manner by someone that does not actually understand the psychiatric industry.Apologies yes, reparations yes , kindness and friendship yes , jail sentences yes, payback yes , no more child abuse tolerated , no more wars for Oligarch profit, no more coercion,no more oppression, and no more psychiatry.

  • How willing/able are you to shelter/ hide a friend pursued by psychiatry if they show up at your door in search of sanctuary ? How do we stop psychiatry in real time from picking people off one by one ? Whether there is immediate success or not, many of us that understand Psychiatry from experience “at the point of the spear” know beyond any doubt we will fight them , to the best of our ability and understanding , whether there is unity or not , because we know beyond words that psychiatry is worse than death and it represents the enslavement of humanity . Psychiatry’s falseness is so profound and such a horrible coercive tool as it serves oppressors, that it is natural as rain , for the sake of human life , to vigorously oppose psychiatry unto it’s demise , by all who love freedom.

  • At this point it makes sense to me that we should turn the lies psychiatry and pharma tell everybody, against them.This will unite huge numbers of people including us ,demanding and expanding basic fundamental human rights which are necessary for everyone’s survival . For example take the lie that psycho – pharma, is part of some kind of real health care ,when it is obvious it is part of a coercive behavioral population control alternating open air /institution complex .I propose since they’ve put so much effort to create this hoax we can turn it back on them by adding ourselves to the ranks of the Health Freedom Movement and helping it grow , if we feel it is truly for the benefit of humanity. See below — World Health Freedom Assembly 2006 –was adopted Sept. 29th & 30th–2006 St. Paul Minnesota–International Declaration of Health Freedom
    We Declare That
    Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world.
    Among the inalienable rights are not only the right to life , liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but also the right to health, well being, and survival.
    Health is a state of physical, mental, spiritual, and personal social well-being, and not the absence of disease or infirmity.
    In order to secure the right to health, a human being must be able to exercise his/her fundamental right to privacy and self-determination and the right to make personal choices in pursuit of health,healing, well-being and survival.
    The right to choose requires that every individual holds the right to ultimately decide whether to obtain or reject any health treatment, research, or advice.
    In order to fully exercise the fundamental, right of privacy and self-determination, full access to health care practitioners, healers, researchers, treatments, services, products, devices, substances and information sources of their choice must be protected and preserved for each member of the human family.
    Full access to health care practitioners, healers, researchers,treatments,services,products,devices,substances and truthful information is an inherent and fundamental right and is independent of the actions of any government or other regulatory public or private bodies.
    There exist world-wide diverse healing arts theories, practices, treatments, substances,and modalities that are deemed by people to contribute to their health and well being,whether by one human or by many and they need to be protected and available to all members of the human family.
    The global adoption of these principals will strengthen the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world.

    I’ll put up some links later. Seems to me this could sit well with most everybody .

  • You pick a psych drug poison , say Zyprexa for example . You find at least 3 people who have really been strung out on it for at least a year or more, on more than a minimal dose . If they managed to wean off and are now off that particular poison and are totally psych-drug free and are also medical drug free . If they use or used first do no harm methods like Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy ,included home made herbal extracts,vitamins , Energy healing methods, wilderness tripping etc. , in a safe place with one or more friends for support . Have figured a strategy for dealing with “mental health professionals and the pharma system” meanwhile to keep them off their back. We want to hear their stories in detail, related live ,with them open to questions from an audience .At least 3 such people for each drug poison , or drug poison cocktail. How they dealt with and how much recovering if any from high voltage shocks if any of them have achieved it. All these people should be the featured up front speakers.
    The so called salaried “professionals” that have made some bucks , even if a minority have been on psych drugs or are still on them .And I’m not saying they can’t be of some benefit, but not to the extent of real survivors of long term hell, like myself. Instead of rethinking psychiatry so much, let them finance and open up an underground compound pharmacy where all the drug poisons can be made available as titrated liquids in various doses for those that want to wean off the poison drugs safely over time.We need available liquid titrated poison psych drugs with or without scripts, for those in need . Safe houses too ,with organic food and distilled water available , good books, music etc.
    Now that’s the way to design a seminar .

  • Olga,
    So well said . I’m reminded of a line from a song Joan Baez used to sing.
    “There but for fortune go you or I.”
    ” ….and even more reason to carry on the battle that Matt was a part of.”
    In solidarity,

  • It’s a dead end road studying the conventional psychiatric writings that most all psychiatric mainstream “professionals” get their “knowledge” from . Just look at what kind of a trap the vast majority of these “professionals” have got themselves and us into . Voltaire said, ” Those that believe in absurdities will commit atrocities .” Clearly they have done that ,they do that , and they will continue to do that for I don’t know how long .They are connected to a ,government controlled by oligarchs ,controlling mainstream media,population surveillance ,policing, ,educational systems, food adulteration , Quality of air , and water , eugenic population weakening and culling “every which way but loose”, through administration of chemical and biological concoctions advertised as “health giving medicines”, food & water “additives “, pest control agents, and through sweeping away most all human protective regulations that limit the outrages the oligarch owned industries commit . Psychiatrists are the dealers of some of these poisons , can inject them into the bloodstream, force poison pills down people’s throats , Electrify their brains etc .Psychiatrists 100 percent pseudo science . Medical doctors at least 66 2/3 % pseudo science . MAYBE not as much forcefully applied pseudo science by AMA medical people and ADA dentists . But certainly more than most people realize or allow themselves to believe.
    It is much more productive to deeply study Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy ,Yuen Method ( an , advanced energy healing system). Read and study what survivors say here at MIA . Learn and ask them questions . Find someone that’s survived something like your going through, by using first do no harm means .Try to learn something from them . You probably don’t have to totally reinvent the wheel. But if you study this stuff you’ll be able to if necessary .
    Inspire yourself listen to the song 4 Non Blondes-What’s Up-YouTube

  • That wailing wall with all the names on it of people tortured, maimed, or/and killed by coercive quackery under the guise of “medical care” (today it’s Rockefeller Medicine) , would probably extend 100 times longer in length then the Great Wall Of China and longer than that if names of the casualties of wars engineered by the oligarch’s were included . Truth be known not many names could be excluded from that wall . Vaccinations to the newborn, the initiation ceremony to the “wonderful” world of medical quackery , rising coercion ,realize that before you can even speak they claim the right to inject poisons into your bloodstream.
    And yet there exists Traditional Naturopathy , nature , and maybe the possible escape into the wilderness.

    At the above link don’t miss reading the International Declaration of Health Freedom which can be found by scrolling down to the year 2006. It’s wonderful ! (Even though psychiatry has nothing whatsoever to do with health except stealing it , the Health freedom movement has the potential to provide some freedom for psychiatry’s victims (in light of all the multi generational brainwashing that’s transpired)as well as allopathic medicines victims : past, present, and future. If enough people support it, that is.

  • And yet psychiatry remains as pure 100% unadulterated bullshit.
    Even though psychiatry has nothing to do with health
    more people would benefit in regard to freedom if we all joined the main health freedom movement which eventually could grow into massive demonstrations demanding freedom in our own choices free of all coercion with the freedom to reject pseudo science whenever and in whatever field the oligarchs are financing and inserting it in .