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  • Great Blog and follow up idea’s.
    Today 03/17/2017 on Ralph Nader was interviewed and mentioned his new book “Breaking Through Power”. I haven’t got it yet but from what Nader said about it , there may be idea’s in it that can help us, for example . He said it was more important to speak face to face to governmental officials when they show up at local town meetings than to have a small demonstration . I don’t know if he’s right or not .

  • At one time when phoney medicines were sold the seller was tarred and feathered and run out of town . Today the descendants of these same charlatans are protected by laws while a regular citizen is not , to the point where the snake head guilds, can force their deadly concoctions down our throats or directly into our bloodstreams . They accomplished this by commandeering the great benefits of sanitation and refrigeration and shifting the credit to their mostly worthless concoctions , putrefactions , deadly vaccines , and heavy metal installations. Rockefeller’s father sold snake oil out of the back of a horse drawn wagon and was likely tarred and feathered himself .Seems obvious to me that his son J. Rockefeller the oil man took revenge on everybody funding phoney medical schools pushing oil based “medicines “. Anyways the magnitude of the crimes against humanity committed by AMA “doctors ” and ADA dentists as well of course as APA psychiatry , and today the pharma companies mainly (totally run amuck) staggers the imagination of anyone that looks into this vast swamp of medically induced sickness and murderousness , poisoning and deception for $$$ .
    The hope lies in people becoming true friends with each other ,real organic food , no vaccinations , no heavy metal dental work , cleaning the environment of deadly poisons , fresh air , exercise , clean water , understanding the principles and value of Traditional Naturopathy and other first do no harm modalities. The movement for Health Freedom is still being fought in many health food stores and organic farms and organic gardens around the country where for many anti-psychiatry is taken for granted and medical intervention is only accepted by many for emergency physical trauma . Enough soldiers have been wounded or died fighting wars to enrich heartless oligarchs. This drive to keep people on the battlefield and to ensure more recruits is why modern medicine does know how to deal with physical trauma. Pretty much every thing else is better dealt with by natural modalities outside of mainstream orthodox pharma driven medicine .The battle for our natural rights must win out over tyranny in all areas . By the way Dr. Healy if you force a course of 15 electro shock treatments on yourself you will understand why this criminal practice must be abolished as well as coercive psychiatry .

  • I respect your story and believe you are doing good.for yourself and others. My story points to another approach, which may be useful to many people, After over 30 years of a non-stop speeding mind ,hearing voices mostly unwanted and without them 99% of the time clearly explaining anything, sometimes seeing tracings of images of people in the air after having conversations with them. Going through sleepless terror states , spiritual messiah mental journeys, fearful scary mental journeys, diagnosed the S word and then Manic Depressive ,than Bipolar Depressive. Drugged with thorazine , halidol, cogentin , stelazine , and electro-shocked and hospitalized more times than I could count, even physically escaped institutions 5 times , I persisted to try to understand why and what was happening to me . The fact that I could see no justice in it and that my life was at stake drove me to seek answers .
    It was into my fifty’s after searching for so long, that I finally had the finances made available to me to try an expensive option that seemed promising to me . I went to an advanced Hal Huggins trained dentist and had my 15 53% mercury so called silver amalgams removed as well as root canals removed ,(all metal totally removed ) By the time it was over infections removed ,all teeth eventually removed , false teeth made, all costing $5800. I was reborn , it was amazing , no voices , no fear , no drugs , clear relaxed thinking or a quiet mind as needed , NO SLEEP PROBLEMS, I could even fall asleep sitting in a chair or meditate easily if I chose to. I realized this sense of being is the promise of what a birth as a human being must be about .
    I know many might say , I’m glad it worked for yooou ! But I say experience definitely trump’s corporate pseudo science . And I rather be dead then lie to people suffering even anything close to the hell I’ve been through . I’m convinced many millions of people all over the world are suffering like hell because of the main stream dental poisons installed in their mouths . Certainly there are other injectable and edible poison hazards sold as medicines to American’s and to other peoples elsewhere . Sadly there is no official real citizen oversight. We must tell each other . There is too much corporate guild government protected pseudo-science for profit and power over others , loudly blared, drowning out most all of the real science out there . We must rely on each other for usable info.

  • You all from Mad in Aotearoa strengthen us here at Mad in America reminding us that had any justice prevailed in our relations with the indigenous peoples of America including their viewpoints respected , such an oppressive entity as psychiatry could never have arisen into existence. Now the whole world is threatened by a pseudo-scientific pharma-medical-psychiatric -dental- agricultural-chemical-and biological totalitarian therapeutic state of affairs . They hunt us, we can see them, like scum risen to the top, they are in a hot air balloon filled with pseudo science enforced by coercion , overloaded and ready to burst .

  • Any objective observer ( and I also lost my dad due to the AMA Medical Hoax, followed by the Nursing Home Hoax, both fortified by the Psychiatric Hoax, topped off by the Hospice Hoax, all supported by the Pharmaceutical Hoax) would have to conclude rapid robbery ,ATM style while time release murder proceeds in a poorly disguised Eugenic continuation .
    They know families are disbursed and are very unlikely to organize home care that provides a team of people to help someone . The nursing homes are at first verbally friendly but since your family member once signed up, has now become in effect their property (from their real point of view.) They will use that ATM machine as they please in a manner convenient to themselves, any inconvenience will be Tranquilized to obtain compliance to the point of unconsciousness.
    Many answers lie within Traditional Naturopathy and the willingness of people to organize, team up, and care for each other . The” merciful symbol of modern medicine” the staff coiled by a snake really must mean the “staff”, the human being , Squeezed to death by coils of the anaconda snake. (after being robbed of course.) Sorry, it is what it is but people need to be warned.

  • There is not even one instance of any Amish children getting diagnosed with ADHD when raised within their community where the common practice is to NOT ALLOW VACCINATIONS . As we know guild protected employees don’t allow and aren’t allowed to let truth or real science get in the way of cash flow no matter what the human cost. I’m certain if real studies and real science were done psychiatry and big pharma would be openly exposed to be as deadly to human life as bubonic plague was in medieval times .

  • Sandra, If your primary goal is to wean as many people off of the toxic poisons your profession calls meds and to unlabel the humans and free them from the pseudo science you make a living from then you can pass this message to the true believers in psychiatry. Better than slow psychiatry is NO PSYCHIATRY . Educate yourself for real instead of trying to teach. Learn Traditional Naturopathy, Homeopathy, become real and ask those who have survived the electric gestapo chemical drug atrocity to teach you something so you don’t continue to wander around in the academic swirl of nonsense for profit and delusional self praise under a guise of humility.Sincerely , Fred

  • Psychiatry, Modern AMA Medicine ( Certainly the insurance covered modalities available to the majority of people) the toxic drug manufacturing cartel , the government , the brain washing media , are conducting some kind of hybrid ,physical, chemical ,heavy metal, biological ,electronic ,electrical , information FUBARing, WAR AGAINST TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY AMONG THE POPULATION ! Profits being made at every turn and ratcheted action without consideration or acknowledgement of the human suffering caused has become routine . ANTI-PSYCHIATRY is not enough, but still I am encouraged by this blog . Only an awakened population together can overcome this man made for profit tragedy.

  • The article reiterates for me what my eyes and ears have seen and heard . Nurse Ratched ,many of them are alive and well, in ever growing numbers as part of the team , one essential shock troop ingreedient of the compliance police, commanded by the criminal tyrannical pseudo scientific psychiatrists and many AMA doctors , all serving the FUBAR Eugenic Pharmaceutical Cartel owned by the Oligarchs intent on making money off of the great culling by first making sick the population and controlling the survivors within compliance as they themselves hide their own fear from themselves of an awakened population bringing justice to them in their hideouts.

  • So besides an underground railroad we need to know how to create our own documents , an underground like the French Resistance , see movies “Z” and “Battle of Algiers”.. How can I think like this ? Well it comes naturally to one that’s had 15 electric shock “treatments” forced on me and 52 years later in this Murphy climate woke up in the middle of a night mare of and during an electric shock “treatment” just the night before last. I told no one but I’m telling you.
    (In the category of you can’t handle the truth) >–targeted-for-elimination.html

    Browse the site while you’re there . I don’t agree with everything said there but there is very much useful info.

  • Heard on my car radio while driving in Eugene ,Oregon around 7 PM on the 6th of December by someone working for psychiatry and in power at Sacred Heart Hospital ,on “behavioral health” announcing that 1/3 of the people in Lane County have the S word and the other Ma,,,Dep,,,,,, word and serious MI words and that the solution for this is ” AGGRESSIVE CASE MANAGEMENT” then that 42 woman were held in jail cause there was no room in the hospital and that the conditions were terrible but the Sheriff said that the conditions were not so bad . I did make calls and filibustered Sen. Wyden’s aid for some time and was told they would send me a letter.I said I’d be willing to explain some more if they allowed me to .White House house phone # 202 456 1111 has been busy . Dec. 7 2016 .

  • Is it possible that do to the prejudice felt by so many in our society and the hugh amount that still exists that all kinds of people who have felt its oppression including myself as a Jewish man perhaps not to the degree that POC and others etc. have been subjected to in present day America . Is it not true many POC and others do not want to be identified as having been diagnosed on top of the prejudice that they already get and would not want to speak of it here on MIA or any other public place because it could more negatively impact various opportunities in their lives. Also that many POC and others work in the “Mental Health” and ‘nursing home’ or AMA Health field and they see discussions exposing psychiatry for the hoax that it is and talk of anti -psychiatry as a threat to their incomes or a threat to any family members they have that have been captured by the Electro Pharma Psychiatric Industrial Complex? I know as a person 69 years old who has never all my life hid that I have been in mental institutions and have escaped many times from them what a price there is to be paid in lost opportunities . The record follows me around anyways . Besides I’m of the Bob Dylan school of “watch your parking meters don’t follow leaders”. I’m of the middle ground of “neither a leader nor a follower be “. I’ve experienced enough in life to know for a fact that no human being is infallible.I try as best as I can to think for myself while I do study idea’s from the wisest people I can find . Sorry I don’t find totally accurate information on where racism is or is not from the writers of this blog . Blanket accusing everyone , then dictating mandatory conditions , implying then we can work together in great numbers . Frankly I don’t believe it , nobody will ever lead me but myself , I don’t and cannot trust people I never met and have spent time with but I’m brave enough to try and be of help to my fellow human being without asking them for money.My experience in life is vast and nobody can make me believe it’s irrelevent and that all of a sudden as someone whose saved people of color lives and had my life saved by people of color that I’m some kind of racist .I guess I’ve said enough.

  • Just because perhaps working in the so called “behavioral health” field is the only option you have , or feel you have , to put food on the table for YOUR FAMILY. And probably oligarch policies left only that path or paths like it open. As they also have captured countless of victims whose human rights have been confiscated ,brainwashing many as I was at one time. The facts remain electro-pharma-psychiatry grows more deadly , attacks more and more people from the cradle to the grave , is slavery, oppression, torture, pseudo science, and a hoax. Oligarch financed and applied pseudo science in many areas constitutes the greatest threat to human life on the planet. The growth of Forced-Pharma-Electro- Psychiatry now, as a waterfall of government laws mandating it threatens to move into play and to gradually engulf anyone not working compliantly as an employee of it. The engulfing is also going on with AMA so called medicine and conventional ADA dentistry. The Oligarchs Therapeutic and Free use of Deadly Chemicals State in light of growing poverty absence of Clean Food & Water,Medical ,and Health FREEDOMS is being used to control and cull , and drug the population of people keeping us in a weakened state. Anti- Psychiatry is only part of the solution .Working together while leading ourselves regardless of who we are is also a part. So is accurate information.Read Edwin Black’s book” War Against The Weak” and Bonnie Burstow’s book” Psychiatry And The Business OF Madness”. Help each other out whenever needed whenever possible . Our only help may be each other .

  • Iden Campbell McCollum, CPRP

    My father started talking to me about the Holocaust and how he felt and his experiences and naming the family members that were exterminated and telling me how he tried to pay back the Nazi’s as much as he could but it was not enough , and he would tell me what he would do with the Nazi’s that killed his family members if he could capture them , ever since I was 5 years old and when I cried he told me I was a soft boiled egg. Anyways as my dad was the angriest man I ever met I also grew up to be very angry . At some point I recognized that sustained anger and thoughts of revenge were starting to turn me into what I hated .I could not give my enemies that victory. Along the way I found it natural to feel empathy and identify with oppressed peoples including Native Americans and Black people and others of color. I greatly admired the genius of Mahatma Gandhi. Somehow all their stories as I understood them became my stories in addition to my own and I referred to them in my conversations with others. And I knew that at some foundational level all people were brothers and sisters but they for the most part didn’t understand it or couldn’t get there . At the age of 5 my dad first told me ” Fred, this world is a whore .” Many years went by before I understood what he was trying to tell me .I asked my dad why up until the age of 2 my first name was Samuel and that after coming to America it became Fred . He said , You never know in life you may have to hide and with a name like Fred if they start hunting Jewish people you may have a better chance to survive. I’ve never hidden that I am Jewish and proud of it nor that I have a history of being diagnosed . I have paid a price for it . My dad advised me not to be an open book. Probably I should have heeded his advice on that one. This idea of co-opting another’s experience has never crossed my mind in all my life of 69 years . I just see connections everywhere. Don’t they say to thine own self be true and it follows you cannot be untrue to another? I’m well aware that Black people are in the frontlines fighting for what is ultimately freedom for all . Likewise are Native Americans . If we cannot at least find meaningful ways as people who advocate anti-psychiatry to support Black Lives Matter as well as Native Americans at Standing Rock we can’t even begin to hope for any kind of support withstanding the coming storm. Best Wishes, Fred

  • My mother a Polish Jewish woman who became Holocaust Survivor was 5 years a prisoner of the NAZI’s Spent years in the Lodz ghetto and 2 weeks in Auschwitz itself where she watched her mother come out of crematorium chimney as smoke .She was also a forced labor prisoner in other parts of the concentration camp complex. She gathered coal in buckets and was chained to a machine forced to make bullets. She survived 14 selections .Mira Smazanovichuvna was the sole survivor of her European family. There is not even a picture of her father anywhere that exists… my grandfather.
    My Dad a Jewish man lost 76 members of his European family counting relatives ..Only he and one sister survived ( My dad helped her and her husband escape the gulag in Siberia). He was a Polish soldier fighting the Nazi’s . He ended up in the push toward Berlin doing reconnaissance commanding 60 Polish soldiers under the Russians as they pushed toward Germany .Henry Abbe was among the soldiers that liberated Majdanek concentration camp near Lublin . He was wounded twice in battles.
    When my parents talked, my mother laughed at the Polish army my dad was in . She’d say ” They had horse’s “. And she clearly told him what he went through was nothing compared to what she experienced. And he pretty much agreed.
    But my mother told me after I’d gone through 33 years of going through extreme states and psychiatric tortures including feeling electro – shock without anesthesia , numerous hospitalizations , chemical lobotomy with thorazine ,and having experiments done on me, being mercury poisoned by dentistry all along . She said to me ” You really went through something”.
    In fact my mother and her best friend Hela Jacabouvichuvna also a Holocaust survivor, when I was born in Frankfurt , Germany soon after World War 11 , held me after my birth up together at the tips of there arms and fingers toward the sky ( I saw the Photo) much like Kunta Kente held Chicken George up in his arms toward the sky in Alex Hale’s film portrayal of Roots.
    I’m sorry it’s so hard to see how a white psych survivor could call psychiatry a form of slavery without taking anything away or denigrating the Black experience ? And how that which should bring people closer ends up being a barrier to fighting our common enemy’s together .

  • Just for a moment to look at the intensifying of oppression from a real time present starting place and seeing that it is growing to include more individuals -the total number of oppressed people is growing higher -especially if we understand the stealth oppression of the Therapeutic State including not only APA psychiatry but also AMA mainstream medical care , and ADA dentistry , Government and Pharma Cartel sanctioned for the benefit of Oligarch control and wealth accumulation . Also numerous other enterprises controlled by the oligarchs. How is this done? The wealthiest part of 1% pay little if any tax . For example Boeing Company pays only 7% on billions in profit while a middle class worker pays 35% of their income. Meanwhile because of a taxing shortfall the country’s infrastructure is in disrepair . With a Trump as President further lowering taxes on the powerful wealthy . The wealthy are presented as the heroes by coming in and being offered the chance to fix the dilapidated infrastructure by buying it at distressed prices ( including roads and bridges) hospitals , schools, library’s, national parks, and eventually all the commons etc. So we have a greater divide and conquer of the people to cover up the “The Great for the most part White Oligarch Privatization on Steroids”. Just a view of what’s happening while we bicker among ourselves. I guess some of us like myself are not even looked upon as equals in our own family having been diagnosed, so how can we even be thinking we can be accepted by any part of society to the point they honestly address our concerns . We very much like Native American’s did facing insurmountable odd’s , are seeking a ghost dance to perform that will save us . Many becoming worker’s for the system . While oppression grows as we are unable to work together in numbers great enough to effect a rollback of oppression even though we far outnumber the oligarchs and they are afraid of us and will spend great amounts of treasure to keep us divided.

  • Psychiatry is slavery, oppression, torture , pseudo science , and a hoax . My lived experience has shown me that . That me describing my experience hurts people who have suffered far more and paid an even higher price I’m sorry but I have been pushed far beyond what I could endure and can not water down the narration of my experience but will try to stand in solidarity with human rights advocates and activists around the planet and save lives wherever I can. If I had the ability to show up at Black Lives Matter demonstrations and at Standing Rock I would do so . If I could bring down the oligarchs I would do so also . I’m sorry there is such an endless stream of issues which keep people apart from the solidarity needed to fight the oppression closing in on so many vulnerable people first and the rest of us eventually. Thanks for the blog.

  • If a psychiatric survivor who was captured by psychiatry for near 40 years finally escaping it’s clutches like myself —- and I can demonstrate how others can more effectively help themselves ( concerning extreme states) by many methods just as valuable if not more so than open dialog.Is it right for the lived experience info I can offer to be dismissed as anecdotal by those academics pushing the one or two trick pony’s of therapy and open dialog as the only answers to extreme states who many times have no substancial long duration lived experience at the point of psychiatry’s spear nor comprehensive knowledge of how to help other’s escape from it nor even the desire in some cases to even do so.
    One explanation of even more value than the conventional drum beat. Under -about – look at FAQ .
    “The Yuen Method is the resulting product of ancient Chinese Shaolin temple energy harnessing methods combined with the knowledge that anatomy, physiology,structural analysis,energetic techniques,quantum physics and Qi and Shen
    Gong collectively offer. The Yuen Method was created by Dr. Kam Yuen as a result of his lifelong study and experience with martial arts, nutritional therapy, homeopathy and in-depth experience as both a structural engineer and doctor of chiropractic.
    The underlying premise of the Yuen Method can be explained as follows. Your body is best thought of as a biological computer. It is a miraculous piece of high tech equipment and it is time we started treating it as such. But when you buy a computer or any piece of equipment for that matter , it always comes with a manual. Something that gives you instructions on what to do and how to do it. And as they say , life comes with no manual…Or does it ?
    The Yuen Method is your manual!
    Because your body functions much like a computer -you are either on or off, or more specifically “strong or weak” to any given subject matter,person, or scenario in life.
    The Yuen Method shows you how to precisely identify your weaknesses and strengthen yourself accordingly, all without any type of physical contact.These collective weaknesses are the core cause of the differing types of problems we experience in life, whether they are physical,mental,emotional,spiritual,psychic, or psychological.
    There is no doubt that changes in internal, mental energy can create visually measurable external, physical changes. This is most easily explained by the experience of goosebumps. And so it is by energetically strengthening our collective physical,mental,emotional,spiritual,psychological, and psychic weaknesses that we can in fact delete the resulting symptoms they have unknowingly caused us, even preventing those we may have experienced in the future otherwise.
    Strengthening a weakness is much like flipping a switch on a computer. It is instantaneous. If you are weak to to any given thing, you simply make yourself strong. Of course the obvious question then becomes , how exactly does one go about identifying their weaknesses?
    First , one must identify the root source that is causing that weakness. The Yuen Method provides a systematic process enabling you to use the insight you already have in order to identify the deeper core issue(s) that are related to the problems you may be experiencing in life. It is only by precisely identifying the true root cause source of the weakness that it becomes an instant possibility to delete the physically manifested symptoms of that weakness as well as any related fears, phobias,and/or limitations.
    Humans are multi-faceted beings with the aforementioned six levels of conciousness. We are multidimensional and thus need to utilize a multidimensional approach to our own health. That is exactly why the Yuen Method is both incredibly efficient and unique in that it works to ensure that all levels of conciousness are congruent so that weaknesses can be strengthened on all levels, enabling pain to be deleted and goals to be attained immediately.The Yuen Method makes it possible to strengthen our weaknesses and achieve our own infinite potential.
    The path of health,prosperity,integrity,success,and freedom from stress and pain are the birthright of every human being.The insight we need to achieve these things is already inside us. You do not need any special gifts. You don’t need to meditate, be psychic or have any specific religious beliefs. You do not need to rely on expensive health experts to provide you with their high priced opinion. You only need to allow the results the Yuen Method achieves before your very eyes to speak for themselves.”

  • Governmental-Pharma-Psychiatry poisons with toxins and/or burns out with electricity, stifles the individual’s power to gain equilibrium, at the same time force’s ongoing compliance to their negatively evolving pseudo scientific virus program forced on to living human beings.Those touched by it transformed into virtual non person pariah’s or dismissed as anecdotal speakers at best.

  • There were forced sterilizations right here in America, 20 to 40 thousand of them mostly in California in the early 1900’s . Eugenics courses were taught in the colleges including Harvard, Yale , and Princeton etc. Big time at Northwestern University and at least 40 others in the early 1900’s. The precise exact info is in Edwin Black’s book ” War Against The Weak”. Rockefeller & Carnegie financed with $2,000,000 the Institute of Eugenics in Germany which was an inspiration for Hitler who by the way admired American eugenic leaders and as we know eventually surpassed them making them envious of Hitler’s progress . Yes really.

  • –The notion of “pre-Trump” and “post-Trump” is flawed IMO.

    IMO likewise —” Pre-Trump” — Police Officer has told a 50 year old woman asking to be driven to an emergency room 2 miles away “The only way I’ll take you to an emergency room is if you threaten my life.”She looks down at the ground and softly say’s ” I’ll kill you if you don’t take me to the emergency room .” The police tightly cuffs her shoves her into the back of his patrol car and scares her so bad she pee’s herself. The officer yells at her .” Do you know that I have to clean that up ?’ He takes her to the emergency room and reports to the staff ” This woman threatened my life . ” Everything went down hill from there cause from past history she was known as harmless but now with this officers gaslighting she was treated as a potential shooter and unfortunately for her the “Mental Health” authorities supervisor and case manager social worker and psychiatrist were from a county where within the previous 6 months a mass shooting had occurred.

    The pertinent question to ask is– What added measures if any in those counties where mass shootings have occurred , have the local mental health authorities put into effect . It’s as if the Murphy Law is already passed and in effect . But though they surprise knock on your door to threaten you into compliance they don’t yet force their way into your house and inject you . Hospitalized , your asked only 3 main questions “Do you feel suicidal” Do you feel like killing someone” ” Do you hear voices” Seven days of isolation camera’s and mics all around . Very Quantanamo like.
    When I found a qualified lawyer for my loved one , a former state’s attorney She told me that yes the outcomes in commitment hearings are pre- determined and yes they are kangaroo courts. She said if I want to have that coerced threat taken off the record it would be $5000 no payment plan. If I want to prosecute the police officer or police department it would cost $15,000 no payment plan .She said she needs to get paid for her work and that she had already done all the pro bono work she was going to do . Of course we are both on social security incomes with no savings and live month to month. The location – in Oregon, Douglas and Lane Counties fighting for jurisdiction over money I suppose. You think people need sanctuaries Duh ?

    The scapegoat thing for us is a long enduring institution transcending the coming and going of political puppets . Things could get worse anytime regardless and lives are ruined and lost daily . Even human resilience needs a little help from our friends.
    Somehow hope is not lost.
    But where are the doctors that lower doses and help wean off. Where are the sanctuaries of protection from “Mental Health” authorities.

    To paraphrase George Carlin the comedian . ” They call it the American Dream cause you gotta be asleep to believe it.” I say , We also probably have enough Pharma and psychiatrists etc. to put the entire living population of the planet to sleep during daytime hours and gain compliance to anything the authorities desire .

  • When you speak of very disturbing behaviors I assume you’re including mass shootings of innocents . When a guild forces poisons on people ,and calls them medicines when their admitted side effects cause suicidal and murderous feelings , when dosages are increased if someone complains who is it that is insane ? If you asked me what’s happening to many people I would say there is such a phenomena as a perfect storm of variables in countless variable combinations that include numerous toxic substances and mixtures and heavy metals that find their way into the body and brains of all living beings.Some excrete them better then others. Let me digress a moment to explain something. Most of us have heard of Ken Keyes book A Hundred Monkeys .Where if one monkey somewhere on earth begins to rinse some piece of food in the water at the river bank within a short period of time other monkeys even on the other side of the planet begin doing the same thing. We could continue this idea into the Hundred Monkeys of the Oligarchs . For example the Aluminum oligarch was told it would cost him money to safely dispose of the scrapings from the chimneys of his Aluminum smelting operation. He said I’m not paying and instead sold the deadly fluoride derived from the scrapings to be inserted into the drinking water supply all over the country . He says it will harden the bones but in fact it does so to the point of brittleness so when an elder person falls their hip bones can shatter like glass. Besides it also makes people complacent which is why Hitler put it into the water supply of countries he was planning to invade during World War II. Similarly with deadly mercury which is sold for dental amalgam for even our childrens teeth. So we have Oligarchs all over the place disposing of deadly waste products of the industries they own into our bodies and brains . Besides all the oppression and social injustice, poverty, and other trauma is it surprising that we see more severe reactions?
    In addition look at the poisons used in agriculture , and look at the purposeful poisons and negative enginering perpetrated by pharmaceutical cartels and pushed by psychiatric ,medical , and dental employee’s. The next step for the pharma psycho cartel as more and more poisons and oppression enter human lives is to eventually actually see changes in bodies and brains , spin the story and say they’ve finally found the holy golden goose biological indicator in the brain that raises their G-D forsaken guild to even more encompassing control of human beings . They must be stopped therefore ANTI-PSYCHIATRY .

  • The most sane thing I’ve done is escape from psychiatry after trying to escape for decades . My joy over this is boundless . Today as the atrocity of psychiatry rolls over the population as it closes loopholes of escape like a growing rolling snowball real sanctuary withdrawal resources for one isolated and in poverty are impossible to find. It is individual people , survivors the only ones who really understand the urgency who can maybe provide the sanctuary for even one person .It is psychiatry and drug manufacturers and their employee’s who embody through and through a most clear example of organized insanity . Yes I have hope the reign of terror will end . I don’t know when or how many casualties between now and then.
    There is no living without having the rug pulled out from under your feet perhaps a number of times in a lifetime . The trouble is the predators who seek to capture you during a vulnerable time before you can regain your feet and turn you into their personal ATM machine. As we age the nursing homes wait with their neuroleptics to capture us for a final time . The ultimate tragedy is the capture of our children at birth and shortly there after . Such is the nature of the totally insane Therapeutic State . RebelTheCartel
    I’m reminded some where on YouTube is what’s called A Secret Interview With John Lennon. A 14 year old skipping school one day knocked on John Lennon’s hotel room door. Lennon let him in and answered some questions the young person had . It was during a time when Lennon was promoting Peace while Nixon was trying to deport him from the country. To paraphrase Lennon said , “Nixon can’t admit he doesn’t want peace because it would make him more unpopular . So he can’t easily throw me out of the country. You cannot fight them with violence . They know violence and are prepared for it . What they don’t know are peace and humour . They can’t understand them.”

  • Vaccinations , Mercury dental work, food and water with added chemicals , poverty and the elusive living wage, —There’s got to be some social reaction and the ultimate pseudo scientific profit seeking population behavior control catch bag , pharma and it’s psychiatrists, pusher’s of demonically engineered substances from hell shoved down our throats from the cradle to the grave .Hey if it aint them (the psychiatrists) Pharma will still find someone from somewhere to push the stuff for them .Shock and Awe , if the drug don’t get you the fear of prescribers will. We must activate anti-psychiatry better and maybe join it with an anti pseudo science movement . Cause the stuff ( pseudo science that shortens life span and cranks up suffering) is all over the place cause the powerful have converging interests and our well being is not one of them.

  • I was tortured relentlessly by the profit seeking professional pseudo scientific electric pharma psychiatric guild conglomeration from the age of 16 to into my 50’s. Fortunately my survival instincts kicked in and I was able to physically escape at least 5 times from 3 different of their institutions . There were 2 others I could not escape from .
    My problem all along turned out to be dental work done by the pseudo scientific American Dental Association. Silver amalgam actually should be called 53% mercury amalgam. I was mercury poisoned beyond any doubt . Hal Huggins trained dentists saved my life along with the money my parents left me so I could pay them for it. And thanks to the Traditional Naturopathic Doctor Joseph Liss who informed me of the problem.
    One tooth was left in my mouth a back upper right molar . The advanced dentist said the panoramic X-ray showed it was a healthy tooth . I was worried , I couldn’t tell anyone , I was hearing the sound of a gong in the right side of my head . Even when I went into the woods I could still hear it . I finally realized the sound was not from the outside but was going on inside of me. The previous dental work had eliminated sleeplessness ,other extreme state phenomena and voices I had heard for decades. Only this gonging was left. I went back to my Huggins trained dentist and asked him if he would remove that last upper right molar . He said nothing was wrong with it but I really didn’t need it and if I wanted him to he would remove it. I asked him to remove it and after he did he told me he never saw this before . A large pocket of pus directly under the tooth that the Panoramic X-ray did not detect . He cleaned out the pocket according to advanced dental protocol which means besides removing the pus also grinding away with a burr the periodontal ligament.
    I was reborn strong again but unable to really help the millions of human beings captured and tortured by psychiatry after having been also pseudo scientifically “treated” by the American Dental Association dentistry.There really is much more to be said . On YouTube listen to Christopher Shade PHD explain about mercury poisoning. Also on YouTube Russell Blaylock MD retired neurosurgeon.
    There is nothing like lived experience, Health Freedom , and anti-psychiatry.The knowledge of honest people relating lived experience can protect us somewhat from the ravages of the Main Stream Therapeutic State.

  • Thank You Bonnie ! One of the best moves In the “Battle Against Psychiatry” since Chief in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” uprooted and through the sink through a Psychiatric Institution security window . The potential is great and deserves full support . It’s also sure that if the Pharmaceutical Cartel is not widely exposed for what they are which is a group of self-regulated pseudo scientific poisonous drug manufacturing outfits gone amuck, all populations are in danger.

  • Hi Meaghan,
    Your words have a raw honesty that makes me recall Janis Joplin’s singing style and Iris Dement singing her own songs .You somehow combine this level of honesty with the bravery to go on your own Lewis & Clark type expedition . I’ve tried LSD back in the hippy days . There was some kind of reset like while tripping with friends while laying on my back on a grassy raised area at the beach in the evening looking up at the twinkling stars in the sky perception just shifted and I was flying high over a distant city far below me , the twinkling city lights .These days I realize the best strategy is just doing the best I can , then there is no reason to worry cause I’m already doing the best I can and worrying doesn’t help me or anyone else . Also I found a small framed needle point in a resale store that cost me $65 20 years ago . It has a quote I never saw before , ” Sweet are the thoughts that savor of content , a quiet mind is richer than a crown .” A.E.C. 1930 I look forward to reading your blogs and the comments they inspire. I wish you and others a long healthy happy life . Best wishes , Fred

  • Interesting Blog and Comments . Certainly the dominant narrative in so many areas besides and in effect supportive of psychiatry is so extensive that we have virtually an entire country criss crossed with dominant houses of cards . All the false pseudo scientific prominent and dominant houses of cards together require multifaceted oppressive coercive enforcement policies to drive the people to compliance. Finding something you enjoy doing can take your mind off of what is happening to so many all around you and enough money in addition can help cultivate an illusion of freedom and grow capitalism further as more jobs are sent out of the country and more jobs related to control and compliance are created. Real medicine like the AMA , give me a break .

  • Communities of people feeling safe enough and confident enough to speak to each other out of their lived experience will eventually see through and find ways to overcome the oppressive pseudo scientific structures financed by the Oligarchs and rammed down our throats by their foot soldiers “the paid off compliant pseudo-educated loaded with authority puppet class”. (There may hardly be left another way to make a living) Believe it or not these structures include besides the American Psychiatric Association,also the American Medical Association,the American Dental Association , Agriculture and food industry’s , add your favorite, the Oligarchs spread oppression throughout their vast people controlling “enterprizes”.

  • It seems that the coping techniques to the problems of living that we see practiced by those around us don’t solve problems but are just activity used to remain distracted long enough to make it through another day without attracting unwanted attention from authorities because authorities torture people by any means whatsoever , back into accepted distracting and ever more monitored activity or inactivity so that days can pass without attracting more unwanted attention from authorities especially those attentions of the mental death profession. I guess pharma profits will continue to rise . For those that dare try to actually live a life I say good luck .

  • As I remember (bare with me now) before Israel became a recognized state by majority vote of other nations the British who were in control were hanging Jewish freedom fighters fighting for independence. Of course to the British they were terrorists . I guess the old cliche” one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist” would apply to situations like this and others similar disputes. In reply to the capture of members of Urgun and Begin’s organization being hung , the reply was to capture British officers and to hang them simultaneously to the Urgun members being hung .The British were appalled and finally when a large number of British officers were celebrating some event in the King David Hotel it was blown up with many British perishing . Soon after the embarrassed British government and military could no longer justify to their citizens back home in England considering the casualties any reasons for remaining in the middle of a dispute between Holocaust Survivors and other Jew’s on one side and the Arab’s on the other . In any case the British left.

    My point : we must somehow along the way make it impossible for psychiatrists to justify to themselves or their family’s that they should continue to go to “work” as psychiatrists and that they leave there G-D forsaken “profession ” in mass numbers and take up some work that does not involve lording themselves over other human beings . Another word’s if they shock us we must shock them , if they drug us into zombie states with poisons likewise for them etc. Along the way we may have to come to this ,otherwise our family’s, our children, our friends, will all of us , when the water in the pot degree by degree gets hot enough, be the frogs that never left the pot as the psychiatrists and pharma and their groupies become ever more emboldened , inventive , and torturous . You got a better idea , I’m all ears .But for G-d sake don’t censor this it’s just one man’s opinion. Tell me what you think we’re supposed to do in this impossible state of affairs , that doesn’t leave us in the frog pot as the temperature rises .

  • And yet on Sept 8 2016 when I visited the same loved one at Mercy Hospital in Roseburg Or. about an hour expressway Highway 5 drive from Sacred Heart . I saw something “somewhat” different . The ABU GRUB GUANTANAMO ( my name for it) 3 bed crisis unit . The “rooms” are small , stark walls painted a darker shade of eggshell white . No view to the outdoors . A raised 6 ft. by 4ft. waist high platform in the center of the room , a 2 inch mattress in the socket on top the platform . Clean sheets an small pillow on top. There is a switch to turn lights on and off . Camera’s an mics cover entire room . Theres a special room up front attached to small lobby where at least one of two security guards monitor viewing screens at all times .” Meds” are given on time by any means necessary. There is nothing to do . accross the hallway is a room with a toilet and shower . Uniforms are blue strong disposable short sleeve paper pants and top . There is a 20 ft.long 8 ft. wide hallway between the room and the shower room . Sunlight does entirely not enter even indirectly into the space I have described .A paper back book was thrown into the room. Only contact is with staff . It was a really severe sensory depravation torture enviornment my loved had to endure for 7 consecutive days .There were no electrical wires attached to her fingers . Otherwise it reminded me of the photos of ABU GRUB . They did allow me to visit twice . We didn’t know how long this type of torture would be applied .
    She was taken there after 10 days at Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay Oregon followed by a Super Obvious Kangaroo Court finding for a 6 month commitment accused of among other things throwing a half cup of “hot” tea at a psychiatrist not her own as he passed near her at Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay Or.. I heard the “eminent psychiatrist testify by telephone in the Douglas County Court in Roseburg Or. where they transfered my loved one a 51 year old woman ankles shackled together, belt shackle around waist wrists shackled together at front attached to belt shackle . Just like Hannibal Lector but without the face mask . Public Defender was assigned the case the day before and the Choreographed Kangaroo Court Ritual went as previously planned . Of course I was eventually asked by His Honor the Judge to leave the court room . I complied as two 6 ft.+ armed sheriffs were prepared to drag me out if I didn’t exit. Sadly Roseburg Or. recently went through one of those tragic mass shootings and so they are not so friendly toward anyone with any “diagnosis”. And my sweethearts case manager plus other supervising authorities live and work in Roseburg Or. which is also within Douglas County as is Reedsport ,Or. where we live . Yes I have finally contacted a lawyer that might help if I can come up with the do re mi required . How would of all this gone down with a passed Murphy law . I don’t know and I don’t know where there is to go . But I’m sticking with my love .

  • Yes Robert Whitaker , you have trespassed (lit a candle) revealing a pitch black dark assembly of coercive pseudo – scientific charlatans , DSM thumping self-serving unrepentant unrelenting hoax drug and electrical pushing pharma brown nosers delivering customized individualized tortures to human beings from the cradle to the grave : the psychiatrists , would be titled and respected doctors and prestigious money makers and power wielders the memory of whom will one day live only in infamy as the foremost eugenisist flunkies of Oligarch-Plutocracy applying Therapeutic Technological Weaponized Global Corporatism exclusively of for and by the same truly insane , power wielding ” too big to fail “elite” who evidently feel they must try to crush the human spirit of everyone else , cause they themselves are scared shitless of being seen for what they are and ever so fearful of justice catching up with them . Yes Robert Whitaker, and growing numbers trespass with you together strengthening each other as we go forward as the clarifying light reveals what the darkness is made of . Thank you and others for using your clear sight aiming for the benefit of your fellow human beings .

    I meant to say MIA is having an effect . A mental institution facility I visited April of 2016 Sacred Heart in Eugene Oregon had in raised letters on the wall clearly the words BEHAVIORAL CONTROL UNIT. I commented about that here at MIA . 6 months later on Sept. 12 , 2016 visiting the same loved one readmitted to that same unit the sign on the wall had been changed to read BEHAVIORAL HEALTH UNIT . This is not my imagination .I copied the words down carefully with a pen. Also the personal were all a seemingly kind group of female nurses .At the previous visit was a group of wary all male attendants . Not sure what to make of all this . Maybe something to do with the Murphy legislation . Or fear by the facility controllers of follow up inquires and possible negative publicity. Or just a sign of what they plan to do if the Murphy crap passes into law . G-D FORBID.

  • I’m reminded of an experience my dad told he had during World War ll when he led 60 men ahead of the main push toward then Nazi Germany from the Russian side . He was a Polish soldier who after some time after the Nazi blitzkrieg of Poland was left with the choice to fight on the Russian front or go to work in the coal mines of Siberia . He chose to fight . He told me that along the way an old woman approached his men offering them wine to drink . My father insisted she drink first . It turned out to be poisoned .
    If we had the power as individuals to make these psychiatrists “imbibe” first what they offer and have offered us in the way of “treatments” the various neuroleptic poisons etc. over endless time duration and in deadly mixtures plus electricity, the psychiatrists themselves would in short order bury their own beloved “profession” psychiatry along with their DSM’s , deep within the dustbin of history where it has belonged since it’s inception .

  • Kelly,
    Considering the present climate if only all who wished to wean off of pharma psycho making drugs had someone like you to protect and help them under your credential umbrella as well as being able to get personal feedback as wanted from lived experience successful weaner offer’s of drug cocktails as they attempted to realize their dream ,of freeing themselves from DSM(DUMB SHIT MORONIC)
    psychopharmachiatry , organized coercive suspended psychotropic animation ECT etc. For each person actual finding out for themselves the real actual unique cause picture of their predicament would be helpful to them .
    Kelly as I read your blog it screams out to me that you yourself don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be more effective. Go to If you learn YuenMethod from the developer himself or someone he recommends to you it will multiply your understandings to a level that will delight you far beyond your most optimistic expectations . I speak from lived experience and really understand Kam’s wish that at least one member of each family could learn it. Deepak Chopra after a 10 minute session with Dr. Kam Yuen writes in one of his books how amazing was the result . Once learned personal freedom is at a new level. I’m sure it’s one of the most advanced and effective user friendly teachings available on the planet . As Dr. Kam Yuen teaches “something either works or it doesn’t” and even when it works he will say “That’s one approach”. The skills that Dr.Kam Yuen teaches are most compatible with the uniqueness of each individual . It needs to be experienced to be believed and it’s multifaceted levels of non coercively strengthening life forms including human beings of any age and animals etc, which you can learn to do yourself is honestly at the cutting edge of real scientific exploration for the benefit of all people. Is something strengthening you or weakening you at any level ? A weakness can be made strong in the amount of time you believe it can at a subconscious level which you can learn to access and adjust for yourself . When some weakness is of long duration it may take a longer time because more layers like on an onion have been built up over time on top of the original on any unique combination of 6 levels spiritual, psychic, physical, mental, emotional , psychological. Even a child can learn to use this system easier then an adult because many of us adults most especially the pseudo scientifically educated experts with recognized guild credentials , as they pile up the do re mi, have special difficulty shifting perspectives as real individuals discovering important truths all over the planet have to deal with stumbling blocks financed by the resources stolen from the people and wielded by the “top” part of the 1 percent in eugenic cartel enterprises many disguised , advertised , and spun as beneficial to humanity .
    I also wish you Dr.Kelly Brogan would reply to commenters here sometimes because as anti-psychiatry as I am I can still understand the value of many of the natural modality’s which have influenced you . I know of people close to me that could be helped by you. If only there were someone brave and honest like you near where I live in Oregon to protect so many from the coercive psychiatry matrix. Best Wishes, Fred
    If only Health Freedom existed and was non coercively available and affordable for everyone to take or leave as they saw fit. I’m someone almost 70 years old, At least 50 some years of which I was swept away by 3 different guild varieties of coercive pseudo scientific “health care” for profit and suffered like hell. It is truly miraculous the resilience of the human being when we are able to recognize pseudo-science forced or otherwise and walk our own true path away from it even if we are only giving nature half a chance .

  • These days the “medicines” ( and not only the ones that put people in suspended psychotropic animation),and facilities of the pharmaceutical cartels manufacturing them as well as other eugenic and supporting cartels would have to be disposed of as if they were toxic nuclear wastes. I forgot, they dispose of those in the oceans as well . Wendell Holmes, MD (among other things) must not have been a fish eater.
    I guess the government of the 1% is becoming even more toxic to the people as well . Luckily the ocean is big . Fortunately I distill my water .

  • Nomadic
    For the left side stuff google DAMS stands for dental amalgam mercury solutions . Also google Paracelsus Klinic and There’s a good chance your problem is with dental amalgam ,root canals , and or test for cavitations gum area above the upper teeth or below the lower ones . You’ll need a Hal Huggins trained dentist , they have 2 years more training then regular ADA dentists . When you find the DAMS link phone call Leo ( he publishes the newsletter Dental Truth) for his imput on finding a qualified dentist as mentioned above . When you get the dental work done by the right advanced Hal Huggins trained dentist all left side problems you mention should become history . Just my opinion from much lived experience . I don’t get a kick down. Just a humanitarian gesture . Take it or leave it . It is possible I am wrong but I doubt it . I wish this kind of care was available for all in need for free . It’s really corrections of pseudo science ADA dentistry run amuck and the same old guild self protection and denial of truth. good luck , take care ,Fred

  • lectro – pharm – psychotropi – chiatry – neuroleptrified – on ice — iceing on the cake – Murphy’s Kangeroo Law – no child – nobody left behind – new world order style – buried by the shit storm .
    Maybe we can all hide as employees maybe not . Maybe we’ll all really go mad , maybe we already are. How long will this man made shit storm be going on before it passes and how many will fall ?

  • And this r.r is a necessary way forward to that dream . The same link that Will Hall put at the end of his blog.

    In addition for all needing more info. to understand why anti-psychiatry and not just reform . It’s obvious , trying to reform a hoax has been proven to produce evermore outrageous growth in the evermore oppressive and growing psychopharm-archipelego branch of the therapeutic state , both of which have taken on a life of their own and from which no one is safe from receiving unwanted “health care” ( read brain , body, lifespan, & quality of life modification & behavior control through coercive delayed action & time release and other coercive doublespeak strategies from the cradle to the grave .) I guess all this and more make the 400 elite families controlling Amerika feel more safe to continue their tyrannical up-ratchiting reign of terror.

    By the way I just finished reading Bonnie Burstow’s book “PSYCHIATRY AND THE BUSINESS OF MADNESS” An Ethical and Epistemological Accounting . I never read a book I could praise more . Thank you Bonnie !

  • The most comprehensive accurately documented book on the subject of the origins and history of eugenics in America and the actual individuals and organizations involved, that I’ve ever read was written by Edwin Black. He had a team of 50 experienced researchers scouring archives in the U.S. , Europe , and Russia for any pertinent documents or communications , and presents the findings in a chronological historical context through the writin word and copies of authentic photographs that is truly eye-opening and mind boggling and remains as an invaluable aid in recognizing the various guises (by intentional design) of eugenics today and going forward . Definitely a must read for all humanity. Edwin Black’s book is titled ” War Against The Weak”.

  • I will do what cognitive dissonance dictates . Help I’ve been brainwashed but I need to help you so I can make payments on my summer vacation home . It doesn’t really matter what. Blah! Blah! Blah! softly with authority . Or Toxic drugs with even more authority and even softer . Personally I’ve never had the courage to try them . I’m so sane and caring and open minded . Sometimes it is Both . I can’t thing of anymore they won’t let me . I feel like a character in a Martin Short skit.

  • Bonnie
    Thanks, for your article that illustrates among things the importance of “critically aware resistance”. The importance of stepping outside of anger, panic , and fear to enable a more accurate view and assessment of what’s going on in front of us so we have a better chance for the best survival moves to surface . It always helps to have real allies. But what do those of us who are still cycling in and out of extreme states do to withdrawal or other pressures , attracting attention of authorita do? I guess we must believe in the strategies we come up with in our most lucid moments.
    Here’s an article I ran across that seems to me to be somehow related to this one and to some of the comments. Thanks, Fred

  • Considering the different approach of these mental death specialists I would suggest upon graduating from their respective schools of pseudo -scientific gobbledegook , sanctioned by a fascist government to commit crimes against humanity, that they adopt tattoos applied to their foreheads , say 2 lightning bolts in the center of the forehead for psychologists and 2 lightning bolts on either side of a swastika for psychiatrists. After all both have horrific history of involvement in genocide . Besides they are proud of what they do and at least with the prominent tattoos the people could recognize them whenever and wherever they may appear and greet them with an approach of their own .

  • Steve ,
    Many times what some describe to be a conspiracy theory can better be described as a business plan. Also to say there are no conspiracies is not true . Certainly powerful individuals or organizations wielding fabricated pseudo science for profit across many domains are the main threat to all life forms on the planet . Edwin Black’s book “War Against The Weak ” is a real eye opener. Your comments most often are clarifying . I know mine are a little wilder . It comes from much harrowing lived experience . Fred

  • A day in the life of the system, a survivors impression:
    The Boston of shit Globe pours gasoline on witch hunt fires as the “serve and protect pigs” skin color profile and shoot and kill dead, the darker hued innocent people first in between rounding up and gas lighting more and others before delivery to prisons or into the “caring hands” of “angels of mercy” “psychiatric miracle workers” and manufacturers of “wonder drugs” and modern medieval electrical shock treatment high voltage torture machines for frontal brain cell removal and “proper behavior control encouragement”, for as long as “health assurance insurance ” is not exhausted . Then a van ride that unloads on skid row for a reprieve before more target practice ensues. The Roman Empire lined up the Crucified along the roads as a proper behavior control encourager so the rest of the people could be shock and awed .

  • The police in robo cop gear provoking and pushing the most enhanced contrived negative interpretations and force on innocent people and government “social workers”ganging up even 3 at a time on people aggressively demanding compliance, and of course the really insane psychiatrists have all been using shock and awe gestapo tactics on people as if the Murphy crap had already been passed, for some time now . I guess since 46 states have approved some kind of draconianly interpreted policies juiced up with Macarthy era like hysteria scapegoating mass media, enhanced to super “medicate” (increased piling on the neuroleptic Poisons to zombification levels) anyone they can terrorize. Frightening threats , coercion , new bold aggressive verbalization’s, coercing signatures on papers ,( no time given to even read them) signing away whatever is left, getting 180 day kangaroo court orders threatening State Institution incarcerations. Police Unafraid to fire guns at anyone in less then the most submissive of postures .
    Yeah I called a Congressman and only was able to speak to a phone answering aide . Should I call “GhostBusters” now !
    ALMOST don’t even need the pretense of the word health in their speech anymore as things transition into behavior control units.
    Where can we run to with depleted funds to hide somewhere, somewhere sanctuary till the runaway train of technological chemical electrical draconian “medical” fascism plus passes . I heard you can buy a congressman for $100,000 if you know how to hand the cash over somehow .
    Only if we can transcend ,to brave enough to aid each other can we hope to survive. Conquer Fear And Save Many A Tear . ORGANIZE SOMETHING . Is this beyond the old time USSR ?
    Let us who can in numbers of even 30 march somewhere safely ? together with the US flag upside down in distress with a large Green printed capitol letter E for eugenics and/or a P-S for pseudo -science in the center of the flag with a destination where speeches of explanations and freedom can be given if even one bug house square still exists somewhere . Or even make a spot near the whitehouse a bug house square where the truth about ongoing oppressive psychiatric crimes against humanity can be publicly spoken .Who ever even heard of an American people who have somehow degenerated so far as to allow with hardly a whimper even their own smallest of children to go by the wayside entering the world of brain damaging pseudo-scientific psychiatric torture pharmaceutical cartel hell . They may come for you and me too before we wake up to what we have already allowed.

  • Thank You for this blog . An interesting documentary on not rolling over and accepting oppression . Idea’s on the possible effects of well thought out civil disobedience and how it is done. See the documentary “1971” on Netflix if possible .
    Also the documentary “I AM” is important .
    The following is found here on front page of the website.
    Amicus Brief by the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons stating that : ” A civilized State does not forcibly drug its citizens, no matter how offensive. State use of the medical profession to force such drugs on its patients is improper and vulnerable to abuse. A precedent allowing forced drugging with mind-altering drugs could lead , one day to atrocities analogous to those prohibited by the Nuremberg Code. ” Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals under Control Council Law No. 10 Nuremberg, October 1946- April 1949 (Washington D.C. :U.S. G.P.O. 1949-1953 ) (“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”)

  • Stephen and all,
    I always read your insightful comments when they appear in a comment section and I agree with everything you say in the above comment , but for me the one sentence (“After all, psychiatry is the only “medical specialty” that works to keep it’s patients “ill”.”) reminds me that although psychiatry is the most glaring example of over reaching applied pseudo science to the point of crimes against humanity . Certainly the AMA with its bogus chemo -radiation industry , vaccination industry , ( there are more examples) the suppression , criminalizing and under cutting of the validity of Traditional Naturopathy and evolution of other ancient natural modalities from around the world also constitute crimes against humanity as well as ADA dentistry with their continued use of 53% mercury in so called silver amalgams and root canals (there is more) also constitute crimes against humanity .The government and for the most part the general population’s acceptance of these AMA and ADA practices (and there is an unacceptable level of coercion in them also ). I’m trying to say that this precedent which has been “established”of government sanctioned applied pseudo -science in these areas and others , practiced by the AMA and ADA makes it that much harder to strip psychiatry of the unlimited power it wields against the population .
    I guess it’s called the Therapeutic State cause there isn’t any real effective oversight over any of it making it the powerful’s stealth torture weapon –pseudo science applied with the facade of health care or other benefit for the people — same old same old eugenics in new bottles “kinder and gentler”. I guess this subject could easily fill a book. I believe that the powerful’s multi- faceted assault on the people with applied pseudo science in so many varied areas pertaining to life itself is the greatest threat to all life forms on the planet . Thank’s, Fred
    If possible check out the documentaries “I AM” and also ” 1971″ on Netflix .

  • What does it mean to be called crazy in a crazy world ? For me it meant being flushed down the toilet of torture psychiatry . To come out after repeated flushing finally from the other end after literally first escaping 5- 6 times and finally as a psych-survivor , like finally coming out of a black hole loop with a story to tell that might really help other’s , and being told to limit it to a thousand words and basically told I’m glad that worked for youuu, but we are all so greatly different that an individual’s experience is more or less antidotal , and we have the highly educated that in an evidence based way will sort through the sands of pseudo -science with their limited lived experience and divine the truths we can use to help ourselves reinvent the wheel as the search itself is commodified further while we the 10 to 15 percent of the 200,000,000 people in just the USA have added on A-N-X-I-E-T-Y !!! in us, just from the mercury in our dental work without really understanding what that means . I do . Ask Christopher Shade PHD (Videos on YouTube)
    Thank You Bruce , I will eventually read Will’s book .

  • I was fortunate to have been at one of Pat’s presentations in CoosBay Oregon and to talk to him afterwards . I knew he was a man of integrity that could be trusted . Afterwards that same day he visited us at Shama House a drop in center in Northbend Or. He was so concerned about us . He told me quietly that he knew that Pres. Bush Jr. had requested a list to be compiled of all the people in the US that had psychiatric history .
    I hope Pat’s website stays up as it remains such a very important resource.
    Here’s one quote from the front page of Pat’s website .
    “If you have 100 people in a state hospital and find a way to get 50 of them out, I will celebrate with you for the release of the 50. But, the next day I will knock on your door asking about the difference between number 50 and number 51 and wondering why we couldn’t
    get just one more out . And, I will keep knocking until 99 are out because I’ll still be concerned about number 100. That’s my job, my role as an advocate.”
    If we heed even close to the example of this remarkable man we will win . May he rest in peace and bliss .

  • Thank you Frank B., “When the mental health system , due to ineffectual and harmful standard (mal) practices is killing people ,on a large scale, and when this fact is being suppressed , in the interests of social control, by the corporate owned media , in cahoots with the government , and the international legal drug trade , I think anything you can do, and this includes hunger strikes , to put that story before people is justified . ”
    Tragically we have a similar story of pseudo science and corruption across the board in so many domains . Pharmaceutical cartel, American Medical Assn. , American Dental Assn. Agriculture food distribution cartel , in the production of most of our food supply, Chemical cartel the use of chemicals and heavy metals so unregulated and deadly that end up in our bodies ,Gutting of Environmental Protection Measures .Sure there are more . This is what constitutes what some call the Therapeutic State . Certainly there are those that want to control everything and everyone which points clearly to Eugenics . Population Culling with enslavement for survivors . Why there isn’t massive civil disobedience and rebeling the cartels and there owners by name , is a mystery to me .
    Seems to me that the most natural ally of anti -psychiatry would be people that seek to obtain organic food , pure water, and a chemical free environment.
    By the way First Order Psychiatry implies a second order psychiatry . Are they the ones whose retirement plans are mainly invested in the pharmaceutical cartels ?
    Where’s Ted Chablansky ? (sorry for misspelling)

  • Thanks for an interesting blog and discussion .
    What comes to mind to me upon reading most all of the above is , what if the blind men around the elephant rotated their positions till they all could experience the elephant from each others positions , and soon after in addition all regained their eyesight. It would seem at least that they would be much better able to understand each other concerning the elephant .
    If the brain is like living hardware and the mind the software that can shift to different programs in various ways and for various reasons . Are mind and brain capable of turning into each other somehow like energy and matter ? Furthermore do not the areas spiritual, emotional, physical, psychic, mental, psychological all effect each other uniquely within each individual according to what that individual believes at a subconscious level ?
    Is Psychiatry Inc. some kind of coldblooded self- appointed and self- defining witch hunting virus authority program soaked in the steroid of pseudo science , that seeks to limit our choice about what , for how long , and how we think about something , as well as how we act over a lifetime shortened , during which we’re made sick by psychiatry itself, for profit and the brown nosing opportunities afforded to psychiatrists , and doctors ?

  • Can Psychiatry at least be curious ? Consider this , feigned curiosity may appear in the form of “the endless need for more studies which are funded and tweaked to always call for more studies not quite conclusive enough and also there will be endless faked additional studies and stories funded to maintain doubt and confusion . Consider Fluoride in water, Mercury as dental material , Tobacco, probably more is sold worldwide then ever. There are so many organized big scale crimes for profit . Of course there are countless examples .
    A way must be found to counter the 4 or 5 dog defense which criminal cartels like psychiatry will /or are, using as the opposition to them gets stronger. Google ( The 4 dog defense ? ) I believe psychiatry , if our opposition to it is strong enough will as other cartels, corporations , complexes have , will begin to more obviously use the 4 dog defense to try to delay their demise interminably . We must somehow avoid falling into the trap of being manipulated in that way as have so many others . We will need all our creativity individually and together in small and large groupings to try to at least to put a major dent in the coercive force psychiatry with pharmaceutical -medical – government and population approval wields and yet remain un co-opted and not telegraph all our moves to the opposition . Hopefully we can all use the time we allocate in the most efficient way to at least end coercive psychiatry and it’s tentacles while somehow helping as many individuals as possible to escape or avoid it’s ravages somehow . Even if we help just one individual it can be very difficult and very important . Robert Whitaker’s example inspires us all . I hope the opposition doesn’t trap him or cause him to waste his energy .

  • Thank You for inspiring me to reply .The psychiatrists and underlings of the Behavior Control Unit will go to great inappropriate extremes to shut us down as rapidly as possible while maintaining a distance between themselves and us that allows them with their pseudo science embedded in pseudo compassion to make cold-blooded decisions about what poison chemical combinations they can best addict us with . After a couple weeks then a 180 day commitment obtained in a kangaroo court hearing followed within days by a launch to the outside after being coercively cornered into signing that I will comply to an unsurvivable plan which includes among other absurdities orders not to leave the county or else. Life goes on after a compassionate stay at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene , Oregon that out does even the Murphy Bill today or that is a precursor of it . By the way in bold raised letters on the wall before you enter the 4 door maze entrance can actually be read BEHAVIORAL CONTROL UNIT .No pretense about any kind of health here. I’m not kidding . And I’m thankful it wasn’t me . I’m out here acting . But it was someone I love and it hurts . I hear the sound of psychiatry circling the wagons.

  • It happens way too often that human beings have horrific traumas placed on them by people close to them that should love them but instead put them through ongoing beyond belief torture scenarios. This can happen at the youngest of ages and can involve a whole family of ‘parents’ and children and others outside the ‘family’ that just happen to ‘meet’ the ‘patriarch ‘ depending on his mood and what he feels he can get away with at the time . Compliance is demanded and talking about what is going on to outsiders is strictly discouraged by all means necessary. Siblings can also be forced to torture each other . It’s a miracle to come out alive from these places . When a small child spontaneously divides and jumps from personality to personality to spontaneously survive such an environment for some guild to be available as a coverup and dispenser of further torture for profit including ,labels , poison pills , est speaks volumes about the people in the society in which this occurs . Then when as an adult having gone through this for too long as a child , sez “they’d never want to lose the ability to shift personality’s” . Who has a right to say otherwise or call it a disease or give it a label . I’d say congratulate them for having survived an impossible situation far more dangerous then any astronaut’s journey to outer space. They deserve at least reparations not more torture . Psychotic my ass .

  • I’d like to reiterate thanks to Lauren Tenney for her tireless work and a big ” In Solidarity ” hug to all you who have survived and to all those who have not and to those that love us still . When I was young BP (before psychiatry) just 16 I like so many of us was brilliant in heart , mind , and spirit and filled with a tireless energy . Certainly the Thorazine , the Halidol , and the Electric Shock delivered by force took a toll from me that I am most of the time in denial about . In other words ” I could have been somebody “. The aftereffect undercurrent terror of electro-shock and psychiatry are never far from the surface . Psychiatry is so designed and certainly that must be what they are proud of whenever they say they can identify validation for their demented torture modalities as another victim becomes one of the numerous stepping stones along their long arduous path to the historical scrape heap of profitable pseudo-scientific barbarianism that was finally exposed and defeated. Maybe this type of battle must always be fought certainly for the foreseeable future .
    I started out to try to reply to “truth” about what I tried to do to mitigate the effects of my brain damage . Within a couple weeks after electro-shock treatments , arriving home at my parents house , having been released into their custody, with great difficulty I convinced my dad to verbally fill in the gaps in my memory where I knew uncomfortably , that stuff was missing concerning my previous history and yet did not know what it was. Our conversation helped . So does Vita-Mineral Green by HealthForce a green super powder supplement and Richard Schultze’s herbal brain formula . Also the extreme state formula herbal extract you can make yourself by mixing equal parts of fennel, alfalfa, elderberry, nettle, anise, dandelion, uva ursi , yarrow, and comfrey . Look up on the net how to make an herbal extract . Has relaxed me , stopped voices , and helped me wean off of psychotropics. Also had amalgams containing mercury removed , root canals removed and checked for cavitations. Then amazingly normal sleep returned and never voices anymore .
    I’ll join in demonstrating to stop electro shock wherever and whenever possible for me to do so, coercive psychiatry as well . Maybe even surrounding shock box making companies .

  • From the psychiatry , psychiatrists , pharma- executives, & biggest profiting big wigs end , they could care less about what logic or subterfuge underpins their power. It is more about shock and awe people control , growing acquisition of money and power , eliminating competition , addicting or brain damaging their growing numbers of “customers” into compliance (slavery). There is much precedent for houses of cards built on lies controlling populations for periods of over 50 or 100 years or much more. And there is the tobacco company playbook and the 4 dog defense .
    Isn’t it obvious that this kind of stuff is what anybody who chooses to dialog with psychopharm-industrial-complex thought leaders must surmount . It’s been quite a discussion . Maybe we can all write an open source book about how to save as many actual human beings as possible from the ravages of psychiatry etc. as work facilitating the ever too slow crumbling of psychiatry and its support systems goes on.

  • Yes Robert , you absolutely have shown me by your logical analysis how comprehensive are the dangers of “psychiatric professionals” and their “side effect laden chemical “drugs” delivered coercively, that cause a cut short lifetime of misery and dissatisfaction . People survive in spite of them (psychiatry, drugs, and the psychiatrists) not because of them. Anything that they do, perceived as being helpful by any human being , is better done by other means found outside the field of psychiatry which first do no harm . My confidence in writing this is strengthened by my own lived experience .
    Your question , “And if not , what shall we do ?” I would answer like this > We must come to the place where we progressively boycott coercive psychiatry . At the same time we must promote the numerous first do no harm strategies that work described comprehensively and recommended by psych- survivors . We ourselves along the way must become our own doctors learning from psych-survivors , Traditional Naturopathy , energy healing systems like Homeopathy and others like Christopher Shade Phd. and Dr. Rau and his 80 member team at the Paracelsus Klinic , and there are more others to learn from, many who Blog and /or comment right here at Mad In America.
    In this way a person can customize their own system to solve their own life problems without necessarily reinventing the wheel although sometimes creative invention will happen. Thank you for opening the floodgates of creative thinking . Fred

  • Five unidentified people entered Melbourne’s Eastern Health facility posing as hospital employees and escaped along with Garth Daniels. Professor Doctor Paul Katz was found wandering around in Australia’s outback wearing an energizer bunny outfit with a giant battery velcro strapped to his back. It was thought he went on a walkabout.
    I wish .

  • Thank You Lauren for your honest and tireless work . I hope it bears good fruit . It’s hard for me to talk about shock treatments because I’ve had 15 bilateral high voltage electro shock “treatments” forced on me , one every other day and even felt the full explosive pain and saw internally the visual explosion as well , at one of the “sessions” before anesthesia took effect . I was disbelieved and ridiculed about it when I reported the excruciating pain I had felt , then despite feeling over the top terrorized had more forced on me .It was just before I turned 18 years old . I admit it electro-shock is my great fear just like rats were for the character Winston in George Orwell’s book 1984 . Just 2 years ago ( I’ll be 69 in March) a friend I went to high school with showed me how I looked in a class photo . She said “look at you you weren’t there “. I looked and saw my expression and my eyes in the photo and said back to her “yeah I wasn’t there”. As I look back I remember it was the chemical lobotomy “drug” Thorazine and the electro- shock that provides the 1 2 zombifying super punch . Although each can do it alone easily . Maybe thats why I’m Anti-Psychiatry .
    I was unaware back then of any activism opposing psychiatry or electro-shock . I thought I was as alone as one of the turtles on the Galapagos – Islands . Eventually I escaped 5 or 6 times from mental institutions and in the middle of that when a natural doctor who taught people in his health food store, mercifully started teaching me another way to survive. After gaining new understanding I came to believe I could try and invent a first do no harm substitute modality to electro-shock . I was driven to find a way to help people to not have to go through the unbearable tortures I experienced . I read books on natural healing and also the use of supplements. I tried any substances in the HealthFood store that I thought could possibly help . Joseph Liss ND answered most any questions that came up. Some months later I felt I had a workable meanwhile solution and years later another addition as options usable at various stages of extreme states that could safely be used at home or at some relatively free shelter space so that psychiatry and electro-shock could be bypassed altogether if a person so choose .
    People always ask what else there is . When you tell them they cry antidotal at you , don’t believe you , or find some creative verbal gymnastic ( We are all so different ! ) Yeah but we are still the same species and are able to offer help to each other even though we are not some guild member . ( Where is the Science ?) We are talking about first do no harm options . And on and on . Anyways here goes.
    Yes I do agree betrayal trauma of one type or another is a huge factor . Having the right people to talk to does help . But I also say that heavy metal and other types of poisoning are also a huge factor that generally has not been quantified . And I’m not even including “psych-drug ” poisoning as part of the last sentence .
    I found that taking the flushing type of niacin ( I took 1200 mg) then upon flushing , entering a hot mineral bath I used BathTherapy not the original green mineral powder ) , a loofa quickly eases the itching and a profound relaxation appears with no voices, a great aid to that sleepless insomnia state . Be aware you could easily fall asleep in the tub .
    Also made an herbal extract that relaxes and even stops voices . Also found that juicing green vegetables then mixing 50 50 with spring or distilled water helps .
    Main thing for me was advanced Hal Huggins dental work . I was being mercury poisoned and heard voices do to conventional dental work including root canals . There were also infected gums and teeth. Poverty sucks . If necessary beg borrow or steal if you won’t get caught, the money needed for advanced dental work . Conventional ADA dentists for real don’t know squat and cause untold suffering . Check out over the net what they do at Paracelsus Klinic ( yes with a K) in Switzerland for state of the art info .
    Anyway I’ve followed what the FDA has done in regard to the use of Mercury in dentistry . There record is dismal . And they are definitely bought and paid for by the therapeutic state and will over ride real science in the interests of controlling populations and mainly for corporate cartel mindless and heartless greed. I did sign the petition but I can’t ignore the FDA’s track record . Abolish Electro-Shock ! I look forward to the day when at least coercive psychiatry is submerged deep within the dustbin of history never to arise again .

  • Thanks Philip for another well thought out informative article . It should be clear by now that when talking to psychiatrists their underlings and big-pharma reps and executives one must expect to hear words coming out of both sides of their forked tongued mouths at the same time .
    Although our government and others insist on monitoring and thoroughly inspecting nuclear weapons programs of certain countries it’s a huge mistake that the same level of scrutiny is not especially applied to Psychiatry and Big -Pharma . I guess it would be like asking the Therapeutic State to oversee itself instead of totally running amuck with abandon while abandoning the wellbeing of the people.

  • In a time when cruelty and fraud are like surounding waves rolling over us , coming from so many sources and directions , often camouflaged as rescue or embedded in the necessities of life : to weaken at times which is only human , can mean to be thrown into the rapids gasping for air by those grasping for more money and power who hesitate not at all to turn others into some kind of collateral damage or indentured ATM machine . Considering the increased rate of human being’s predatory actions against each other both on an individual and corporate cartel government scale , as panic rises , the time window for solutions to be envisioned across many fields in synchronicity that embody the idea of mutually guaranteed survival is not growing any larger. Abolishing coercive psychiatry will not be enough and the thought of how little a person can do alone compared to what needs to be done is paralyzing and leaves isolating seeming like an escape pod . I just recently saw the movie ‘The Big Short” which explains the last financial and housing market collapse and serves as an example of the mechanics of fraud in so many areas affecting humanity . I look forward to reading the interviews in hopes of finding some inspiration while at the same time intuiting that interviews with psych-survivors themselves would be most amazing . Thank you for writing this blog .

  • If anyone believes they are immune to experiences like visual and/or audial phenomena , insomnia, up and down moods ,speeding thoughts , feelings of being dead inside , lots of mixing up internal phenomena with external events , and not relating well with others ,etc. just allow your ADA dentist to keep installing enough so called silver amalgams which are really at least 50% mercury into your mouth and you will eventually even if it takes large amalgams in every tooth , yes you will eventually feel the surge . By the way enough mercury will also block other various chemical toxins from various sources from leaving your body. You will also be made more susceptible to other types of trauma then you would be otherwise . And of course you’d be more likely to be captured labeled and engulfed by the government sanctioned pharma psychiatric chemical and electrical torture crimes against humanity cartel.
    Look up the videos of Dr. Chris Shade who himself at one time was poisoned by 17 amalgams containing mercury . He does state of the art testing for mercury poisoning .

  • “If the patient is not in jail , the jailers can not force electroshock on to their patient.”

    In 1964 as a minor I was unjustly forced into jail and from there unjustly forced into a mental hospital and while there forced into a series of 15 bilateral electroshock “treatments”within 30 days. One of them applied before anesthesia took effect . Healy would not allow himself to have one like that even for a large cash prize. But he would learn that the books written about how positive shock box voltage is are bogus . Only one other person e-mailed from the organization Zapback experienced the super painful atomic bomb like inner skull extending outward explosion that occurs . They said it was exactly the way I described it . There is nothing in the literature about it . Them that ain’t had it know zippo about it . It’s pretty easy to stand there and hit a switch for an arbitrary amount of time to apply high voltage’s to peoples brains and collect money while calling your self some kind of doctor with government sanctioning . ( with the swagger and verbal confidence of a gestapo to boot ) People do come in strange packages and I’ll grant that Healy is an enigma . But calling himself an expert about what electro-shock feels like or does , give me a break . I could write a book on just the one series of 15 bi-lateral voltage electroshocks I was forced to receive, let alone 40 years of torture being connected as a victim of the pharma psych medical government gulag. Been free now as I can be for about 13 years . (Even while the Fascist Therapeutic State makes bold outrageous moves to surround the population from the youngest to the oldest . From the cradle to the grave .)

  • Like some demented pied piper they come for our children . What is their long range plan ? For whom are they concerned ? What reply would inconvenience them the most ? Boycott all mainstream medicine and pharma products, drugs, as much as possible . No vaccinations , flu shots , etc. Accept no installation of any metals from dentistry . Distill your own drinking water . Avoid chemicals and pesticides and insecticides as much as possible . Eat only organically grown food as possible . Grow some if you can .Learn about these things . If possible group together in small groups and home school children . Learn about Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy , Energy healing systems , Herbs . Read Edwin Black’s book “War Against The Weak ” to see what they have historically done , who they are and to understand the direction of their goals . We the people must demand freedom in our health decisions and the right to reject all and any coercive oppressive dictates from anyone or any organization . Fascism must end . Corporations are not people. Those corporations or cartels that endanger the people should legally again be possibly dissolved by decisions of the people in honest courts of law. Psychiatrists must in mass burn their own DSM and other supporting forms , shock boxes and any other oppressive paraphernalia in their deadly arsenal or face the consequences doled out by an awakened people . I really like that last one . I’m sure there is more to add. Get your slimy hands off our children !

  • A good friend of mine also named Fred chose to go into the Marine Corps . In Hawaii in the 1960’s during training on a long march with loaded pack he broke his foot and couldn’t continue . The sergeant in charge ordered him onto his feet to continue . Fred could not stand up . He was left behind . Hours later in the dark Fred arrived at base camp having crawled for miles to get back . He was examined and found to have a broken foot and was treated . When those in charge heard what happened Fred was thrown into the brig for months given a psychiatric diagnosis and “prescribed librium” . When they shipped him back home to Illinois he was addicted to the librium and given “psychiatric care.” He was on it for the rest of his life , self attempts to wean off failed , and eventually after fighting them for decades the VA gave him a full 100% disability pension . He laughed and called it cash therapy . He had only 1/2 dozen years left to live . Effects of librium tightened many of his muscles. He had much pain . In his 60’s his spine bent in half . He walked bent over . During his last stay in a VA hospital a doctor there offered to operate on him promising he would have less pain . Fred agreed and after recovery from the operation the surgeon walked into Fred’s room and asked if the pain was now relieved . Fred told him that now it was worse then ever. Without a word the surgeon turned and walked out of the room. When I spoke to Fred on the phone he told me there was a veteran in the room next to his that grunted in pain all day and night. He said they ignored him . We talked about great camping experiences we had had in the past . I was sorry I could not afford to travel from Oregon to Illinois to visit my close friend . He was rare in the level of his goodness as a human being , as I ever met . Within a week his wife told me that Fred himself pulled the tubes from his body so he could die in peace . It’s not a surprise to me that that women are so badly abused in the military . Evidently Abuse is part of military tradition . I don’t know what to do about it .

  • Thanks for the warning . This sounds like some super sized research under the influence tidal wave , of institutionalized institutional corruption , spearheaded by the bought and paid for best & brightest . And/ or is it a bid of the Therapeutic State to ratchet itself up further as the beloved primary enforcer and bread winner for the new world order wizards of Oz ? We the world population of coerced test crash dummies can hardly wait for our turn or our escape .

  • “Why would the USA, the most “treated” population in the world when it comes to “mental illness”, have these ridiculously higher rates of mass murder? ( Unless, of course, the “treatment” was a factor, but I’ll let that rest for now .”
    USA also most “treated” when it comes to VACCINATIONS (btw forced now in California will that spread ? )Authorities deny actual vaccination poisoning and call it , ASD autism-spectrum disorder, what used to be called Aspergers except authorities continue to cover-up for the sake of the guild the Church of Modern Medicine .Let us not forget The Most Wholely Church of the Side Effect Modern Pharma Toxic Substances Engineered and Distributed For Human” Health”.
    USA also most “treated” when it comes to so called silver amalgam tooth fillings contain 50% mercury that is continuously being emitted into the body and brain. Also thanks to the Church of Unadvanced Dentistry the cover-up continues .
    Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, France, Norway, Canada, and the United Kingdom have either curbed or restricted the use of mercury amalgam dental fillings that contain 50% mercury.
    Imagine the 2 above factors plus “mental health treatment” acting together differently but weirdly in each individual while being covered up and the Murphy BS being pushed as the final solution if you really want to puke .Yes it’s unimaginable but it’s happening .

  • In many ways psychiatry figures they can make full bore pseudo science fly even higher because “real medicine” (AMA) itself is so full of it itself, (vaccinations, cancer treatment , and heart related treatments as first class examples ) setting the precedent of hiding what it doesn’t know behind terminologies and taking the position that to question them is already a sign of “mental illness”. Of course psychiatry is pseudo scientific selection system that threatens everybody . Ask not what psychiatry can do for you ask what you can do to abolish psychiatry. And beware big brother -big pharma hovering over everything .

  • Such a valuable article to appear and shine light where it’s needed . I’ve long believed that between any 2 people if there isn’t friendship going on not much at all is happening . I think friendship can happen in real life in really meeting , not really in distant communications like the internet ( I may not understand ). Maybe that is one reason why the word “movement” as in anti-psychiatry is so often in quotation marks or denied completely .So many of us have not had opportunity to spend live time together . Besides many are in relative poverty besides being justifiably worried about wolves in sheep’s clothing and/or spies showing up. I’ve seen friendships fall apart or deteriorate because of misunderstandings communicated from long distance and no face to face meetings for too many years.
    I’m thankful that Michael wrote this article and look forward to reading his book .

  • BTW , I’m finally started reading Robert Whitaker’s and Lisa Cosgrove’s latest book Psychiatry Under The Influence .It’s scary what the meeting of psychiatry ,big pharma , and insurance company’s , have constructed . I’m wondering if “cognitive dissonance” in this case is just what Hannah Aren’t described as “the banality of evil ” . Later she said to paraphrase that sometimes in human history evil moves rapidly across the land like a prairie fire . Isn’t greed especially within the one percent wielding unregulated pseudoscience, in so many area’s regardless of the damage to human beings , that very prairie fire cris-crossing our country and beyond ?

  • Hi Sera ,
    The 2 days before your article which talks early on about the idea of safe space I was thinking about the idea of sanctuary and wondering if ever there really was any truly protecting space for the hunted besides maybe the vast wilderness in the distant past . If now safety means having disguises prepared and fresh identification papers at the ready or moving to Uruguay where Julie Green MFA says theres a town where there is only one psychiatrist for 7000 people and drugs if someone feels they need them can be got at a pharmacy without prescription and the people share info about what works or not and a lower cost of living . So maybe it has one psychiatrist too many , still sounds like a paradise compared to the USA draconian corporate everything & tightening .
    I really like your list of definitions and certainly believe that Western Mass RLC should be supported to the max .
    Also I was thinking about how to describe a phenomena that I see is a huge factor in all our problems . How the mainstream sanctioned guilds the AMA the APA and the ADA (dental assn.) cross fertilize each others nest eggs with iatrogenic pseudo scientific procedures and substances , (Psychiatry being probably the worst) while limiting other first do no harm modalities , strategies and healing arts , and basically circling their super cumbersome carnival “medicine ” wagons as they work ever harder to gain legal mandates for coercive practices that damage the human being. Of course Rockefeller petroleum based medicine,including operation paperclip universities , and Pharma cartels and Insurance for mostly unhealthy modalities doesn’t help us either .
    Murphy Bill ? Aren’t we at a stage in our “democratic ” development here in the USA where a policy is first put into force and then the legal sanctioning follows ? Isn’t that the new world order for “security’s” sake ?
    I’m still anti -psychiatry and I’ll find $20 for the RLC as so many of the wealthy on the east coast and everywhere else are so tight and self centered that the buffalo on the nickel sh–s just thinking about them .
    Take Care , Fred

  • Thank You Philip ,
    It seems to me that Pie’s intention at this point altogether may be to get the words (little white lie) and (chemical imbalance) , to be thought of by the public as being connected , as a form of damage control , thereby obscuring the real truth that psychiatrists psychiatry and pharmaceutical conglomerates have perpetrated a hoax that falls easily into the category of crimes against humanity actually making scheduling trials and reparations the real issue considering countless multitudes of people whose reputations , lives , families , opportunities were replaced with torture , by toxic drug cocktails and voltage or worse and early death, while we have to be subjected to Pie’s concern for his “reputation’ and his crocodile tear threat of legal action while the crimes of the APA and it’s members are so vast and despicable, to innumerate them would take an army of chroniclers an almost infinite amount of time .

  • Of course my primary concern is preserving” dr.” Pies reputation and in order to facilitate a just resolution in line with his pursuits we have leased space in the hull of a freighter for” dr.” Pies and all his “thought leader” comrades including “dr.” Frances and “dr. Lieberman . Safe passage will be provided directly to Dr. Frankenstein’s castle in Transylvania where Igor personally will drive the “good doctors ” the final mile and a half by horse drawn coach to the castle. Along with big pharma” thought leaders” who arrived last week to modernize the lab with Igor’s assistance “dr.” Pies and company will have a jim dandy laboratory to continue their experiments . We can hardly wait .

  • The relocation that really worked the best for me : My life was falling apart and I was periodically needing to go to court as the judge was to determine who would get custody of my only daughter. Things were complicated and the stress so high I could easily have ended up in a mental institution again. I needed to keep a clear head cause there were important decisions I had to make. I needed to sleep enough I didn’t want to be drugged and I had to be mentally sharp on court hearing days . I thought of a quote of Thoreau’s . “Leave the pines and unnerve yourself .” I took it seriously and decided to leave my Chicago apartment behind and go on an extended backpacking tour of National Parks . A friend came by while I was preparing and wanted to come with . I said ok and we ended up backpacking in various Parks only coming back to Chicago for court dates . I had a theory that every person has a natural inner sense of time passing which living in the city throws off . Living in the city , time seems to pass very quickly . After fully 2 months of backpacking in national parks my sense of passing time did self readjust to a much slower natural speed and I felt much more balanced . The backpacking and hiking went on for 6 months. Thoreau was right . Spending this active time in the wilderness gave me the strength to endure the impossible . While in the wilderness I thought this way of life along with a fews like minded people might well be the best way to live altogether .I still do. I did end up living in a mobile close to the Dunes recreational area along the central Oregon coast minutes from the ocean shore . My daughter is happily married now and I have 2 healthy grandkids . Plus I’m free of psychiatry .

  • Main stream health authorities the AMA , both APA’s and the ADA (America Dental Association) along with Big Pharma (should be broken into small pieces and honestly regulated by the people), along with corporations like Monsanto and other mainstream chemical adulterers of our food and water supply and air have become a danger to the population of the United States and further out there on the planet . To try and cover all this up with behavior control is ludicrous .

    Replace the above with Clinics like Paracelsus Klinic in Switzerland .
    Put Traditional Naturopaths , Homeopaths , and other first do no harm practitioners in charge .The best AMA doctors should be limited to treating physical trauma . Because of all the wars caused by robber barons and all the soldiers that have been physically wounded in battle I will grant that the AMA has become good at treating physical trauma .Nothing Else . Organic food production to the forefront . As far as Psychiatry it itself is a virus and a fungus attacking humanity . You want solutions ask the survivors who have come out the other side of it who spent 30 or more years being tortured by it . Put them in charge and push aside all the high paid titled imaginary educated doctors,pseudo scientists , predatory politicians, and orchestrating robber barons, and officials who never even tasted the effect of even one tab of Thorazine let alone a forced shock “treatment”. We the people above all need Health Freedom immediately . If he didn’t have so much power Murphy would be a joke . The truth is any human being with too much power is dangerous to the rest of us . Just as in nature scum rises to the top .

  • I think Mike Adams of http://www.NaturalNews .com has a more accurate perspective on Fukushima and the dangers of radiation . Also see the three part series Zeitgeist on Netflix that includes talks on scientific innovations and sustainable living. Maybe on Youtube also.
    A close friend of mine worked as a radiation technician taking patients for radiation treatments for cancer. She said she knew of a doctor in her department that died of radiation poisoning at the age of 40. She herself died of it also while only in her 40’s. Her thumbnail turned green . Her blood seeped through the walls of her veins . There’s a lot of covering up about radiation . Of course there’s a lot of money to be made from it also . Chemo as well .

  • Ron, if you really want a stronger perspective and more nuance on these subjects do a deep study of Traditional Naturopathy , Homeopathy , an effective energy healing system . Study Russell Blaylock MD (retired neurosurgeon) and Chris Shade Phd. Also read “Sick and Tired” by Robert Young and check out Paracelsus Klinic online .
    Dr. Brogan has written another great article .