Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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  • I totally agree, I was on psyche drugs for only a few years, ending up taking Lithium last, which I weaned myself off telling the doctor I was doing that over a two year period. But Depakote, Zyprexia and other drugs did cause some minor mental damage which has essentially returned to normal as can be. But I know that even short time of taking those drugs was detrimental to my mind and I refused to take drugs with side effects.

  • In 1998, I got introduced to the mental health system in Texas , thanks to a series of events that created a lot of stress in my life which overwhelmed me. Not knowing the symptoms I was experiencing were temporary ways my body was using to correct those symptoms, I became a victim of mental health and was hospitalized by court order in 1999 and spent over 52 days behind prison doors more frightening than if they had been a real prison.
    But my innate curiosity about what I was diagnosed with and the huge side effects of drugs led me to search the Internet for answers which confirmed that I did not have an incurable mental disease but was only the effects of my body functions which I had sorely abused.
    In 2002 after meeting with a herbalist with knowledge of diet and pH function, I gradually Found a strength to tell my mental health care givers I would be reducing my dose of 4 200 mg lithium slowly until I was completely off. This took around two years all the while I Continued to attend the county mental health clinic until i was severed because i was taking a spot they wanted for more critical patients or consumers as they called us.
    Learning that lithium was the only product that really worked, I learned that in nature, lithium naturally occurred in sea salts and minerals. DUH, had any of my doctors known that pH functions were critical to mental and physical homeostasis? A BIG NO is a great answer here. So I basically took myself off lithium because knowing that I had a very acidic pH was why lithium worked, I learned what foods would help me without the ingestion of toxic doses of lithium or zyprexia or valporic acid (depakote) or Zoloft . I learned that I was addicted to sugar and sugar producing grains. I learned that I had to reduce the amount of acid producing foods and use real minerals to heal my body. I learned I had to go back to preparing all my foods from scratch and forgo usage of packaged anything made to supposedly save cooking time.
    So here I am, now over 15 years out of that horrible diagnosis, to owning a massage therapy business and able to travel 3 times to Europe and healthy beyond my dreams.
    I would like to be a mentor in helping people come out of their meds by going holistic in foods, nutritionally without meditation to reduce the anxiety levels that can overwhelm me and other normal humans living stress filled lives.
    Call me one stubborn Polack, who wouldn’t accept the lies told me by those so-called experts whose only function was to promote psych drug usage and dumb me down so that I was no longer a functional human being able to care for myself. I am a SURVIVOR and proud of it.