Thursday, February 9, 2023

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  • Omg I just found home today. Too much to say so I’ll spare you at this time but thank you so much for this article Cathy. It’s like Boom, Duh, Exactly and Right On all wrapped up in one feeling, one thought, one dance and one hope holding hands together. I’ve been all over the world, pseudo famous, broke and homeless, loved, hated, misunderstood, gangstalked, evil eye, mental illness, alcohol and drug addictions, rarely satisfied, rarely happy, divorced father of two nearly grown girls that has always rebelled against the ways I saw life operating through myself and others. Firm believer in the justice of life and past lives. I feel blocked but few people notice that anything seems wrong with me. I’m usually smiling in public or monotone, reserved and aloof at home. I am in outer space constantly solving the riddles of life and the universe but cannot understand not get a grip on the mystery of my current perceptions and lack of passion to do anything more than the minimum that is required of me to just survive long enough to neutralize my karma and return back home again outside this body. I’m babbling but just saying I am no one to judge simply because the awareness of my spiritual potential and lack of emotional stability and personal inadiquacies seem so great to me. I’ve always wanted to make this world a better place because I was in it but at age 46 it more feels like I’m part of the problem the world is the way it is. I’m sure it’s a combination of both but no medication can fix this broken masterpiece. It truly is spiritually rooted. I have yet to live and I’m desperate for this chance even though I believe we truly never die. I hope I made sense to somebody but if not I still am very blessed to have run across your words Cathy. Your so awesome. I’m inspired.

    Love and Light respectfully, Golden Child 🙂