Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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  • After years of trying and failing with what seemed like every SSRI/SNRI/Atypical antidepressant, i was told a DNA test was the answer to my problems (where was that sent to after?), we could figure out the best course of action for me. Of course it told my doctor everything I had previously told him, I metabolize SSRIs & SNRIs too quickly so I get “brain zaps” even though I’m taking them on time every day. He recommended this new medication called Viibryd and said I had the chance at finally feeling better. I took it for FOUR DAYS and had the most intense electrical shocks in my brain I’ve ever felt. They were so painful that i could feel my brain pulsating almost a minute before the big shock. It took me over a month to ween myself off of them after FOUR DAYS. I was taking them for depression and PTSD. The brain zaps continued but with auditory hallucinations, which I had never experienced before. I really think it did damage to my brain. I was in tears and unable to function the entire month. I’m still scared that my brain was capable of going to a breaking place like that. It still frightens me to this day. Anyway- when i finally got another appointment with my doctor and told him about the horror i experienced, i was told (with condescension) “I’ve never heard of that before. This medication works for a lot of people.”

    I just wish i had been warned. I had no idea what i was being given. When I’m being prescribed a medication I want to know what it’s doing to my brain, what three REAL side effects are, what the clinical trials were like, and how is this going to effect me long-term.