Friday, January 27, 2023

Comments by Jimeoin Murphy

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  • Sorry I am not sure how to respond to a number of people at once. I agree that there is a long way to go. As humans are imperfect and if humans design therapy and Deliberate Practice, they will have flaws as well. It’s true that the subjective nature of what is measured and factors like client’s not wanting to upset their therapist in giving feedback are just some examples of where issues can arise.
    I know a good amount of time could be spent on how to improve upon therapy or any system, like Deliberate Practice. It’s important to have these discussions, it’s the vital to encourage improvement!
    I think at the end of the day what matters if that we take account of these flaws to try and improve what we are doing.
    The point that on individualisation being vital resonates with me as well. Getting better at individualising the work I do with clients is one of my main focuses at present. Has anyone else heard of or have thoughts on Goals Based Outcomes (GBO) in therapy? Like some of the work being done by Mick Cooper and Duncan Law? I believe the main idea GBO is that clients should be choosing their own outcome measures, as this will be more meaningful to them, not to have the therapist choose the outcome measure!

  • Ron, I am over the moon to hear that! In case it helps you explore the idea of Deliberate Practice further, you can always head over to the resources page of my website. There you will find plenty of resources to help you dig deeper. You can contact coaches to help you learn more or if you’re on Facebook there are some fantastically supportive groups of therapists to answer any questions on DP:

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!