Monday, November 28, 2022

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  • Interesting idea. I do test borderline around 100 or high 90s for glucose but never fasting. I will keep that in mind. I believe the drugs have depleted my serotonin receptors and producers and caused permanent damage. I haven’t successfully tried anything like 5-HTP while weaning as the dose is hard to get right. I didn’t like the side effects of 5-HTP and quit after one day.

  • I have been on Prozac and then Sertraline for 21 years. I started off not depressed, but OCD. Then after quitting Prozac I had panic attack. Then I needed to be back on Sertraline since 2000. I have tried dozens of times to stop. I even bought a small scale with .000 g measurements. I tried a 5% reduction for maybe 3 weeks and it was so painful I couldn’t function much less do 2 years of this withdrawal. How can I really be free? Do I need it forever? I don’t want to be a drug-zombie. I am probably depressed. New drug? I also am very fatigued. Don’t like this cycle of stress and depression. Anyone struggle like this?