Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • Dear James,
    At first I was not going to comment because my situation/experience was different but after I read your long carefully thought out report and some user’s posts I decided to post. As a teenager I went through something that led me to start on numerous pharmaceuticals one led to the next, antipsychotics and then antipsychotics in combination with lithium. Unfortunately the lithium over many months led to my blood levels rising above the toxic range and all I can say is that I was never really the same afterwards. It baffled me to read stories about how people like lithium and live on it or say it “saved their lives” when it was detrimental to me. I could not comprehend it when it wrecked havoc in my body and made me feel such intense fatigue that never fully went away after I stopped taking it.
    I tried TMS with the Neurostar and later with Theta Burst TMS and it changed my life. Eventually it helped me so much that I purchased my own device for theta burst tms with the prescription of a doctor. For five years until 2020 It saved my life, I used it (3min) once very other day and sometimes less than that if I did it consistently enough effects would last. I used the FDA parameters, had the exact DLPFC spot mapped out on my brain found my own MT which I got down to 55% intensity which is lower than the TMS doctor found. It worked wonders for years. I also had researched safety guidelines – the largest threat being “Tissue heating”. The papers I read stated that one pulse of TMS causes 0.1^C of heating and permanent damage at 43^C. However it also stated that “pathology” could change this and of course brain anatomy and folding is different in different regions. After using the same location for 5 years I began to start putting the coil over my medial pre frontal cortex. For a while it was fine at such a short time(3min) at a low intensity. To make a long story short there was someone who posted that TMS potentially could cause “scar tissue in the brain”. The main point of my post is that safety parameters are not that clear and I am attaching a link to the paper about safety. Like I said the largest threat is “ohm heating to tissue”:
    I hope this story makes you feel less isolated. Finally a doctor’s opinion told me he could not rule out “gliosis” (scar tissue) in my brain. Please pass on this TMS safety guidelines to anyone you think it may help. If you have any information about specifics of TMS heating brain tissue or Ohm heating and how it effects brain tissue and could possibly cause scar tissue or lesion’s
    please pass it on!