Saturday, March 25, 2023

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  • Hello. Firstly, today I find you today I’m happy so I thank you! Oddly my mind is blown but in a positive way! I’ve found so many answers I’ve been searching since ‘2006″! Wowwowwow!
    Aria yr story matches mine in so many ways , PANCREATITIS is for me a gold find to which I apologize to u as I know the excruciating pain this causes and totally unheard of due to this ghastly neuroleptic drug “OLANZAPINE”, I simply was not believed and treated for alcoholism, I nearly lost my life , I lost my children for a good few years ,my family’ friends distanced, my world changed dramatically and never returned cos 20 years flew by! My story is just beginning I’m excited! All of your help will be soooo appreciated as I will tell more!
    In 2006 I was diagnosed with psychotic delusions and prescribed [email protected] and serotonin along with painrelief drugs more prescribed meds( that I didn’t question) , I saw a psychiatrist only once…., about a year after i started with this niggling chest pain which I couldn’t shift two days later became so aggressive an ambulance was called I was had gas/air on the journey which helped βœ…
    was thrown into hospital when the constant pain begun again , put on a ward ,taken out of ward ,left on a ward on my own so I stopped annoying other patients on wards (staff etc) as I cried out in constant pain for 3days unfortunately for me apparently” I was admitted on th Thursday before a “holiday Monday” ,all medical staff etc playing golf it seemed! Thursday It was urgent care apparently enough for ICU head cellotaped to th bed whilst rigged to machines via my jugular! I was scared , but felt 50% better by then ,I couldn’t faverm ! 6months Before I suffered some sort of stone but that passed naturally apparently! I just wasn’t believed however I bloody new , every now n then I look into the research side as there was/is very little hey presto βœ… so rant over for now ,
    Thanks I feel good x