Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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  • Thank you, George. I mentioned the “two camps” (medicate or don’t medicate) to my sister, and she said you can’t join a camp, you have to respond to the particular situation. That sounds right to me. There’s no one answer. We are all looking for answers, and each person’s answer may be different at different times. I guess that’s why the medical community and family members and people living with mental illness have such a hard time knowing how to make things better. Your writing is thought provoking and inspirational. Thank you again for telling your story.

  • Thank you for your moving story. I’m so sorry for the loss of your daughter. It seems there are two (or more) camps regarding how to respond to mental illness: treat it, or let it be. But Martha was competent enough to be admitted to Columbia before she committed suicide. Should the same rules apply to her as to the psychotic homeless people that we see on the street in major cities like San Francisco? I, for one, would want to be medicated against my will if I was found sleeping in my own feces or ranting on the street. Maybe psychiatric medication is not the enemy, or the savior, but one option to be tried with a gentle hand? I was very interested in RockieRaven’s story about how her husband responded to her delusion. That sounds like the Cognitive Behavior Therapy I heard about at a NAMI conference last year, which many professionals say is ineffective for major mental illness. But treating people with dignity and respect is always therapeutic. God bless and good luck to all of us struggling to help each other and ourselves.